December 10, 2016

Media erase news of pedo ring bust; Pedo symbol used by more child welfare groups

A couple quick updates on PizzaGate.

First, in late November the AP reported on a major pedophile ring in Norway being busted, leading to dozens of arrests, including two politicians. This report was picked up by the NYT, WaPo, and ABC, among others. All three major media groups have removed the story from their sites and archives, while it is still up on the AP's own site. See here and in the comments.

A more thorough report from The Independent, UK, mentions that it was a tip by the FBI that led Norwegian authorities to launch their attack. Again we see that the FBI, at least the rank and file, are the good guys among the feds. The CIA are globalist traitors.

The major media have suddenly decided to censor this story because they don't want Americans to have a broader pattern already in their minds, which the PizzaGate revelations could fit neatly into. You aren't supposed to have in the back of your mind a news item about a pedo ring being busted that involved several politicians. Otherwise you might be more accepting of the inevitable reports that John and Tony Podesta from Clinton world are involved in some kind of pedo ring.

Desperately trying to erase this story two weeks after the fact, and on a weekend when hopefully nobody would notice, just shows that there is some seriously damning stuff going on here. The nature and extent of any crimes will be determined by a proper and thorough FBI investigation, but given the kinds of evidence the Establishment has been erasing, it relates to pedophiles.

On that note, a recent post showed that pedo symbols appear on the logos of child welfare and adoption agencies, suggesting they are implicated, perhaps as the suppliers of children to the pedo rings.

Well just a few days later, I've found yet another instance of the same logo that appeared on the San Antonio Center for Childhood Trauma (meant to help abused children fit into foster homes) and Terasol Artisans, the restaurant across the street from PizzaGate Central, Comet Ping Pong. Besta Pizza, also across the street, deleted a pedo symbol (spiraling triangle) from their logo within days of PizzaGate breaking. Days later, Terasol joined in deleting the pedo symbol of concentric hearts from their website.

As I was catching up on the findings from /pol (in this thread), I saw that someone else found that exact same logo on yet another child welfare agency -- Through the Storm Outreach Ministries (Kingstree, SC, a rural black area). Its ostensible purpose is to help homeless and runaway youth, particularly pregnant teens or teen moms. They explicitly say they're going to help them avoid sexual abuse and prostitution.

And yet, there's that logo again (lower-right):

It's the exact same logo, with the transparent background again picking up whatever color is on the webpage it finds itself on.

It's clear how similar this child welfare group is to the one from the earlier post. What's not so clear is why they both share the logo with Terasol Artisans. But if it was damning enough that Terasol removed it entirely from their website within a week of the PizzaGate story centered on two businesses just across the street, it cannot be a good sign wherever it is found.

Through the Storm mentions elsewhere on its site that it provides off-site daycare. So if you're a teen mom, you're not only making yourself vulnerable by wandering into these people's arms -- you're also putting your child at risk. Given where else this logo appears, who the hell knows what they're doing with your small child at the off-site daycare?

Here is the symbol by itself -- try dropping it into a reverse Google Image Search to find other instances of it. You might also try using a graphics program to change the background color to help GIS find other instances. But the foreground color is always orange. Let us know what you find out.

You might be skeptical about two places using similar designs, but in this case they are identical across supposedly independent businesses. And there are now not just two but three of them, in Texas, South Carolina, and DC. They all have a higher awareness and/or coordination in whatever it is they do. It serves as a distinctive uniform logo, not just variations on a dog-whistling design theme.

ADDENDUM: Just tried the reverse GIS, and got an immediate hit -- Joyful Parenting Coaching. Gee, another child welfare professional, imagine that.

ADDENDUM 2: Another hit, also a life coach who deals with children and families, including LGBT and addicted. Former counselor to abused children, and has been a live-in nanny! BTW, from San Francisco.


  1. Can't help but notice these sick pedo networks are pretty much restricted to the East Coast. What is wrong with people back East that would support such filth?

