November 3, 2021

Today's electoral report (open thread on elections)

Lent a hand to spank the Democrat in the only interesting race I could vote in. Couldn't tell much about the Republican, other than he was against COVID bullshit and other woketard crap. Okey-dokey then.

At this point, I'll be voting straight-R for the next few years, until we get out of COVID / etc. hell. None of them will be populists, but Democrats have rapidly plunged the country so far down into oblivion, all the R has to do is promise to make things one circle higher in hell, and it's a slam dunk with voters.

Whether the winner with voters occupies the office, is another question. Steal or no steal? Well, my state resisted the national steal in 2020, so I was not so worried about that this time either.

Even if I lived in a state stolen from Trump, I'd still vote going forward, just to make them steal it rather than win outright, and thereby deprive them of legitimacy in office for having the stain of stealing on their hands, vs. concede them legitimacy by staying home and letting them win with clean hands.

Legitimacy makes a hell of a difference in getting their agenda rammed through -- look at how pathetic the Biden admin has been in doing literally anything that was not pushing an open door (e.g. vaxx mandates, where only the already eager libtards followed the orders).

Biden's WH is not only illegitimate for having to stop the ballot counting in multiple states on election day 2020 -- which delegitimized him in the eyes of Republicans and independents -- but for only coming out of the Dem primary due to Obama terminating the voting process. When Dem voters were free to choose, they said "Anybody But Biden". Kamala had to drop out even earlier, earning ZERO delegates.

Who does the DNC select, then? The last-place choices among their own voters -- Biden and Kamala, rather than, say, Bernie / Buttgag / Bloomberg / anyone else. Even if Dem voters were OK with their party stealing the general, they did not want those two specific losers to be the beneficiaries -- they would've wanted Bernie / Buttgag / Bloomberg / whoever, to wind up in the WH via a steal. So Biden and Kamala are illegitimate in the eyes of many Democrats, too.

Even his most loyal demographic group, African-Americans, have deserted him -- they are the most opposed to getting vaxxed. So much so that they'd rather stick to their guns on staying pureblood and risk "biting the hand that feeds".

Of course they aren't getting fed much by Biden anyway, so what are they losing? They have to pay the same inflated food prices, gas prices, etc., that the Trump chuds have to pay. They were not given a "Don't inflate my prices, merchant, I voted for Biden" card by the new admin. Nor cash hand-outs to defray the inflated prices. If they don't get to take anything from the admin, why should they give anything to it?

I experimented a little today with masking -- the elections board website said they're only encouraged, not required to vote. And sure enough, there was only an unmanned table at the entrance saying they're encouraged, and take a free mask if you don't have one. But I waltzed through barefaced, all the way through the ID check and explanation of how the machine works.

Still, I decided to play it safe at the end and put on a mask for the first time in over half a year, while clicking the touchscreen and feeding my ballot into the reader machine. Just in case the poll workers or a camera was noting which ballots were submitted by unmasked people and deleted their votes from the total.

But now that I see the guy won by a healthy margin, it likely wouldn't have made a difference if I had kept the mask off the whole time. So I won't be wearing it again to vote.

Also, a car with some girls catcalled me as I was walking over to the polling location. "Hot Trump guys lusted after by Democrat girls" is still a thing, all these years later. Didn't have the heart to shout back that I'm on my way to keep the COVID police out of office. But I didn't have to -- I'm just protecting them and their social lives, whether they realize it or not. That put me in a good mood, feeling rewarded, before even arriving to the voting booth.

Still, I'll never feel truly rewarded in the voting booth until I get to cast a vote for Tulsi "Gaia from Captain Planet" Gabbard. That's my biggest regret from last year's COVID craziness -- not voting for her in the Dem primary, since it was effectively long over. But then I could've added another rare-bird feather to my libtard-heart-attack hat -- Nader 2000, Trump 2016 and '20, and Tulsi... really missed out on that one. Doesn't have the same effect to say that's who I would've voted for, without actually casting the ballot.

Reunite the band, Tulsi, don't leave us all hanging.

