March 28, 2009

Finding a 10 in real life

There's some talk at Roissy's about whether 10 girls exist in real life, or whether they're all snapped up as models, actresses, etc. While I agree that they're very rare in real life, compared to celebrity world, here's an example of a real-life 10. I've included lots of pictures to show that she didn't have good lighting or make-up in one picture, to show how stable her beauty is over time (roughly 16 to 20 in these pictures), and to not have to waste time whittling the list down to only a few pictures.

She's Catalan, of course, and I've already put pictures of her up here, here, and here. I knew her casually on the internet during my Barcelona days, a friend of friend thing on something resembling MySpace or Facebook. She's incredibly humble, nonchalant, and if anything a bit insecure, as you can see in some of the pictures below -- the opposite of attention-whoring girls who are good-looking but not stunning.

She played a large role in awakening my lust for teenagers: it was the summer of 2004, and I hadn't been around or seen them since I was their age. (Still, I was just 23 at the time.) Over four years later, I'm still stuck on her. That's how powerful adolescents are -- when you're in your mid-20s and suspect that your libido is shifting from youthful exuberance to middle-aged mellowness, all it takes is a nubile darling like this one to re-open the volcano of hormones.

Part of the reason you don't feel so awestruck by girls when you're past 25 is that your body is naturally changing to a less volatile state. But the other big part is that the females who surround you simply aren't as capable of provoking the same out-of-control dizziness as all those girls who kept you up late at night in high school and college.

But enough rambling. Here she is:


  1. Agnostic,

    She is lovely. I too appreciate strikingly beautiful young women.

    I came upon (by fluke) a picture of a young woman who has a -unique- look in my estimation. I think she is lovely.

    What do you think of this gal's face/color combination?

    Interesting beauty there. One doesn't see a gal like that often.............much as one doesn't see a gal with such extrodinarily large eyes like the Catalonian girl...........

    A beautiful woman in real life exceeds the Mona Lisa in my opinion. They are a joy to behold in their prime.

  2. She is very pretty (gorgeous eyes) and almost a doppelganger of a cousin of mine who is 16. Weird.

    A few of my best friends are easily 9s...two of them 10s (for real)...I was mentioning to one of them that she is the exact type of someone I read online--you.

    To a tee...except instead of brown eyes--my girl has green eyes and a slightly smaller nose.

    But man, she is so your type.

    I see you do like a bit of a nose--which is why I thought you would love Cheryl Cole...she has that great kind of face...striking big almond shaped eyes, full lips, great smile, dimples, and a great nose--not big AT ALL but not super small--great shape. (recently added new pics of her on the girl crush post i think you would enjoy)...

    But I also think you should consider Rita Hayworth.

    I too love Audrey, but Rita was probably the sexiest, most warmly feminine and beautiful actress of the 40s--and she was half Spanish--the first major Hispanic movie star.

    I adore her. Of the old school Hollywood stars--she is an easy 10 and nicknamed 'the love goddess' for how much she was adored by men and women and especially how much the camera adored her as well.

    A few pics--

  3. I was born and raised in Barcelona...

    And to our native eyes, she's an 8.
    Just for you to know.

  4. She is indeed very pretty, though not a 10 on my scale. Different tastes, of course. However, the beauty of a woman like that would likely last her a great deal longer than any average girl. And if her personality is a humble as you say, she certainly seems to be a good choice to pine after, if there ever was such a woman.

  5. But man, she is so your type.

    I'm skeptical. Girls have trouble seeing things from a guy's point-of-view -- I'd have to judge for myself.

    And I didn't know you had 16 - 17 y.o. friends...

    BTW, green eyes actually are more my type. Tawny skin, green eyes, and black hair.

  6. Ah, ask Roissy for my validity in that sense. I am good at seeing real beauty in women, rating it, and knowing the kind of type (or altera-type) a man has.

    As a fiction writer, I am good with descriptive details--I have to be.

