May 24, 2008

"I'm only sixteen..."

For some strange reason, some are imagining me sliming up to a girl, trying to stick my tongue in her mouth before even speaking to her, and her shouting this in disgust. But they would be wrong.

After pulling me by my tie into and behind her, and then working me up and down, she smiled at me. Knowing that it is always good to accuse a girl of something preposterous, I asked her, "So who dared you to do that?" (To spell it out, I'm calling her fake.) She desperately pleaded her case, and after each part of her speech, I'd throw in something like, "Oh that's what everyone says" or "Why should I think you're different" just to egg her on.

Having asked how old I was (I replied, "I'm a student at Nearby U"), she paused and said, "I'm only sixteen..." as though apologizing for her age. Like, "Could you ever find someone like me cool?" Given her apologetic tone, I didn't need to tease her about her age, but rather than reassure her verbally that I was OK with it, I just placed my hands around her shoulders and gave her two kisses, one on each cheek. She didn't move away one millimeter, proving that she welcomed my bold action, like a pound puppy that's unsure a visitor will choose it but then finds itself being cradled in his arms.

In fact, she'd earlier gushed about how bold and gutsy she thought I was to wear a suit, given me a big hug as a reward, and confessed that she'd seen me there last weekend, the way a band groupie would say "You guys were awesome last weekend at the Black Cat!" Throughout the night, any time she passed by, she'd raise one or both hands up for a high five, or shoot me a peace sign from afar.

I felt the urge to stay with her, to feel her ass lock into my lap again, to feel her head fill the void between my head and shoulder. (I did freak-dance with her one more time.) But her displays of vulnerability and attachment prevented me from pursuing a hedonistic good time with her -- I could imagine dating her, so it's best if she keeps some of her desire bottled up for later, instead of it dissipating as we grind further or make out on the dance floor.

As I was dancing a ways away from her, two Latin mamis ambushed me, one in front and the other from behind (the second time this happened tonight). I think the sight of me being sandwiched between two girls, with my hands on the hips of one, cut her a bit and provoked some jealousy, as she had a forced smile and somewhat forlorn look on her face, and flashed me a peace sign again. Yeah, it sounds heartless to dirty-dance with two girls at once in order to make a 16 year-old jealous, but you do what you have to do to make someone fall for you. I'd already asked her if she'd be there next weekend, and she said yes, so I'll be more comforting next time.

God, she's just my type too: very pretty face with large eyes and full lips, animated by her overflowing youthful vim and vigor, dark brown hair, tawny skin, 5'5 (though I'd prefer 5'2), normal weight, and more booty than breasts. I couldn't tell what color her eyes were -- if they're green, I'm a goner. She was wearing white short shorts and a white baby-doll top that had a vivid yellow floral print. When a girl wears white and yellow against her suntanned skin, she knows what she's doing. And she has just the right mix of bad girl and girly girl in her personality.

Like any inspiring girl, she's already pushed my "be the protector" buttons: when a group of guys seemed a bit too touchy-feely without her first showing interest, she kept herself at a distance but wasn't pushing them away either, so I asked her if she wanted me to protect her. Normally you don't ask, you just do; but sometimes the girl really is OK with what you think is wrong, so it's prudent to clear it with her first, lest to appear overly protective.

Even if we end up not dating (and I hope it doesn't come to that), having her as a friend would be invaluable. The PUA community already recognizes the value of being seen with attractive girls -- it puts the other attractive girls at ease around you, following your friend's example. But when you want to date someone much younger than you, it's also important to have age proof -- "He looks a bit older than me, but oh well, she's having fun around him, and she's my age, so he must be a cool guy."


  1. age proofing is an important concept. an older (early 30s) woman sitting with her friend hit on me in a roundabout way (women never directly hit on a guy unless they are drunk hard up cougars) while i was sitting at the bar, clearly thinking she had a shot with me and probing to see if i would reciprocate her interest. i humored her flirting for a while and when she asked if i was single i told her i was dating the bartender (which was true). she didn't believe me because the bartender is noticeably younger than me. "NO! really?" She asked to see proof. so i waved over the bartender and she leaned across the bar and gave me a french kiss. shocked and crestfallen is how i would describe the look on the older woman's face. after that, the flirting stopped and she turned away to chat with her friend, probably pissed beyond belief that another man chose the younger competition. what's an aging beauty to do?

    [answer: settle!]

    so age proofing can also work to restrain undesirable women!

  2. Another aspect of age proofing is embedding it in a story or opener. My close girl friend is torn between sticking with her loser boyfriend (truly a loser) vs. the alpha guy who's showing interest, but is her bf's friend.

    I use this as a female opinion opener or during a lull, and casually mention that my friend just finished her freshman year of college, and has been going out with the guy since junior year of high school.

    If someone that age trusts me, then so should the girls I'm talking to -- more so if they're juniors or seniors in HS, who look up to the cool college kids.

    after that, the flirting stopped and she turned away to chat with her friend

    Yeah, "I can't believe how guys always go for the girls with short skirts and too much eye make-up" = the ones with legs and ass worth showing off, and whose eyes are so naturally beautiful that you're fooled into thinking they have make-up on.

  3. Um.....dude you're 27.....probably 28. She's 16....and you don't find anything wrong with that?

  4. Was this at a dance club? Where does one find 16 year old girls other than malls?

  5. Intelligent 27yr old grad student(?) who goes after girls in their teens? Don't get it...

  6. Yeah, it's a dance club. Other than that or a mall, I don't think there are further options. Well, some non-mall trendy stores like Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, fake '50s diner, etc.

  7. Now I get the advice about wearing yellow and white.

  8. Heh, young girls usually aren't sophisticated enough to really know how to use color to their advantage. That's part of what struck me about this girl.

    I mean, don't believe the hype -- being a savvy dresser won't improve your looks, but it reduces the noise of your underlying attractiveness signal that you're sending to observers.

    Go to Wet Seal or someplace and try on yellow and white -- you may be surprised. Here are some examples of yellow and white from a google search:



  9. ...You'd have to be relatively modest in the chest to pull that off without looking a little slutty.

    Maybe like a sundress is okay?

  10. Wait, are you a boob girl? As an assman, I have mammary agnosia and wouldn't have noticed based on your pictures.

    If so, I guess a yellow and white sundress would work too. It'd be more girly, and that's always good.

  11. Sometimes it's hard to pick one or the other. I guess it depends?

    But it can be annoying with clothes in this predicament: if something is loose, it looks like you're swimming in it --> you have to sacrifice the waistline. If it's close to the skin, it looks slutty by virtue of

    For an extreme on either end, I feel like hiding! Unless its 100 per cent cotton, which is usually be comfortable AND pretty.


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