One of the few women so wholesome she could get away with dressing up as a priestess for Halloween, without it coming off slutty and sacrilegious. "The spirit of aloha compels you!" she urges to a friend dressed up as a foaming-at-the-mouth libtard witch-hunter.

You know how some guys would fake an injury to be tended to by a cute nurse? Why wouldn't they pretend to be a rabid panic-monger, if they knew Tulsi herself would be sent to cure them of their ills?

Do Catholic girls fantasize about this stuff when they see a hot priest? We know how they'll fake an injury to get attention from a hot doctor, or their schoolmates in general. Can't imagine there's too many hot nuns for the Catholic boys to dream about, and they're not the ones who perform exorcisms in any case.

Not something I ever sensed in my Methodist church growing up, anyway. More proof of Catholic libidinal energy.


  1. Aimee, when you come here, you will submit to our RED WAVE state-mandated hetero banger night at the dance clubs.

    That was the true spirit of the '90s, '80s, '70s, any time before the woke 2010s, when girls wanted a wall of gay eunuchs protecting them from toxic masculinity when they went out dancing. Remember the SNL sketches and movie A Night at the Roxbury? That era's flavor of fist-pumping.

    You can have a fun little off-night outing with your gay BFFs, as a treat, but during peak weekend traffic you're going to feel the real deal.

    So Aimee, if you want me
    You've got to show me subs
    Slurs are so easy to say, oh I...
    You've got to show me subs

  2. I've still got a bottle of vintage Dolce & Gabbana pour homme that I bought in college, before they made all the ingredients synthetic. So rich and hijacking of the senses. That came out in '94, and was a nightlife staple.

    I'm going to absolutely douse myself in that before we head out dancing, and already after the first few songs, all of your senses will be fully possessed.

    I expect you to do the same for me -- whatever scent you prefer, as long as it's as heady and mellifluous as your voice, and as spellbinding as your half-moon narrowed eyes.

  3. Everyone else when Aimee mentions working out to '90s dance music in the gym: "OMG, I love Haddaway too, such good vibes!"

    Me: *imagining beads of sweat hesitating as they come up to the ridge of her jaw, then racing along the groove in the side of her neck, as her already big wild hair grows more tousled and glistening* "Have a fun workout, babe, ttyl..."

  4. Goddamn that woman's gotten me worked up! Just broke out into a shamanistic dance sesh of my own, culminating in the most sublime and climactic of '90s dance anthems -- "Be My Lover" by La Bouche. Damn near left me out of breath by the end, it goes so hard at every moment, you'll swear it's an extended 12" mix by the time the last chorus hits. But it's only 4 minutes long.

    Reflecting on it as I try to come down from the high, I think it's the most '80s-sounding dance song of the '90s. It has the standard disco UNH-tsss beat, but it's so much more dark and disturbing in tone, like the Eurythmics, whereas most '90s dance music is more peppy and bubblegummy ("Barbie Girl", "Cotton-Eye Joe", etc.).

    And it's got that unrelenting galloping bass rhythm, DA da-da-DA da-da-DA... Not present in '90s dance hits, but more like something from New Order.

    And by the end, the ethereal synth does that octave-bounce thing like it did in the '80s (alternating octaves of the same note for the offbeat and onbeat). Makes it more bouncy and body-moving.

    Only distinctly '90s thing about it is the street-cred rap verse, and it's not as on-the-nose or tryhard as it is during, e.g., C+C Music Factory songs.

    GOAT '90s dance anthem, by far, no contest.

  5. Derangiac, derangiac,
    Press record,
    When she prophesies,
    She always strikes a chord

  6. Call her Miss Crusader,
    Call her Miss Anon,
    Call her Miss Deranged.

    Call her Miss Crusader,
    Call her Miss Anon,
    Call her boy-brain.

    She's say,

    I know who to haunt
    And I'll haunt him now
    I'll haunt you
    'Cause I'm Miss Deranged

    I know who to haunt
    And I'll haunt him now
    I'll haunt you
    'Cause I'm Miss Deranged

  7. So much for trying to keep things semi-Platonic, eh? Well, it's your fault for posting about working out to '90s dance anthems.

