January 20, 2020

Bernie / Tulsi should make "Apache" their anti-Warren theme song

Returning to the topic of campaign soundtracks, Bernie's team desperately needs something to troll Lyin' Liz with -- an all-occasion retort that says no one is taking her seriously, she should shut up and drop out, and we're going to have fun while bullying you.

Most importantly, it must resonate with a wide audience -- not only the song itself, but the intended message. No deep cuts, no inside jokes. Attacking Warren ought to do double-duty and bring back some of the cultural moderates ("conservatives" in a Dem primary) who have left Bernie for Biden because they see him as a progressive wimp. So, something that over-40 white people would instantly recognize, whether or not the SJW campus crowd would get it.

Warren's most glaring self-own has been cosplaying as a Native American in order to steal an affirmative action spot at the Harvard Law faculty. She's been committed to the bit for decades, and didn't give up even after her DNA test conclusively proved her bloodline is 0% from the New World. This fatal flaw is universally known, especially after Trump cursed her with the nickname Pocahontas.

A Native American-themed song it is, then. Something that also suggests "going on the warpath" against her, with their distinctive drums or war cries. But something upbeat and fun, to make it irreverent and trolling rather than a true war anthem (like the metal songs listed before).

The perfect fit is "Apache," which will also resonate with our phase of the 15-year cultural excitement cycle, as it was first released in 1960, the first year of a warm-up phase. The original version by the Shadows works best for these purposes, as it has a more prominent war drum beat, and the guitar is more aggressive than the mellower and more expressive versions by the Ventures or Jorgen Ingmann.

The 1973 version by the Incredible Bongo Band won't work here because it's known mainly to (late) Gen X-ers and Millennials, through innumerable appearances in rap music. Plus it doesn't sound Native American, or have the martial drum beat -- it's funky psychedelic counter-culture music.

Using this song will flush out the woketards on two levels. First, it will trigger them as being problematic cultural appropriation (not composed or performed by Native Americans), whereas normies enjoy the song for what it is. And second, it will make them say that Warren is a victim of racism for being labeled Pocahontas, whereas normies realize what Trump meant -- to highlight that she is not Native American, and remind people why she lied about that.

A successful realignment of the Democrat party, or its replacement, requires silencing or ejecting these wokies, while bringing in a large chunk of defectors who normally favor the GOP (who likely identify as independents). If your campaign refuses to use this ammunition against an old-guard neoliberal candidate like Lyin' Liz, then you are not the realignment.

If Bernie's campaign doesn't have the balls and basic sense of humor to use it, then Tulsi's campaign ought to. It would fit right in with her image as a surfer, too. And even if Bernie's staff and prominent surrogates plead with his supporters not to use it, they must defy the incompetent leadership and blast it anyway, especially on Facebook where it may reach some Biden supporters who don't care about posting the obvious songs rather than the deep cuts.

As I pointed out in the metal anthems post, Trump has already used at least two of those, and Bernie only one. If the Democrats won't hammer Lyin' Liz with "Apache," do they have any doubt that a Trump general campaign would not? He would personally lead a tomahawk-chopping dance on stage, while everyone in the crowd followed along. Someone's going to slam her with that song -- it might as well benefit the realigner Democrat rather than the failed realigner Republican.


  1. Also: theme from The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, showing the final stand-off where the heads have been altered to be Bernie, Biden, and Warren (bonus troll points for making woketards whine about calling a woman ugly).

    This has not only the war march rhythm, but Native American war cries as well. Imagine Bernie striding out onto the stage with this playing... actually, more imaginable that Tulsi would do so, since she has higher T than he does.


  2. The final duel in For a Few Dollars More, where Tulsi intervenes b/w Bernie and Warren. Reinforces Tulsi as the young rising star, and Bernie as retiring after one final score to settle.

    Lyin' Liz is holding a clock labeled "economic populism" (something she stole from his clan, a painful reminder to him of her violation of his clan's honor, and what motivates him to seek vengeance). Tulsi's weapon is a screenshot of that tweet she used to rescue Bernie from the sexism charge. Bernie's gun is labeled "universal policies" or something that could slay the yuppie girlboss candidate.



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