June 14, 2012

No end in sight to mowed lawns

Last year I showed the disappearance of bush among Playboy centerfolds that began sometime around 1990. But that way of measuring the trend can only go so low -- once it hits 0 out of 12 women in a year, as it has over the past decade, how can we tell whether or not it's becoming even more popular?

Going to Google Trends, here's the pattern over time for searching for "brazilian wax" and "bikini wax" (U.S. results only):

There was a pretty steady search volume up through 2009. But it's been rising even higher still since then. I have trouble imagining that lots more women are getting it done than before, since it had been adopted by just about all of them under a certain age. So either those over that certain age have given in as well, or the same amount of women are searching google more intensely. Like, before they would've searched a few times before summer, and now they're even more neurotic about it and on average search twice that number.

Whatever the reason, this bizarre grassroots movement shows no signs of abetting. I know it's not the biggest problem facing the society or anything, but it's yet another in a series that makes you wonder what planet you've landed on. It's like if all women under 40 were walking around with their lips painted to look razor-thin instead of full.

The female body is already so hairless that it risks looking pre-pubescently innocent without a little animalistic reminder of her maturity. Especially if her other secondary sex characteristics don't leap out at you. Nothing wrong with not having T&A, but that girl more than any other can't afford to remove the one clear sign of maturity that everyone gets.


  1. Holly Body: "I do not do animal acts. I do not do S&M or any variations of that particular bent, no water sports either. I will not shave my pussy, no fistfucking and absolutely no coming in my face."

    There's this terrible remake of "Vertigo" called Body Double. Holly Body is a porn star in the movie.

  2. I didn't know you watched stuff with such expositionist themes.

    Such a rad movie, since it doesn't take itself seriously -- right off the bat, we're introduced to a claustrophobic vampire who freezes every time he lies down in the coffin, in what looks like drag queen make-up.

    Plus those shots of LA during the New Wave Age are priceless, especially the Rodeo Collection mall, where Gozer from Ghostbusters works in that lingerie boutique. That and LA Story capture the city well before it became over-run with Mexicans and others (already visible by Falling Down).

    It's got a pretty nice soundtrack too, at least the telescope theme:

    Body Double theme

    Heh, and the in-movie music video by Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Damn, everything about it is so 1984, really refreshing to watch for fun.

    Vertigo is one of Hitchcock's most boring and pointless movies, though. Body Double's definitely more watchable, and re-watchable. It's goofy, unbelievable, and takes itself way too seriously. Not a good combination.

  3. I mean, Vertigo is "goofy, unbelievable, and takes itself way too seriously."

  4. Body modification is an attempt to create formal distance.

  5. The main problem with "Body Double" is that there are NO CUTE GUYS in it. I didn't enjoy watching the lead actor at all. The kissing scenes for example. Not fun.

    Meanwhile, all the women are hot babes and are nude or taking their clothes off or trying on underwear or something.

    This may be a good example of what happens when entertainment is directed at only one gender.

  6. I think the lead actor of "Body Double" was only watchable in the in-movie music video for "Relax."

  7. I also hear women say the word "vagina." It's always kind of embarrassing.

    I once had a classmate who said her mother was a gynecologist and didn't believe in using slang words for private parts when talking to children, and also believed in being very open with them about such matters. This girl was the type who had no sense of shame.

    I've also seen something similar on a "Sex and the City" episode, where a lady says she always used technical terms for private parts, and this with her son since he was two. When the son's girlfriend tells the mother that the son has sexual problems, the mother offers to talk to the son about the issue.

    Then there was the play "The Vagina Monologues." I had a feminist roommate who was involved in promoting our college production of it, and her boyfriend helped as well. They were both really nice people, but, I dunno. It's so embarrassing to be part of something with a name like that.

    And then there was "the penis game." Every girl who played that game was obnoxious.


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