    Everyone knows the stereotype about how Italian men won't take "No" for an answer, but few realize how that tenacity applies equally to Mediterranean and MENA baddie women.

    On the topic of the music, there is one other distinctly '90s detail in "Be My Lover" -- that syncopated keyboard riff, very typical of house keyboard rhythms. And its timbre is meant to sound acoustic, also very '90s, whereas the '80s was more synth-y.

  8. Why yes, I did drive to the library yesterday to check out a '90s dance CD, which I withstood 40-something degree temps in order to blast out the windows on the main drag through campus and downtown.

    All thanks to Aimee's off-the-cuff gymspo posting. :)

    Pretty good reaction from the Zoomers, BTW. They've heard '80s revival for the past 10-15 years, but are not stuck in that zeitgeist, since otherwise they would've laughed or furrowed their brows at '90s Eurodance.

    But it hasn't really taken off into a full-fledged period revival yet -- mostly the '90s revival is for loose-fitting clothing, chunky shoes, center-parted hair, and low-contrast colors. It hasn't really touched music yet, although I have occasionally heard "What Is Love" and some other non-dance staples in retail stores.

    I don't see it reviving movies or TV shows either. Maybe video games and computer hardware? I don't know, it's not that big even there.

    Colognes / perfumes, commercials, food, toys, etc. -- where is the widespread revival?

  9. The '90s revival is nowhere near as widespread as the '80s revival of the mid-2000s through the 2010s, because we're so polarized right now. Nobody, crucially the libs, wants to share a culture -- whether that is new culture or reviving recent / retro culture.

    If you went to '90s night at a dance club, you might be fraternizing with The Other Political Side. Horrors! Absolutely nobody felt like that going to '80s night in 2008.

    If you take part in a broad-based re-watching of Jurassic Park, Scream, Titanic, etc., then you're following the same narratives, feeling the same emotions, and connecting to the same characters, as all those deplorable scum out there who are also watching it.

    If you wanted to share someone's review or fan-gushing for some staple of '90s pop culture, or unmediated childhood life, can you be sure they haven't posted something -- anything -- problematic? Can't share the target post, then, because of guilt by association.

    But everybody posts things that put them on opposite sides of someone else on some issue, so this means no one can share anything, outside of a very narrow sub-cultural echo chamber.

    So, Vice or Pitchfork have to put a distinctly libtard spin on their fanboy-ing for Pure Moods or the Donkey Kong Country soundtrack (actual articles they've written). That keeps the conservatives like the cozy groypers from following those outlets for similar articles that would build momentum for a revival, and prevents them from sharing the articles to their own side of the culture.

    And vice versa -- the libtards would never share some cozy groyper's appreciation post about Pure Moods or the DKC soundtrack.

    And even mainstream moderate libs can't get into the Vice / Pitchfork attempts at a '90s revival, because they're too narrowly hipster / urbanite.

    Everything is so ghetto-ized and Balkanized. And no domain of the '80s revival was like that -- as long as you liked dancing to Duran Duran, you belong to the same tribe as me, no further deliberation needed. If you pump your fist to certain scenes from The Terminator, Robo-Cop, etc. -- same tribe, end of discussion.

    It was not, "The intersectional case for new wave music," it was "".

  10. That's why the '90s revival is not widespread -- only narrow sub-cultures, primarily online, can revive it, albeit for their own tiny circles only. But most people aren't part of a clique-ish online sub-culture, so they're never going to read Vice / Pitchfork, or the cozy groypers on Twitter / Gab. And since those are the only places doing a revival, the normies are missing out.

    A normie outlet like... I don't even know what it would be today, every outlet is so polarized! Maybe a user-run Facebook group for Gen X-ers and older Millennials, who are moderate normies, and who therefore have no media outlets catering to their demo.

    But who would "create the content" for that outlet? Only creative and/or obsessive people do these passion projects, and those people tend to be into sub-cultures, and if anything scoff at normie spaces.

    In 2008, it was the same types of people orchestrating the revival, but they could get into normie and mainstream spaces because there was little polarization (compared to now). They were content to view themselves as a cultural vanguard, and the normies were happy to have someone leading the way for them to follow in good fun.

