November 15, 2021

Kenosha rebelled against rioters, voting Trump by wider margin than in '16, after being Dem lock for decades

Something that election thieves don't appreciate is that legitimacy is socially constructed. It is not automatically, impersonally conferred on whoever occupies a certain office, however they managed to get there. The whole citizenry is watching the process, and if it's stolen, then they withhold their conferral of legitimacy.

That's why everyone outside of libtard bubbles is openly flouting the Biden admin's agenda and getting away with it. Notably with masks, vaccines, woke propaganda in schools, and so on and so forth. If the government is illegitimate, the citizens will only follow those orders that it was already going to. They will not follow those that they are not on board with.

If they viewed the government as having won fair-and-square, then they would carry out its orders whether they liked it or not. That happened with McCain and Romney voters when Obama was in office. There were no widespread non-compliance movements of any sort. Everyone in the Tea Party paid their taxes, got healthcare coverage or paid the fine, and all the rest of it. Because Obama did not steal either election. His opponents responded not by openly flouting the admin's orders, but by staging an electoral attack, winning back the House, then Senate, and with Trump, the White House.

But since the Democrats flagrantly stopped the ballot count in multiple battleground states on election night in 2020, "discovering" 10s or 100s of thousands of votes in the *weeks* after the election, which went 100% to Biden -- they forfeited any legitimacy upon usurping their way into office. Words on a document do not enforce themselves, nor do entries in a spreadsheet.

"B-b-buh, this document says that Biden won the election!" Gee, I guess we all have to behave accordingly -- sike. It's like Tanya Harding stealing an Olympic medal at gunpoint, and demanding that everyone treat her as the real winner -- where is the fawning coverage, the lucrative deals with sporting goods manufacturers, etc.? Uh, you get none of that, because you stole the medal, you dumb bitch.

Imagine expecting all of the benefits that redound to a legitimate winner of a prize, when you have flagrantly hijacked it! Sorry sucker, you can't put a gun to the heads of everyone in the audience and make them treat the possessor of the medal as though they won it fairly. If all you wanted was the medal per se, perhaps as a trophy or to sell for its precious metal value, then you'll get what you want. But if you were looking for all those other tangible and intangible goodies that accrue to a legitimate winner, then tough shit -- win it for real next time.

This widespread withholding of legitimacy against the Biden team actually began before his inauguration, though. Before the citizens were expected to behave according to the Biden admin's orders, upon inauguration, they were expected to vote for him on Election Day, to give him a legitimate win, and make his agenda easily implemented upon assuming office.

And as I wrote last summer, the main function of the summer riots was to whip votes for Biden / Harris. They almost entirely targeted battleground states, not California or New York or Texas or Kansas, which were not up for grabs. They were both to punish those states, such as Wisconsin, for voting Trump in 2016, but also to intimidate them ahead of the 2020 vote -- "Don't forget, we can fuck up your city any time we feel like it, so don't disappoint us on Election Day."

Aside from the riots carried out by the paramilitary wing of the DNC (i.e., BLM and Antifa), there was the usual hysterical demonizing coverage by the entire media cartel, against Trump and for Biden.

And yet, voters were not intimidated by these soft and hard tactics. Wisconsin and the other Trump states voted for him again in 2020, now also including Nevada. Any state that stopped counting ballots on Election Day, and where the outcome was not 100% certain in advance (e.g., California or Texas), is a state where Democrats could not afford to just let the results play out and declare themselves the true, legitimate winners by the end of the night. They only stopped counting ballots, in order to pad their own side's count for weeks, where they were doomed to failure.

They effected the steal through the mega-cities that they control with Democrat machine politics, not through operatives in every single county throughout the state. In Wisconsin, that means Milwaukee was the source of the steal.

Kenosha, however, is not part of the Milwaukee metro area -- it's part of the Chicago metro, but not lying within the state of Illinois, and therefore not so easily manipulated by the infamous Democrat machine in Chicago.

Were the people of Kenosha intimidated by the summer of riots in their city, which got huge national coverage, and whose local hero Kyle Rittenhouse was vilified by the media cartel? Not at all!

