January 13, 2020

The high-T white working class war anthem playlist for realigner candidates

Those who want to realign the Democrat party -- or to found a new party in its wake, if it implodes like the Whigs -- will require a big chunk of the white working class who voted Trump to permanently defect away from the GOP.

There is no untapped reservoir of non-voters who will swoop in like a deus ex machina to save the moribund progressive movement -- nobody wants that garbage any more than they want yet another re-brand of "compassionate conservatism" and endless wars. Those two movements belong to the neoliberal Reagan era, and something new and different will come about from a realignment of the parties, displacing the GOP from dominant status and elevating the Democrats or their replacement party.

Wary white working class people will need some convincing that the realigner Democrat is not only welcoming toward them, but willing to lead a war on their behalf. Otherwise they will refuse to enlist in that army.

For the neoliberal era, Democrat candidates -- whether they label themselves liberals, moderates, progressives, or even socialists -- not only look down their nose at ordinary people and their culture, they are only looking after professional-class and capitalist interests, and would never lead the charge for the working class.

Obviously any coalition within a stratified society will have those elite interests represented -- working-class people know and accept that the elites will get something for themselves, but they're not going to sign up for the fight unless they themselves will get something big as well. They did enlist in the New Deal army, but they refuse to enlist in the neoliberal army.

Toward the goal of shaking things up to bring in the white working class, cranking up the T-levels in order to fight harder against the enemy, and keeping the collective's spirits high, here is a simple playlist of songs that realigner candidates would include within their broader campaign soundtrack. They don't need to be played back to back, in a loop, but inserted at key moments when a war charge is called for.

They are all from the highest-T period of music, the first half of the 1980s. This was a manic phase during the cultural excitement cycle, and near the peak of the socially outgoing / rising-crime era of 1960-1990. And they're all hard rock / heavy metal, which signals the distinct appeal to the white working class, as opposed to professionals of any race, or to the black working class who do not vote GOP and cannot serve as a source of defectors to secure a realignment. Hailing from the '80s, they appeal to older voters (Boomers and early X-ers) in a way that Democrats struggle pathetically with.

I excluded anything that would be too niche for mainstream audiences, anarchic, only male in its appeal, or that had even one line that could be interpreted in a demotivational, backing-down way ("I can't see no reason to put up a fight," or "I knew right from the beginning that you would end up winning".) It would have to fit in well in a stadium to rally the fans around their team, not just some narrow little sub-cultural cocoon.

Most of these will make the professional-class Left drop dead from embarrassment, "you're posting cringe bro," etc. But that's the point: it signals to the working class that the elites are going to give up prioritizing their own music, tolerate that of a different group, and choose winning (no matter what songs they have to grin and bear listening to) over self-aggrandizement and self-indulgence. It would honestly signal a shift from worthless decadents to competent warriors.

Trump has already prominently featured at least two of these nine songs that I know of, while Bernie has only featured one, so the realigning Democrat / replacement party is going to have to play catch-up. But better late than never.

And in a situation like this flagrant attack by neoliberal Lyin' Liz against Bernie, they're going to desperately need to break these out during the 2020 primary, which will prepare them for the true realignment in 2024 or later. Bernie refuses to fight, and has capitulated to the professional-class progressive movement.

If the dickless weenies who control the Bernie movement won't use them, then Tulsi could feature them in her social media videos, whether they're the anti-status-quo ones or the workout videos that show how full of vigor she is to fight the enemy on your behalf. (That would also spawn fan response videos using similar songs -- "No One Like You," etc.)

Forget "uncucking the polls" or refraining from hard-nosed analysis until the damage has already been done. If you want to boost campaign morale, put these songs into regular rotation. In chronological order:

"United" by Judas Priest (1980)

"Back in Black" by AC/DC (1980)

"Ace of Spades" by Motorhead (1980)

"Crazy Train" by Ozzy Osbourne (1980)

"Rebel Yell" by Billy Idol (1983)

"Metal Health" by Quiet Riot (1983)

"Balls to the Wall" by Accept (1983)

"We're Not Gonna Take It" by Twisted Sister (1984)

"Rock You Like a Hurricane" by Scorpions (1984)


  1. Warrior woman slugs Lyin' Liz right in her neoliberal bitch-ass face. Now there's a move begging for a metal soundtrack!