    Now, it's like the band has broken up and nobody will reconcile, so these two members have a side-project that is very insular and only has a few diehard fans, and likewise for these other two members, whose fan bases are polarized against each other. And everyone else in the would-be audience simply has no music to listen to, and no performances to attend, at all.

    This culture is fucked!

  11. In 2008, the primary division was cultural, secondarily political. Now it's inverted -- primarily political, then cultural.

    So back then, the main split was between '80s and other retro / vintage revivalists, and fans of contempo culture (not in any way inspired by the past). Within each side were lefties and righties, but that was a minor distinction.

    Who cares if you voted for Bush or Gore / Kerry, as long as you were devoted to resurrecting The Eighties?

    Or, who cares if you voted for Bush vs. Gore / Kerry, as long as you were a Twilight mom?

    Their online spaces reflected this layering of divisions. There were websites and forums based on reviving the '80s overall, '80s toys, New Wave deep cuts, etc. Or Twilight fandoms and lore.

    Now, the primary division is political, so you have left-wingers, some of whom like Pure Moods and some of whom like contempo rap, and right-wingers, some of whom like Pure Moods and some of whom like contempo country. The two Pure Moods fandoms cannot connect with each other, as that would violate the topmost division.

    And their online spaces reflect that -- there are no more purely cultural sites like Retro Junk or whatever the Twilight moms used. Now it's Twitter and Tumblr for left-wingers, and 4chan and Gab for right-wingers. Whether a leftie likes Pure Moods or contempo rap, doesn't matter -- you belong on Twitter. Whether a rightie likes Pure Moods or contempo country, doesn't matter -- you belong on Gab.

    The '90s and 2000s were the true era of culture wars, because they were less polarized politically. Now there are no more culture wars, because everything is about Democrats vs. Republicans. Cultural membership and political affiliation are distinct things, so a true culture war transcends politics. I.e., it would unite pro-life Dems and pro-life Republicans more than pro-life Dems and pro-choice Dems.

  12. Long post-in-the-comments about cultural vs. political polarization, and why the '80s revival thrived while the '90s revival is barely getting fed...

  13. MENA baddie with an absolute phatty bent straight over last night in TJ Maxx when she heard me whistling the riff from "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" and saw it was a random hot faranji. Followed me into the next aisle, and we rounded the corner at the same time, locking eyes the whole time, as she turned her head. Hovered throughout the aisle while I looked at the end display. Not even subtle. HOT.

    She was unfortunately wearing a mask, but in context it added to her exotic MENA appeal. No headscarf, though... could be a Christian, but in my experience it's usually the Muslims who are stacked in the back, and the Christians who are blessed in the chest. No chaperon either. Moderate Muslim?

    Anyway, I was covered in the Classic Match dupe of Obsession (supposedly closer to the original release of the cK version, and very heady owing to natural oils rather than synthetics). Oriental colognes are a great bridge between the MENAs and the faranji -- one of their main worries is being perceived as too intense, and that includes their scents.

    But if you yourself are radiating amber, smoke, and spice, then they'll think, "I mean, how racist could he possibly be against Saharo-Arabian thotties with bodies, like myself?"

    In general, MENA people love what we used to call Eurotrash culture in the early 2000s (don't know if that's still current parlance). All it takes is a little riff from a Eurodance fave, and an oriental cologne wafting into their unchaperoned personal space, and you're in with them.

  14. Scored the deodorant stick of Obsession at TJ Maxx on clearance tonight. First designer frag deodorant I've bought since... I wanna say M7 by YSL in the early 2000s (unjustly discontinued). I did think about getting the Bijan deodorant during the early 2010s, but figured the cologne was powerful enough on its own, heheh.

    I've noticed better selection at TJ Maxx's fragrance section for the first time in a long while. It's not like 2012 when you could just stroll in and there's Giorgio, Bijan, etc. But compared to the last 5 years, there's a bunch now.

    In the last month, have seen D&G pour homme, Versace the Dreamer, Terre d'Hermes, Obsession, and a tiny sample bottle of cK One. They're gone pretty quick, but if you go often, should be able to find at least one interesting thing there (or Marshalls or Ross, presumably).


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