In 2016, they were one of the counties that I profiled in this post, where Obama had won them twice before flipping to Trump, and whose population was at least 100K (i.e., not rural areas, which are Republican-friendly). Kenosha County went for Trump by a narrow margin of 0.3 percentage points, the first time they voted R since Nixon's landslide re-election in 1972, and Eisenhower's landslide re-election in '56.

But Trump 2016 was not a landslide, and not a re-election, so Kenosha people were not just following the rest of the country that time -- they were sticking their necks out, declaring themselves to be on one side of a major faultline.

Then in 2020, after the summer of riots that rocked their own hometown, they voted for Trump by an even wider margin -- by 3.1 percentage points, an order of magnitude higher than before, although still not a landslide. That narrowest of wins in '16 was supposed to flip back to the Democrats, but it moved in wider in favor of Trump. That's the first time the R's won the county back-to-back since 1928, when Wisconsin and the Great Lakes states in general were part of the Republican coalition, before they switched to Democrats under the New Deal realignment in 1932.

A wider victory for Trump in '20 is no surprise, since they liked him in '16, and he did not blow up the country in the meantime, and had only been incumbent for one term. So sure, give him another term.

What *is* surprising is that the people of Kenosha gave the finger to the DNC for destroying their city over the summer, rather than give in and vote for Biden in the hopes of no riots in the future.

And unlike Milwaukee, there is no huge imposing well-orchestrated Democrat machine in Kenosha. They do happen to be reliable Dem voters, but it's not a machine city like Chicago or Milwaukee or Detroit or Philadelphia. So the Democrats could not steal the county-level election in Kenosha, and had to pad their state-level totals through Milwaukee.

That may seem like a distinction without a difference -- they still stole Wisconsin's electoral votes, who cares which county they had to do it through? But it does show that everything hinges on Democrat control of a few key choke-points, and outside of that the citizenry can openly rebel against their soft and hard tactics, and there's nothing the DNC can do to stop it from going through. Kenosha County in 2020 is officially recognized, not just de facto understood, as a red-for-Trump county.

As power devolves due to Democrat delegitimation of the federal executive, having flagrantly stolen their way into the office in 2020, Democrats will have to increasingly rely on control over smaller-scale fiefdoms to ram their widely unpopular and hated agenda through. If it's a college town (say, Madison, WI), it will probably sail right through. But if it's a Trump county that resisted intimidation by riots, and did not get its ballot-counting hijacked on election night, then they can do more what they want, whether the usurpers in DC like it or not.

If there's any justice, Kyle Rittenhouse will get a statue of him blowing away the criminal vote-whippers, in Kenosha County itself. Of course it wouldn't fly in the state capital or Milwaukee, nor in a Wisconsin delegation in the national capital of DC. But it would remind everyone at those higher levels that they don't have the legitimacy and authority that they believe they do, and not to bother intervening in local affairs, since the lack of legitimacy means they couldn't remove the statue no matter how hard they stamped their feet about it.

This is the natural reaction to Democrats enacting "no-go zones" in major cities across multiple states throughout the entire summer of 2020. There are now no-go zones for libtards, and they are larger than cities, encompassing entire large states like Texas, Florida, Ohio, etc. National mask mandate? No-go. State-level mask mandate? No-go. Vaccine mandate, passport, etc.? No-go.

The bureaucrats and technocrats are starting to understand how impotent they are at enforcing their will in these places. They have brought this predicament upon themselves, by participating in the effort to steal the 2020 election in front of everyone's eyes on election night itself. They forfeited their legitimacy, so now half the country is a no-go zone -- for them.

This would not have been the case if the Democrats had won legitimately, witness the Republican voters' response to Obama's two terms. They may have hated it, but they all carried out the national agenda, and planned to turn the electoral tide so that it would be their own agenda being enforced when they took back the federal level.

Reversing course is 100% up to the Democrats, as the initiators of the current downward spiral of national legitimacy. If it continues, oh well, sucks to live in a fragmenting country, but at least some of us live in the no-hablo-libtard zones, and will never have to wear a mask, get a pointless / harmful vaccine, or demonize white children in schools.


