June 10, 2010

Anti-babe protestors in China

Yikes. They're not going to get much global sympathy that way. They need to take a lesson from the Lebanese and Iranians and only send out the cuties.


  1. When I was in China, I was surprised by how few women use make up there. They need to get on that.

  2. Dudes, they're working class with most of their energy going into just getting by in a country with GDP per capita about a seventh of ours, not hipster chicks with lots of plush oil wealth free time to pretty themselves up. Putting food on the table for their kid and saving for his college fund is probably a higher priority than making themselves look nice for you.

    I'll crack misogynist jokes anytime, but this ain't cool.

  3. I expected to see aboriginal levels of ugliness but instead I saw a normal looking middle aged woman in the foreground and reasonably cute younger girls in the middleground.

    I'm tempted to take a Whiskeyite view of protests, and say that what gets Western media excited is NOT hot babes, but pissed-off swarthy young males. Our media outlets practically cream their tutus at the sight of howling Palestinians or Parisian "youths."

  4. I don't know about that Caleb Cooper. That's just what Chinese women tend to look like at the best of times - flat, round faces, wide/flat piggy noses, squinty eyes. Soft but slim bodies, so not too bad in that department.

    I think it was this blog that had a good post about how porn on the internet had contributed to Yellow Fever, since as they are - asian women just aren't that attractive.

    And yep, those Iranian protesters last year were off the hook.

  5. Caleb Cooper,

    Agreed. Im generally against strikes, but I hope this one is successful. How the Chinese exploit their people for comparative advantage ("We will work our people like slaves to undercut anyone else's labor cost") is wrong. Ive read that some factories in China make people work 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. They can be made to stay any day for up to 16 hours with no notice. Theoretically they can work 6 full 16 hour days in a row if inventories are low. Thats just wrong.

    Notice all the bicycles in the pictures? These people can't even afford a motorcycle, much less a car, and they work like slaves.

  6. Women in China don't need makeup, they are outnumbered by men 3 to 1 or something. Scarcity of women alone artificially inflates their market value and reduces the need for cosmetics.

    - Breeze

  7. Frazetta used asian faces. They go good with a soulfully-slutty expression.

  8. Hunter&gatherers tribes actually mate for better looks base on primitive instinct. Long civilizations actually breed for other qualities more over looks. The results are obvious. There is a recent european poll for nations of beauty. England got the worst comparied to others European nations. If you looks hot, you are more likely primitive or animal...lol.


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