  2. We should boycott Amazon: the bell cow of WaPo owner Bezos who has strong CIA connections, Amazon has even provided technology to CIA. has better prices anyway.

  3. @Feryl

    Hey, Feryl, I've been reading your posts for a long time. I really think you produce some amazingly strong content. You and Agnostic are among my favorite commenters. Have you ever thought of creating your own blog? It'd definitely be worth reading.

  4. I'm not saying it's not a nasty symbol, and that this stuff doesn't go on. But I think it is very likely some places with these logos see major organizations using these logos and adopt them for themselves.

    In fact, if you think about it I bet the real nasty ones would encourage this, in order to act like it's normal and blend in easier.

  5. Laguna Beach Fogey:

    I agree that agnostic really played up the "oh further east means more rooted equals better meme" way too much. But it's worth noting, besides the Was DC- NYC- Boston Rings, there are GIGANTIC rings in both San Francisco and Los Angeles. Also some in flyover land too. It's not just the East Coast, It's the West Coast, and to a lesser extent everywhere inbetween too.

  6. "What is wrong with people back East that would support such filth?"

    You're in California.

    Both of the life coaches with the sign are in the Bay Area, another in San Antonio TX. Nancy Pelosi's Goat Hill Pizza (also shady af) is in SF. Hogan's Goat Pizza (earlier post on 8 more to watch), which rivals Comet Ping Pong for Satanic cult value, is in Portland. Pizza Studio is a Western chain. So is Blaze Pizza.

    And this little pedo ring you might've heard of called Hollywood.

    Other than that, the West Coast is a beacon of wholesomeness.

  7. Also one of the guys in 8chan who worked at a janitor at Orgasmica pizza in SF said he quit when he realized what was going on.

  8. Wow, jackpot:

    Drop that in GIS, and you'll get dozens, maybe hundreds of hits -- all related to child counseling, hats for children to hold their oxygen mask in place, supervised visitation for children of divorced parents... you get the idea.

    The exact same logo on all of these supposedly independent businesses, all relating to identifying and gaining the trust of vulnerable, abused, or troubled children.

    The exact same logo that was so damning that Terasol Artisans removed it entirely from their website, not just altering it to look less like what's in the FBI's guide to pedo symbols.

    Something really fucking big going on here...

  9. The comment about Orgasmica Pizza in SF, from 4chan:

    "I used to live in SF and pizza parlors are frequent gloryhole spots.

    "Worked at Pizza Orgasmica and quit when I figured it out, the very night I quit a taxi t-boned my car, backed away from it and rammed it several times, I almost got ran over trying to get away. Police chacked it up to road rage and never did shit. funny thing was I'd never seen black cabs in SF.

    "They have a bathroom with a red door in it, you go past the red door and there is the glory-stall. I am not sure how frequently it was used, I only saw it once(when I quit). I went back to clean and dropped a rag in the toilet because I am a retard, thinking it was just a supply closet I went in there to get another rag, turns out it was a cut-out in the wall covered in graffiti, and tons of porno(both gay and normal) mags. There was even a video camera that directly fed into a TV(I guess so pervs could watch / record their adventures).

    "After the whole event settled in my mind I became a lot less accepting of gays, it was a very preliminary redpill. I went to other pizza joints to see if this kind of thing is common, most I went to(in neighborhoods mission, castro, potrero hill) did have a locked door in the bathroom.

    "I give not one single fuck if you believe me, and I'm not some kind of degenerate faggot.

    "art is a good way to launder money, especially art that is bought by jewish owners to fund sex "pizza" parties." (post 8100093)

  10. I agree that agnostic really played up the "oh further east means more rooted equals better meme" way too much.

    Yeah, it's pretty laughable. I get a kick out of it. Hey, I don't deny the filth that comes out of Hollywood--founded and dominated by East Coast Jews, btw--but let's not lose sight of the weird religious cults, pedo networks, mafia families, banking criminals, and ghetto wars that have originated back East.