  1. Take a break from takes, and get out to troll libtards IRL tonight. Blast victory music out of your car windows -- anything victorious and triumphal. Even if it's just ominous, if it's also conservative-coded, it will make libs feel like their doom is near. E.g., the theme from The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

    "Big Iron" is a natural choice.

    If you must be more civilized, Beethoven's Emperor Concerto, 1st and esp the 3rd movements.

    Or "Riding on the Wind" -- whatever, just get out there and demoralize the shit out of the riot-rationalizers, and pep up the majority who didn't sign up for riots during an election year, and are secretly thanking God for the not guilty verdict.

    Make them feel seen, and heard, and validated. Blast the victory music! Don't let anyone forget it!

  2. Oh he might have went on tweeting,
    But he risked his readership,
    When he tried to ban the Deranger
    With the Red Bull at her lips
    Red Bull at her lips

  3. The right-wing panic over so many women being on the jury shows the collapse of the populist spirit of the Trump years. Sad.

    Total reversion to George W. Bush-era man-o-sphere griping about women fucking up politics (despite women voting during our political heyday during the Midcentury). Complete wiping of their fleeting class awareness of the past 5 years.

    How many of those women had college degrees, and give complicated orders at their daily Starbucks visit? By the looks of it, only 1 (who asked all those retarded questions). And even she flipped!

    Wisconsin has one of the lowest per capita rates of PhD holders (and I assume college degrees). In 2016, I recall it being around 6th from the bottom. That's why Trump flipped those Rust Belt states -- we love the poorly educated, don't we folks?

    How many over-produced elite aspirants do you think there are in Kenosha, Wisconsin? Get a grip, people. It's not Maryland. "White women" is a bullshit category politically. Ditto "white men". Depends on their class position and aspiration.

    But since they've eliminated class from their mental models by now, they're still going to see this as telling us about "white women" -- it's just that white women are based instead of cringe like we were fearing. Yay, white women!

    No -- yay, white women WITH NO COLLEGE DEGREE.

    Don't mean to post a downer during the celebration night, but a lot of right-wingers failed a crucial test of their faith this past week, and they need to reflect and do penance.

  4. Other red herring pre-Trump buzzwords we never need to hear again: blue-haired cat ladies, Tumblr, campus radicals, gender studies / Mayan basketweaving majors, hippies, commies, etc.

    The enemy as of the woke 2010s, brought into sharp relief during the Blue Wave / pussyhat / resistard Trump years, and still in the usurper Biden interregnum, is:

    Blonde, not weird-haired

    A doggy mommy, not a cat lady

    On Twitter, not Tumblr or TikTok

    Degreed but no longer near a campus

    Degrees are in business, law, or STEM, not the weirdo fields

    Suburban, not an inner-core dweller

    Nauseatingly normie in all cultural domains

    Shops at TJ Maxx, not vintage / thrift stores

    Lib, prog, leftist, not public ownership / central planning

  5. This prototype got summed up in the phrase AWFL during the populist Trump years -- key words being Affluent (White Female) and Liberal (not socialist / commie). They're over-produced elite aspirants financed by the central bank's ongoing handouts to the top 20% (QE), and dime-a-dozen libtards.

    Only spotted one single usage of this phrase during the whole last week as the Rittenhouse trial was coming to a head. (Some guy who Eugyppius recently retweeted.) I'm sure others used it, but even among the small number of accounts that I read, and their retweets, I would've seen dozens of usages in 2018-'19 (or synonyms like PMC, yuppie, etc.).

    And it's not like there's a new term for the same concept. Their class and degree status has been obscured entirely, because their antagonists on the right are just as degreed, striving toward or within the upper-middle class, Twitter-addicted, suburban, dog-loving, and culturally normie. Probably work within the same sectors of society -- tech, media (anyone with a Patreon), finance, ed, healthcare, etc. Not military / police, energy, agriculture, manufacturing, or the trades.

    The Trump coalition paired upper-middle-class conservatives with working-class deindustrialized whites (higher rates of tattoos, single moms, substance use, and the rest of it). In the online sub-cultural sphere, it paired the cottagecore left with the cozy groyper right (both of whom are dignified cat fanciers).