    I guessed his by using two actresses he had never mentioned on the site before--because I knew the features he found beautiful.

    And I was right--the actresses I mentioned were indeed just his type.

    And no, my girl is not someone you would date now--as she is married and has been for years--and is obviously not 16. Lol.

    Although I find your girl really, really pretty--my friend easily blows her out of the water...two of my other friends do as well. Especially around 24 years old.

    And yes the one who is your type has the really big, green, almond shaped eyes, tawny skin, long black hair, petite build, great smile.

    I can judge because I truly love beautiful women and have been around and friends with (and related to) many of them in my life.

    I have also been around a lot of plain ones, and ugly ones. The 8s, 9s and 10s pop out of the crowd easily.

    Especially the only two 10s I have ever known. Men just gawk...and like your girl, they are both SHY.

    Ironic right?

  7. First anonymous--She is very pretty. Delicate and sexy. Great combination.

  8. Very pretty, not a 10 though, sorry.

    I've known some 9s, but I've only met one 10 in person that was in the real world. She was an engineer grad student of all things.

    There are girls good enough that are worth a stare. Then 9s are good enough that you just have to turn around and take another look or two.

    A 10 is something beyond that. She was good looking enough that I would have ended up following her, forgetting that I was even following her around. My body would just move.

  9. She's not a 10. She's not even a 9. An 8 at best.

  10. she looks like an Indian ex of mine. mmm. pictures like that give me hope and the inspiration to keep on hunting. preciate it.

  11. Simply incredible. Spanish girls, huh.

    The only other place I know that has tons and tons of women this cute is Israel. This girl could actually easily look Israeli.

    What is it with Meditteranean women???

  12. Have to agree with the naysayers, she's a 7 or 8.

    Seems like Agnostic likes to give around 2-3 points for being young, demure and unthreatening.

    Even if we assume that Agnostic has a "type" that will cause him to rate the ideal this girl represents more highly, I've seen better examples.

    A slight aside, I think it's kind of premature to look at a 16 year old and try and say they have any particular score rating. The thing is, most of them just completely lose it in four to six years. But the really attractive ones are the ones that started out sexy and matured into their beauty. I would even go so far as to say there is no such thing as a 16 year old 10, merely 10-potentials.

  13. 7 or 8 -- nah, just anti-Mediterranean bias. I understand, though, as I have an anti-Nordic bias.

    Seems like Agnostic likes to give around 2-3 points for being young, demure and unthreatening.

    So you reward women who are old, bossy, and threatening? Newsflash: your take-what-they-want, butt-kicking babes all look like men. I'll never get why some guys fantasize about being facefucked by big-clit chicks.

    I would even go so far as to say there is no such thing as a 16 year old 10, merely 10-potentials.

    Just like there are no 16 year-olds who are tall, smart, fat, etc. -- only potentially tall, smart, fat people. Dumbass.

  14. yes, she is indeed a beauty. i hate arguing the exact rankings of obviously superhot girls because it smacks of nerds debating the merits of high end AMD vs intel cpus. (intel for now) but in the interest of nothing in particular, i'd put your catalan princess around 9, 9.5 in some photos. although her unbelievably large eyes are feminine enough to carry just about any female face, the overall impression falls short of perfection by an eyelash.

    nevertheless, she is the kind of rare bird who, if she walked into any random coffeeshop in DC, would turn every man's head twice and probably most women's heads too.

    the kind of girl that makes me feel an out of body experience is more like the chick the first anon posted above. she's a 9 too. that combo red hair and alabaster skin hits a mental template like no other type of woman does. i'd guess most men have these mental templates for specific taxonomies of beauty, like yours is med and mine is more northern and slavic.

  15. @"So you reward women who are old, bossy, and threatening? Newsflash: your take-what-they-want, butt-kicking babes all look like men. I'll never get why some guys fantasize about being facefucked by big-clit chicks."

