May 31, 2008

Beat that student's ass

A fight between a black girl in in-school suspension and her black woman substitute teacher. If only teachers were allowed to carry tasers...

Readers may think my continual focus on the corrupting influence that adolescents have on adults is undue, but this pattern has many facets to it, one being the Lord of the Flies atmosphere that it encourages in the classroom. Violent crime is at an all-time low, and has been declining for 15 years, but we can squash it even more by knocking kids around when it's needed -- and that's pretty frequently for a supervisor of in-school suspension punks.


  1. this is an advertisement for the benefits of growing up in a sheltered life.

  2. I completely agree. You just do tutoring though? It's easier than teaching a class. Man, teaching a class, you long for the fucking cane.

  3. I can't even fucking imagine what teaching a public high school class is like. A public university at least filters out the thugs and morons, so all that's the left is the folks that couldn't or didn't want to get into a high-end school. Given my location, we also got lots of "party-schoolers".

    Still, I adhere to the notion that if teachers were absolute dictators of the class, at least 10% of the students would be out on the first day.

    Case in point: Third week in, fourth row up, a female student answers her cell phone and has a "whispered" conversation so loud even I can hear it. I stop the lecture and turn off the overhead and say "Excuse me miss, if you would, please take that call outside." She reacts to my public chide not with an apology, but shouting "It was on vibrate, so I wasn't bothering anyone!" and storming out of class. Trust me, spend enough time around undergrads, you'll learn to be as exasperated by their narcissism and lack of responsibility.

  4. As an informed fan of girlfight videos, I'd have to say that the action in that one rated a C+ at best.

  5. Hehe, you're being generous Peter. At first I thought it was in slow motion. At least neither of the 'combatants' suffered a heart attack from what was obviously more physical exertion than they'd had since, well, ever, probably.


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