  6. That Trump-era coalition was supposed to continue, as the disjunctive phase of the regime cycle birthed a new party alignment, with Dems seeking to out-Trump Trump on populism and anti-globalism. E.g., the 2016 incarnation of Bernie, or Tulsi in 2020.

    But when the Democrats stole the 2020 election in favor of Biden -- rather than nominating a trailblazing Tulsi type figure and getting her to legitimately win a general election -- that artificial disruption to the organic realignment thrust the system back into the pre-Trump years, with its basic-bitch "red state / blue state" battles within the upper-middle class.

    Only now the libtards are so polarized that they're alienating even more of their would-be normie / centrist / moderate audience. And it's not blue-haired cat lady Tumblr SJWs doing the alienating. It's suburban business-major wine moms with disposable income, addicted to MSNBC, NPR, and blue-wave Twitter.

    Obviously there is only one correct side in the culture war -- the right. But as the Democrats sucked back the system into the pre-Trump years with culture wars over trannies, race, etc., that gives the GOP an easy way to win. Just don't be psycho, and protect basic civil rights like due process, presumption of innocence, body autonomy re: masks / vaccines / vaxx passports, etc.

    That's not a new era, and does not address the fundamental destruction of the economy after 2008, nor does it help wind down our over-stretched empire abroad.

  7. Trump was supposed to give way to Tulsi, since the GOP's out of energy due to their last pioneering revolution being 1980 with Reagan. Any new era will unfortunately have to come from the non-Republican party (realigned Dems, or their replacement).

    Yet the Democrat election thieves have pulled it back into a place where Romney wins with voters (and the latter-day Obama has to steal elections rather than win legitimately). Worst of both worlds.

    However, the way forward is not to stay stuck in the past, but blaze a new trail like Trump tried to the first time. We can't harden into yet another polarized liberal vs. conservative battle -- Trump only won by campaigning on not being a True Conservative because who cares about lib vs. con in a country that's falling apart.

    He offered something to the white working class, neglected by Dems for decades, and they took a chance on him.

    First we have to get out of COVID hell, and that is a very material topic, not a culture war. So a reincarnation of Trump, say Desantis, could win based on shutting down the COVID over-reaction. That would not address the problems that got Trump elected, but it would at least get us out of this total hell.

    Then we still have to get our Manic Pixie Dream Girl, Tulsi Gabbard, nominated and elected, for a non-Republican party. The GOP is still sclerotic Reaganism, however rebranded for the under-40 demo (just as AOC / DSA / Chapo rebranded Clintonism, i.e. blue-sector Reaganism, for the under-40s).

    I know that seems so far away, while we're in this Neolib Empire Strikes Back climate, but we do have to keep our eyes on the prize.

    We can't slide further back from wanting our end-goal to be Tulsi (trailblazer), to Trump (disjunctive, frustrated / failed trailblazer), to Romney (the non-toxic form of the crumbling status quo).

  8. Aimee Terese and others are exempt from this criticism, if their nations shifted from the New Deal to the neolib era via left-wing trailblazers, rather than right-wing trailblazers. In their case, it's the left that is sclerotic and a dead-end, and realigning trailblazers will come from the right.

    As explained way back here:

    The neolib trailblazers were from the left in Australia, New Zealand, and the Med (Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece). From the right in America, Canada, UK, Germany.

    Whatever comes after neoliberalism will be trailblazed by the right in the former, and from the left in the latter.

    This can get confusing online because everyone's talking to everyone else around the world, and we assume similar things are going on everywhere.

    To some extent they are, but in other ways they're opposite, like the value-neutral description of which party was the most recent / incumbent trailblazer, and which side will therefore replace them as the next trailblazers.

    Or, for that matter, what the different histories are. Where the neolib system was pioneered by the left, their preceding Midcentury was pioneered by the right, which confuses the worldview of those from the other countries, whose Midcentury came from the left.

    Americans, Canadians, and Brits have trouble conceiving of an egalitarian Midcentury pioneered by a right-wing military-derived government like Gaullist France. Lefties in our countries assume that egalitarianism can only come from the left, and that a right-wing / military government would impose crushing austerity.

    Nope: it gives you those French New Wave films that you all know and love, not Gilded Age squalor and degeneracy.


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