November 27, 2012

More gay Peter Pan-isms: Getting physical (no 'mo)

I think I've catalogued the obvious examples in posts of their own. There are still a few others that don't seem to merit full posts, so I'll just go with the, er, grab bag approach here.

- Smaller skulls. This would fit in with their broader pattern of pedomorphism or neoteny, resembling small children not just mentally but physically too. Easy to test using craniometry, but it's something that I can tell from the hundreds, perhaps thousands of weirdo faggots I've seen just from hanging around Starbucks. It's not as freakish as their boy-like waist-to-hip ratio, but I can't remember seeing any with Ted Danson-sized skulls. Even if they're well into chronological adulthood, even if they're tall, they don't have big noggins.

- More gracile skulls. Similar to above. Compared to normals, they don't have the same degree of rugosity, i.e. how high-relief the skull is. They don't have a brow/forehead that projects forward, nor cheekbones that knock out of the facial surface. Their chin and jaw is weak.

- More closely spaced strides. Their gait probably resembles that of a child in other, less apparent ways, but it's easy to see how small their steps are. It's a particularly pre-pubescent trait, as you start to take longer and more confident strides during adolescence. They're that way when they dance, too -- they stay confined to a small space and make smaller, though perhaps quicker motions. It's like when you're 8 years old and strive, sometimes consciously, to remain inconspicuous so that you don't appear threatening, which would trigger the older teenage guys to come over and kick your ass for acting too big for your breeches. Adolescent and adult men take up more space and make fuller motions when they dance or perform physically.

I've commented somewhere before that they're like little boys in kicking their heels against the ground when they walk, particularly when they're trying to get someone's attention.

- Crossing their legs when seated. Related to above. It's far and away more common among them than among normals, and is another part of their childlike fear of taking up space. Just stay put in a narrow space, and the other males won't feel threatened, and you'll escape unharmed. Even when normal men do cross their legs, they still take up more space than when queers do. A normal guy might rest the lower part of one leg on the knee of the other, so that the elevated leg is still jutting out to one side. But a nancyboy almost locks the top leg right over the other so it doesn't stick out too much. They look real tense and awkward when they do that. And they are more likely to lean forward while crossing their legs, in the direction of curling up in a ball, whereas a normal man crossing his legs is more likely to lean back.

- Clapping their hands close to the chest, with small rapid movements. They couldn't look more juvenile if they tried. Even teenage girls don't show that kind of kiddie clapping. Speaking of which, adolescent girls are also more comfortable taking up space when dancing, playing sports, etc. The gay microsphere of personal space is uniquely childish, not a feminization.

These crude physical differences ought to be easy to measure, and they'd be free from many of the moronic objections that would be raised if the study reported psychological infantilization. "They felt pressured by restrictive, hateful bigots not to assume adult responsibilities, and through stereotype threat adopted a stunted mental profile." Yeah, well how come they not only think, feel, and behave -- but look like Peter Pan too? And not just in some free choice way like what clothes or hairstyles they sport, but right down to the skeleton.


  1. Hmm... the head is made up of the brain and face...

    In terms of brain, face and body size -

    - women have smaller brains relative to body and smaller faces relative to brain (and body) than men

    - kids have larger brains and faces relative to body compared to adults (face to body size is similar between kids and adults while brain to body size is more different) and larger brains relative to face.


    I remember you pointing out that babyfaced men were more aggressive and competitive and high achieving than normal men... Do you think that has any relevance?

  2. Sounds like you'd go for the 'gay gene' theory. I don't know, I never heard a flit say 'I didn't WANT to be this way' without thinking he was a liar.

  3. " remember you pointing out that babyfaced men were more aggressive and competitive and high achieving than normal men... Do you think that has any relevance?"

    I've heard about this as well.

    There could be several explanations. One is that scientists don't actually understand how hormones shape the face. So those baby-faced men are really loaded with testosterone.

    Another is that modern society calls for traits associated with neoteny, i.e. extroversion, friendliness, and cleverness.

    A third theory is that the baby-faced guys get away with it cause nobody sees them coming.

    Here's an interesting site that theorizes about how some facial traits may effect personality:


  4. Off-topic, but article reads "Girls hold "No make-up" day"

    "Middle and high school can be tough years for teenage girls and their developing self-confidence.

    Three girls from New London High School in Wisconsin recently started a campaign to boost the spirits of their peers and get them to embrace themselves. Created by juniors Caitlin Schmidt, Cambria Fitzgerald, and Jenna Mytton the True Beauty Campaign began as an assignment for their enterprise marketing class and developed into much more.
    More from Parenting: 9 unique holiday traditions

    Their mission: to make all girls love their natural beauty instead of striving to chase some impossible standard of beauty. True Beauty’s most recent function was “No makeup day,” held at school on Nov. 15. Some 300 girls at New London pledged not to wear makeup for the entire day and 100 boys pledged to support their efforts.

    It was a school-wide event, inspiring girls of all grades to let their natural beauty shine through. Girls were given stickers that said “Bare-Faced and Beautiful” and the boys were given stickers that said “I Dig Confidence.” They even sold t-shirts and bracelets to raise money for future events.