    No, it's called not muddying the waters. In case you hadn't noticed, we're talking physical beauty here, not aggregate beauty and personality traits.

    @"Just like there are no 16 year-olds who are tall, smart, fat, etc. -- only potentially tall, smart, fat people. Dumbass."

    Right, dumbass. Which is exactly why you decided to post a sequence of photos over a course of years instead of posting one photograph and saying, "Diez. Finito."

    A girl who looks like a 10 in one photograph but a 6-7 in a million others isn't anything special. Considering how many 16 year old "Agnostic 10"'s I've seen drop down to 6-7s in their 20s and saying that we need to take that level of attractiveness with a grain of salt is just taking a longer view.

  16. No, variance across time and variance across pictures are independent, obviously. To be sure she's a 10, we only require lots of pictures -- not necessarily from various points in her life.

    Just like you'd weigh a person many times in a week to make sure one scale wasn't off. If they had a BMI of 20 at age 18, and you could see into the future that they'd have a BMI of 35 at age 30, you wouldn't label their 18 y.o. self obese. That's retarded.

    You may be talking about her genetic quality, which you'd have to judge over a longer time-period, to see how well she weathered the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. But we weren't talking about that -- just what her rating is.

    It's pretty simple to understand, but then this blog does tend to attract more idiots than Gene Expression.

  17. @"No, variance across time and variance across pictures are independent, obviously."


    What you're talking about is a snapshot. When I talk about maturation and the idea of "prospective 10s" clearly I'm

    talking about is an assessment over time. I'm not denying the that we can make snapshot assessments but I take a

    longer term view of attractiveness as a whole ("Future Time Orientation," wow!).

    I feel like that ought to be pretty obvious as well given how I put it, but these days you seem to be more

    interested in trying to be Jailbait Roissy Lite. No one really gives a shit if Roissy gives you a pat on the head.

    No one is impressed by your trash talking, we know it's just impotent nerd rage so give it a rest. We all know

    you're not the fucking moron you want to act like so no free pass there either.

    If Monica Belluci had dropped 5 points in 20 years, would we care as much that she was a 10 at age 20? Of course

    not. Monica Belluci hits a 10 because even though she's 40, she's still hotter than a good majority of women half

    her age. This is, of course, the common problem with discussing 1-10 scales. If we're not defining the set we're

    discussing, then it's all up in the air. Everyone is using their own nebulously defined idea of prospective mates. A

    10 in the set of 20 year olds is going to be far hotter than the dime-a-dozen 20 year old 10s you will get in the

    set of 20 to 40 year olds.

    Of course this is my own personal prejudice, but talking about girls who puberty pushes up into the 8-9-10 range is

    rather pointless. I know what they're going to turn into, and that flash in the pan attractiveness just doesn't mean

    all that much from my [long term] perspective. Going to my local gym I see the type of girls you masturbate to on

    Jailbait gallery on a regular basis. Girls gymastics, volleyball, swim team, you name it, they all look like that at

    that age. But you also can't help but notice that the 20-something crowd looks like any other collection of average

    looking girls with the cellulite, frump, and misshapenness that you'd expect. These are the exact same girls who

    were smoking hot when they were in high school, but dropped 30-50% of their attractiveness in the course of a few

    years. It's almost criminal, to be honest.

    As for your friend, the thing I notice which is actually a plus for her to me is that she actually seems to be

    growing into her features well. That does set her apart, and I wouldn't be surprised if I saw a picture of her at

    22-24 and bumped her up another half to full point. That speaks good things to me.

  18. New rule for my stalkers: comments limited to 500 words.

    If it takes trash-talking to ensure that my idiot readers think things through, that's what you'll get.

    I don't tolerate lazy minds.

  19. Whether a girl is a 10 or not is strictly personal preferance. That girl is a 8 on my scale.

  20. A 7, being generous.
    Come to Brazil and find dozens like like her.


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