January 22, 2020

Manic Pixie Dream Girls are corporeal ass women, not cerebral boob women

We'll soon see a return of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl type, now that we're into the restless warm-up phase of the 15-year cultural excitement cycle, since that is the phase during which they appear.

That post looked at their character traits, and a pair of follow-up posts (here and here) showed that these girls are overwhelmingly born during the manic phase of the excitement cycle. They imprinted on a social mood that was carefree and invincible -- just what she needs to take the initiative and coax a wary love interest out of his vulnerable-phase cocoon.

Having covered their personality type, we continue on to their physical type. Height plays no role, ranging from 5' shorties to the 5'8 tall-for-a-girl end, although no one in the model-tall range. Not surprising: guys do not care how tall a girl is, one way or another. Still noteworthy, though: "taking the initiative" here does not mean being a tall amazon aggressor.

They have hourglass waist-to-hip ratios, which is not too surprising since that's what guys prefer in general. But it is worth noting that they are not relatively slim-hipped women with higher testosterone -- that's not the source of their taking the initiative with the guy. They have a feminine, fertile shape, reinforcing their role more as nurturers -- coaxing the guy out of his shell to heal him of his emo sickness, not strutting over to seduce him like an aggressor.

And to return to a perennial theme here, are they boob women or ass women? They are not busty: most have a B cup, with somewhat more A than C cups. Not being a boob man, I'm blind to them, and this was all news to me. I had no idea Natalie Portman was an A cup (guess she didn't get that particular Ashkenazi gene).

The only D cup is Katy Perry, but that's not such an exception anyway. First, she has a thick lower body. But to the point, I listed her because of "Simple," and in that 2005 video they dressed her in a baggy shirt so you can't tell what they're like even if you're paying attention. Their intuition told them it just wouldn't be right to have that persona coming from a girl with giant jugs.

Why not? Perhaps the sexuality would be too forward (literally) and threatening to a guy who is still wary about leaving his refractory-phase cocoon. Ass men would have no trouble ignoring them, but boob men would. The guy needs to focus on her facial expressions without distraction, to get back into the hang of back-and-forth social interactions with the opposite sex.

An ongoing theory here is that boob women and men are more cerebral, while ass women and men are more corporeal (see here for a recent post looking at political junkies being mostly busty women and boob men). So there's another reason she can't be the busty type -- she would likely be more cerebral, and that goes against the MPDG type.

She must be corporeal -- a touchy-feely free spirit in tune with nature and physical activities (like dancing), whose plans to get the guy out of his funk do not involve over-analyzing things, devising Rube Goldberg contraptions, etc. "Let your mind go, and your body will follow" (SanDeE from L.A. Story). Guys coming out of a refractory phase need to be rehabilitated physically, not just mentally, and corporeal girls will be best able to perform this role.

That means they're mostly ass women, by which I mean the gestalt fertility zone -- belly, hips, ass, and thighs, as distinguished from the mammary zone. That doesn't mean they have Kim Kardashian-sized bubble butts, just that they're on the thick side below the waist (including indie darlings like Zooey Deschanel). And some are slender above and below. But if they have a tendency toward one zone over the other, it's definitely the fertility zone. In performances or pictures, they play up their lower half, not their chest.

In fact, what first tipped me off to this was the photo from an album cover by Au Revoir Simone, who I mentioned before (click for a larger view):

That picture doesn't show it, but they're not busty as well, nor do they attempt to draw attention to their chests. In their videos for that album, they're comfortable showing off their lower bodies and engaging in corporeal activities -- carefree dancing, playing hopscotch, bouncing their thighs and slapping their knees to the rhythm while seated on a bench, and the like.

I highlight their example because it goes against the overall stereotype of their upper-middle-class indie-world social scene. You'd think they'd be cerebral, dismissive of dancing, and averse to showcasing the lower body because that's what vulgar proles pay attention to. But just because the overall scene may be like that, doesn't mean there aren't exceptions like Au Revoir Simone, a corporeal minority within a scene of cerebrals.