    As Shialabeefsteak helpfully reminds us, where is AOC? Worthless. He predicts she'll issue a bullshit statement about "both sides are good" / "both sides have some truth" / "both sides are on the same team" / etc. Trying to protect Lyin' Liz, her supporters, and her elitist interests, rather than use this as an opportunity to cut her fucking head off already.

    But then, AOC in office has been just another neolib polarizer, not a realigner, so no surprise. Her constituents are wealthy (if less so than their parents) radlibs in a gentrifying NYC district, not the sorely needed white working class.

    The worthless Left is not even re-tweeting Tulsi's rescue of Bernie. That would be deferring to her -- they want her to re-tweet their inane clueless irony shit. More impotent polarizers (super-Democrats, in shia's term).

    They're the same people who would cry about "posting cringe" by using metal war anthems in order to win, when you could keep making emotionally numb in-jokes and lose.

    The only faction of the Left that's boosting Tulsi's rescue is those who don't belong to the ethnic groups that are either given special seats at the elite table or are elites themselves. Mainly Irish, Italian, Polish -- Michael Tracey, Shoe on head, Kyle Kulinski -- and the eastern Meds (Aimee Terese, Rania Khalek). And of course Tulsi herself being part Polynesian.

  2. Twitter faggots suspended Aimee Terese. Whoever has any influence, time to use it. The anti-woke apostle must be resurrected, like Anna Khachiyan before her.

    In the meantime, hopefully she can use the What's Left account. (@whatisleftpod)

  3. The deplorables will respect Aimee 1000 times more if she's martyred by Silicon Valley liberals and their radlib bootlickers. Hopefully that day is not today, and the suspension is only temporary.

    The official story is a rule about threatening violence, because she said Liz Warren "needs to be beaten," obviously using the standard figurative sense, i.e. knocked out of the competition.


    But I wonder if that's just the flimsiest thing they could find, and the cancellation was already going to happen.

    I just happened to be reading her feed when it happened, seems like 5:30 on the dot, Eastern Time.

    She went out guns a-blazin' like a true Levantine martyr, posting a short thread reminding everyone that this Lyin' Liz ratfuck against Bernie is only the latest iteration of anti-Bernie smears that the Left has directly enabled on behalf of Lyin' Liz.

    She specifically mentioned the Working Families Endorsement being bought by the Demos donation of $45K, a think tank headed by Lyin' Liz's daughter. And the subsequent "Bernie and his supporters have a racism problem" smear that came from "Black Identity Hucksters" (in the princess' words), when Bernie supporters called out WFP for choosing neolib Warren over populist Bernie.

    She also named the author of that hit piece for Splinter, Katherine Krueger, who she reminded us is the gf of Chapo Trap House host Will Menaker. This was not petty gossip, but part of a structural critique of the so-called Left media -- with a Left media staffed by Warren-sympathizing progressives, who needs the CIA?

    Hopefully she'll be back, but in case she is not, just thought I'd preserve her final dispatch from the hellsite.

  4. I knew something bad was going to happen to her once she tripped that line the other day. I'm not saying it was due to any certain journo, but it seems once that line gets tripped, start counting down the days. The next thing you know, you're Ed Butowsky (begin orchestration) or me. I just came here the other day saying to watch over her and now look. I knew, I just knew.

  5. Made that sound way too personal and it's not. But I knew something was going to happen to her soon. Even afterward, could tell she was occupying their minds. Then the Sanders/Warren thing and their stated belief to tamp down the fighting. And Aimee is the leader of Anti-Warren.
    If anything, this should illustrate and strengthen her critique that Warren is bad for Sanders (of course she is, but few argue it).


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