February 3, 2009

Your daily dose of vitamin T

This website is so rad, a searchable collection of teenage girl-next-door pictures. (Pictures are OK, but ads are NSFW.) Now that I don't tutor adolescents anymore, I only get to really mingle with them once a week at the teen dance club. In the meantime, you've got to keep your eyes on the prize and not be tempted to settle for someone your own age.

For guys who prefer that rare combination of a girly face and a plump tight booty, the site is great. Most girls with big butts have manly faces, but it's pretty tough for a high school chick to have a Neanderthal mug.

One example

And another

That'll put lead in your pencil.

As a plus, most of the pictures are from 2004 - 2006, back when everyone was on an energy high. You can tell by the dates on pictures, as well as the presence of low-rise jeans, studded belts, and thongs, which have disappeared since then. It's like some kind of yearbook, only one that you won't mind flipping through years later.


  1. You have good taste in beauty Agnostic. Those are lovely beauties. Hopefully they will marry young when their husbands can enjoy them more, and not wait until they are 38 and oh-so-faded.

  2. This whole blog is advocating the groping on young girls by old men. What the hell is wrong with you mate? Try not to end up in jail...

  3. You sound like one of those fat feminists who believe that pornography encourages and legitimizes rape.

    I hope you're not a guy -- that would make it even more pathetic.

  4. I don't understand how the site doesnt qualify as child porn. Am I missing something? Is it not dangerous to look at such a site.

  5. Sebastian Flyte wrote:

    "Is it not dangerous to look at such a site."

    Im the "first" anonymous, and I kinda wondered this myself.

    Some of those girls (I took a gander at the site) are just beautiful.

    Thats the reason they raise the feminist's ire so much. Agnostic is honest about an observation that many of us have made, namely that young women from about 15-21 are at their delicious peak, and in truth should probably be marrying young men 17-21 at this time like the ancients in various places did.

    If the mating game were some sort of sport, our "new" rules, adopted in the last century, have made players ineligible from one sex (the fair one) until they are usually a couple of yeas past their intoxicating prime.

    If you fell for a girl back in high school (I did), you might recall that no matter how much poon youve had in your life, you never felt the intense rush that the first love aroused in you. How excited you got driving over to pick her up for dates, how proud you were to wear her on your arm, how much you looked forward to looking at her pretty face and just kissing.

    You feel none of this when you are 32 and banging a 33 year-old-computer-programmer with two kids, OK breath, and breast implants. Feminists want us to think that this old broad has some qualities that the young babe does not. She probably does, but men truthfully dont give too much of a damn about them.

    Sub 18 aint legal, but as long as they have their clothes on and are over 15, their is no harm in stealing a surreptitious glance. They will never be that pretty again. Britney Spears at 26 has already kind of lost it if you go back and look at her "Baby One More Time" on YouTube. She was 16 then I think.

  6. They're not engaging in sex acts, or even close. No sight of the nipples, vulva, or anus. Rarely any lewd or lascivious poses.

    If it were pornography, then YouTube would've been shut down long ago.

  7. Non-nude child modeling websites hosted in the United States have been shutdown on child porn charges before. Although I wouldn't worry to much, as it is only the administrators of such sites that have been charged for child porn. I also suspect that law enforcement is more concerned with preteen model sites than teenagers.

    Conversely, there are also "nudist lifestyle" websites on the Internet that charge people for pictures of minors fully unclothed that operate with impunity.

    Long story short, child pornography is a bit of a gray area.



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