November 25, 2021

Thankful for frens

Posting will be light through the weekend, feel free to use this as an open thread.

For now, a message of thankfulness for frens, including a special fren. Our roles may change, but that doesn't mean we drift apart and stop being frens. We will always be thankful for the frens we have had, and continue to have.

Maybe this '90s Eurodance hit is too upbeat and bouncy for Thanksgiving, but consider it a "Christmas in July" kind of vibe. Something peppy to wake you up from you turkey-induced slumber this weekend.

Love you, special fren.


  1. Your posted music video reminded me of the "Barbie Girl" music video by Aqua.

  2. Yep, and I hear a bit of "Material Girl" in there, the melody, rhythm, and even rhyme words, during the part where she says, "Maybe..., Excuse me..."

    Here's their biggest hit, "Tarzan & Jane":

    So funny hearing such a modern / futuristic Eurodance sound as the music for a song about retvrning to monke.

  3. Snow falling on the morning after Thanksgiving. :) Imagining all the cozy groypers gathering outside in excitement.

    I would've chosen to throw a snowball at a certain someone, of all the other froggy frens gathered outside, and drawn a little pair of devil horns on that certain someone's snow angel, just to let that certain someone know that that certain someone is a special fren. Hehe.

  4. Did you used to watch "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" on Nickelodeon back in the early 90s?

    Was the show scary because we were near the peak of wildness/violence cycle?

  5. That was a little past my time for watching that kind of show, but one or both of my brothers watched it. Can't really recall how scary it was or was not.

    But they probably put plenty of things that they couldn't show once the crime rate started plummeting and people became less scarable.

    I do remember renting the '90s Goosebumps TV series for my nephew when he was little and I was babysitting him for the summer, in 2014. Seemed a bit more goofy than Are You Afraid of the Dark, but he still got a scare out of it anyway.

    I think I always thought of the Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark series of books, when I heard the title of AYAOTD. And nothing could stand up to those books.


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