April 14, 2008

Judging sex, weight, emotional state, and menstrual stage from walking patterns

Researchers at the Biomotion Lab at Queen's University have studied the gait patterns of men vs. women, as well as people who are heavy vs. light, happy vs. sad, nervous vs. relaxed, and women not on birth control at peak vs. low fertility stages of their menstrual cycle. They have incorporated these differences into this visual program, where you can manipulate the values of each trait. Check the "lines" button on the side in order to see a full stick figure. You can rotate the figure by clicking the turning arrows. See this visual program for the differences in fertility stage.

You can use this program to figure out what you probably look like when you're not in the best state, so that you could try to consciously control the signals you are reflexively giving others. For example, if you are nervous, your shoulders are likely bunched up close to your neck, so you could force yourself to spread them back.

I think the most attractive female gait in the first program belongs to the one who is at the female extreme, halfway between neutral and relaxed, halfway between neutral and happy, and at the light extreme -- I just hope that 25 of her 100 lbs are packed into her ass. If you're a guy, which walk do you find more attractive in the menstrual cycle program?

According a study from this lab, males preferred the pattern of the luteal stage female -- that is, the one who is at low risk of conception. The researchers note that many other features of a female become more attractive when they are at peak fertility, such as facial appearance, body odors, and so on. They suggest that since walking patterns are visible from far away by any old person, women would do well to lie through their walking patterns but tell the truth with up-close-and-personal cues like what their face looks like, how they smell, etc.

Concretely, they suggest that this is a defense against being sexually harassed or raped when it could result in a child, and while that may play a role, I think there's something bigger going on. If attractive walking patterns catch the attention of lots of males, then a woman should walk attractively when she's at low risk of pregnancy so that men will flock to her and do her bidding while hypnotized, and she could return the favor by suggesting sexual access -- and maybe giving it up -- since she knows she can't get pregnant anyway.

However, when she is at peak fertility, it would make more sense to reveal this up close only to the select few she seeks out (women are more likely to look for affairs during the peak fertility stage), while she is left alone by the masses because, from a stranger's distance, her demeanor doesn't appear very sexual.

Remember that, guys: trust her face, because her hips do lie.


  1. My preferences:
    the female extreme
    halfway between neutral and light
    halfway between neutral and relaxed
    just a touch on the happy side of neutral

    As I get older I think I've started to like them a bit heavier, though still not that heavy.

    Strangely, I liked the women who were in the late follicular stage.

    Don't know what all this says about me.

  2. Hehe, ingenious. Extremely heavy, nervous, and sad (gender spectrum doesn't matter, it's accurate all the way across)--I've seen it on the loopback at more races than I can remember. I've often wondered why they're so sad though--self-improvement, if only one can find the motivation, is so much more attainable at that spot than it is nearer (but not leading) the front of the pack.


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