As for social media personas, this all reminds me once again of Alison Balsam (@foolinthelotus on Twitter before she left) -- an early '80s manic-phase birth, a fertility shape rather than a mammary shape, and a dance lover. She had to have been a Manic Pixie Dream Girl during the late 2000s heyday -- the signs are still there, albeit somewhat obscured by the vulnerable emo phase she was posting in (late 2010s). Much like the type portrayed in entertainment media, there wasn't anyone else like her among the big-ish accounts -- no "Alison Balsam clones" or "that whole Alison Balsam crowd". The unique ones make an impression, and people can't get over it when they're gone.


  1. Manic Pixie Dream President Tulsi is also an ass woman (and an early '80s birth). Corporeal, naturally: veteran, surfer, work-out junkie.

    That cuts against the misconception that she's masculine or guy-like. She has an hourglass waist-to-hip ratio, very fertile shape from the waist to thighs. Not slim-hipped, not low-body-fat, etc. Not an amazon, even if she's on the tall side at 5'8 and has a strong jaw.

    She's laconic, stoic, and a veteran, but she's fundamentally a nurturer -- becoming a warrior to provide everyone with healthcare, and to protect ourselves and others from pointless endless militarism. She's a soothing, reassuring free spirit, not an aggressive girlboss.

  2. MPDG squared: Au Revoir Simone covers Mazzy Star's "Fade Into You," one generation of manic-phase births echoing another.


    I highlighted this performance in an older post about the rare cover version that is an electronic interpretation of an acoustic original, and that also dials down the emotional intensity. (Usually dialing things down means going from electronic to acoustic, a la MTV Unplugged).


    BTW, their debut album is titled "Verses of Comfort, Assurance & Salvation" from 2005 -- now does that hit all the character traits of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl, or what? Perfect timing, too, right as the warm-up phase is starting.

  3. Florence Pugh is hella thick below the waist, with B cup chest. Don't know if she'll be another MPDG, but she is Zach Braff's squeeze, and a late '90s manic phase birth.

    Natalia Dyer, another late '90s birth, has no chest, although is also slender below the waist. Hard to tell from her pictures whether she showcases her upper or lower body -- mostly red carpet stuff, or fashion shoots. Also remains to be seen whether she'll take on a MPDG role.

    And BTW, I watched Yes Man last night, and wouldn't you know it? -- Zooey Deschanel's character is named "Allison". Miss Balsam checks too many boxes to not have been one.

  4. Saw Scott Pilgrim last night (boring), and though Ramona Flowers is not a MPDG, I'll still note for those who say she is, that she is an early '80s birth, hourglass waist-hip ratio, only B-cup breasts, and has a decent ass that she shows off more than her chest in the movie.

    They emphasize that on a meta-level twice, when the Asian girl is whining about her crush being attracted to a "fat-ass hipster girl". Wow, jealous of fertility babes much?

    They really uglied her down for the role. In any other picture, Mary Elizabeth Winstead looks nice. I'll have to check out her roles from 2005-'09, to see if she played a proper MPDG character.

    Fun fact: grew up as a dancer, before turning to acting. She's a corporeal one for sure.

  5. Long time reader here, Agnostic. Seems it's been years since I've posted.

    I couldn't think of any young pop stars off the top of my head who might meet your "Manic Pixie Dream Girl" criteria. Largely in part to having tuned out of listening to modern music on account of things going so to crap (almost every frickin song has beat of finger snaps, wtf!). You inspired me to do a little browsing to see if there are any upstarts bucking this trend.

    On Youtube a few days later I came across a very upbeat fun new video by the now indie group (left Warner Brothers) Echosmith who's leader singer seems to be a good candidate.

    Sydney is a later 90's birth (April '97), very baby faced/cute, and thick lower body for an otherwise petite girl. Seems very sweet and wholesome (from a home schooled Christian family), but with enough of a mischievous personality to get things going. Doesn't hurt that their new album "Lonely Generation" is themed around connecting and has a lot of fun 80's vibes to the video and music. See for example at:

  6. Good call, I'd forgotten about her -- their breakout song was so long ago, in pop music world (2014), I assumed she was an early '90s or late '80s birth. And proud member of the IBTC.

    She's not a wild child like the early '90s births (Charli XCX, Ava Max, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Cardi B, et al). But also not an emo depressive like early 2000s birth Billie Eilish.

    Imprinting on the manic phase is not so much about feeling hyperactive all the time, but about being more upbeat, carefree, and able to deal with what comes your way. It's the invincibility that they're imprinting on.


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