    These girls have figured out what it truly means to be beautiful. Now their confidence is inspiring the rest of the New London teenage community."


  5. One thing about gays and physical traits though, I would say (whether narrow hips or gracile crania or whatever), would be that identical twins have pretty low homosexuality concordance rates while looking basically... identical.

  6. "Over the past two decades, what have the U.S. trends been for the following important measures of social health: high school dropout rates, college enrollment, juvenile crime, drunken driving, traffic deaths, infant mortality, life expectancy, per capita gasoline consumption, workplace injuries, air pollution, divorce, male-female wage equality, charitable giving, voter turnout, per capita GDP and teen pregnancy?
    The answer for all of them is the same: The trend is positive. Almost all those varied metrics of social wellness have improved by more than 20% over the past two decades. And that's not counting the myriad small wonders of modern medicine that have improved our quality of life as well as our longevity: the anti-depressants and insulin pumps and quadruple bypasses.

    Americans enjoy longer, healthier lives in more stable families and communities than we did 20 years ago. But other than the crime trends, these facts are rarely reported or shared via word-of-mouth channels."
    We're living the dream; we just don't realize it by Steven Johnson

  7. That's an interesting point. In my opinion, the disparity is because many of the gays in the study were closeted. So in other words, both identical twins were in fact gay.


  8. The education changes are for the worse because they reflect the higher ed bubble, which means high schools won't hold students back or keep them from graduating, and dumber and more debt-saddled people are going into college. That's a bad thing, not a good thing.

    The rest of those changes only relate to harm avoidance. But more things matter in life, like social cohesion, sense of belonging, carrying on traditions, etc. Those have plummeted.

    The skimpy decline in harm is outweighed by the soaring levels of fragmentation and cocooning. Life really was better in the '80s.

  9. Mental health is way down too. Depression, loneliness, OCD, anxiety, autism / aspies, etc., are all up, especially among young people.

  10. It seems that different types of personalities benefit in each period.

    Right now, it seems that the people controlling our media all enjoy falling-crime social milieu. But a lot of people are also miserable.


  11. I'm sorry to keep making off-topic comments, but here's another one: Zurich, Switzerland is going to start making "drive-in" prostitution services:
    The Zurich, Switzerland city council has approved a plan to build 'sex boxes,' which will resemble garages, where prostitutes and their clients can meet discreetly.

    Located in an industrial area of Zurich, the garage-like boxes will have roofs and walls for privacy and easy access for cars, reports the Daily Mail.

    Prostitutes will also have to take out medical insurance, buy a license and pay five Swiss francs into a machine each night.

    Prostitution will be outlawed in certain areas of Zurich where it has led to local complaints, and will be confined to the booths and two other zones after they open in August.

    Michael Herzig, of Zurich's social welfare department, told Swiss Radio: "The big difference is that until now prostitution has been in the public space. Now we are going to change this, move it from the street to a private space in an old industrial area, which belongs to the city. This gives us the possibility to define the rules of prostitution in this area."

    "The women will be better protected from attack, and it will also mean better business for them. With the women right by the sex boxes there is no 'travel time' so they can deal with more customers. It's a better business model than standing on the street."

    Here's what the drive-in sex boxes might look like(click article)"



  12. The rest of those changes only relate to harm avoidance.

    "charitable giving" seems like an exception from what TGGP says, unless people are just trying to dodge harm by helping other people (but maybe not with their own time rather than money?). I wonder if this is per capita GDP adjusted?

    Mental health is way down too. apparently narcissism shows a linear increase across time, throughout the 1960s-present (i.e. the Silents were right about the Boomers being narcissists, the Boomers were right about X being narcissists, X are right about millenials being narcissists, &c.).

    I guess you'd say the 1960s-1990s narcissims was "healthy narcissism" and the 1990s-present narcissism was "unhealthy narcissism" though to try and avoid this.

    That's an interesting point. In my opinion, the disparity is because many of the gays in the study were closeted. So in other words, both identical twins were in fact gay. I'm skeptical of anything so unfalsifiable as this.

    Plus, if even a twin who is very close to another gay person and who doesn't have to go through the whole experience of coming out "on their own", largely shares whatever social and personality traits led the other twin to come out... still doesn't come out... then that suggests the number of "closeted" types is very high, implausibly high to me (like the number of gays would double if they were all "out" high).

  13. I'll grant you that more college is not an unambiguously good thing, but I have to part ways on high school. Only the very dumbest should be unable to graduate high school, dropping out is going to be related to motivation or conscientiousness. Hispanics have significantly higher highschool dropout rates than blacks, even though all studies show their IQ to be higher. Society would be better if all hispanics regarded it as normative to graduate from high school and get at least a mediocre job.

  14. Are you spotting all the guys who are gay or only the ones that are obviously gay?

  15. It's so sad. You have some really interesting posts and then some incredibly ignorant posts like this one.

    I would say when compared statistically, gay men probably have much better physiques, higher testosterone levels than the fat, lazy straight majority of today. Much of this comes from narcissism and pressure from the community to be beautiful, strong, and fit... but regardless... the serious lack of science posing as theory here is disturbing.


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