  11. No one buys the risible pitch that Hollywood is a crypto-East Coast industry or culture. It doesn't get any more Californian than Hollywood.

  12. Jeez, somebody already figured some of this stuff out nearly a month ago, but it hasn't been preserved in memory (aside from the sub-reddit being deleted):

    Someone there ran the logo through TinEye and found a bunch of children's counseling / therapy / etc. professionals who use it:

    Thank God the FBI is more organized and team-oriented than the vaunted "weaponized autism" that can't even preserve major leads for a couple weeks.

  13. "Yeah, it's pretty laughable. I get a kick out of it. Hey, I don't deny the filth that comes out of Hollywood--founded and dominated by East Coast Jews, btw--but let's not lose sight of the weird religious cults, pedo networks, mafia families, banking criminals, and ghetto wars that have originated back East."

    Jim Jones started in Indiana, but his increasingly bizarre Left-wing neuroses forced him to move to California, where people were more tolerant of his BS and it was much easier to find black militants, drug addicts, homeless people, etc. on the West coast.

    Italians have become better citizens as they've identified more as Americans as time's gone by. Lost and GI Gen Ellis Island Italians lived in ethnic enclaves marginalized from the mainstream. After the immigration racket was cut off in the mid 20's, Silent/Boomer/Gen X Italians had greater incentives to assimilate. The civil rights era created the still ongoing crisis of sullen black males marauding about in street gangs and the post 1965 immigration disaster has given us such edifying bastions of immigrant progress, like MS-13.

    - In addition to the fact that blacks, and to a lesser extent, underclass Mestizos, will need a much stronger guiding hand than Italians-Americans ever did, let's not forget that the worst excesses of liberalism consistently emanate from the West Coast (and Jews wherever they may be) and do absolutely nothing to correct incorrigible ethnic sub-cultures or weirdo cults. The GSS consistently shows that the West coast is the most pro-abortion, pro-drug legalization, pro-gay (when adjusting for race; non-whites in California are less pro-gay. The much whiter regions of the Pac. NW and New England tend to be very pro-gay in absolute numbers). But New England is well-rooted and has few(er) immigrants outside of a handful of big cities, compared to California. So we can't really accuse of Yankee white liberals of creating Mexican gangs.

    - Northeast Italians and Slavs, Midwestern Teutons, and Southern Scots-Irish were enthusiastically pro-Trump or at least indifferent to Hillary. White people who are raised out West tend to be more deracinated and individualistic, thus making them much more susceptible to cultural liberalism. Staten Island Italians want to protect the neighborhoods created by their ancestors from Leftist white morons, terrorists, and black/brown criminals. The Germans in Ohio and Wisconsin are wistful about the now dwindling factories that their fathers, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers worked in. And the Scots-Irish of Appalachia, Texas, and much of the South are the most racially aware whites of all. Out on the northern plains and points further West, people tend to have a weaker sense of their family/clan/racial identity and of their region's past. With the West coast and heavily yuppified areas of the Mountain states being the nadir of disconnected whites.

    For the record, why exactly do so many decadent bastards end up out West, anyway? It ain't the weather. Some skeezy Northeasterners did do porn production in NYC, but by the 80's this crap had been banished to California. Probably because moralistic Boomers (who pushed hardest for the cultural reset of the Reagan era) back East were embarrassed by 70's excess and wanted to get the taste out of their mouths. Also, Eastern organized crime took a beating in the 80's and I have a hunch that more assimilated younger generations didn't want to be as involved in that crap.

  14. Anonymous12/10/16, 1:32 PM


    "Hey, Feryl, I've been reading your posts for a long time. I really think you produce some amazingly strong content. You and Agnostic are among my favorite commenters. Have you ever thought of creating your own blog? It'd definitely be worth reading."

    The only two sites I ever commented on were a early 2000's message board by and for Gen X-ers, and this one. The reason I was drawn to this one is 80's pop culture analysis. A lot of stuff was crystallized by this blog. Ya know, prior to this blog I hadn't seen anyone else put the pieces together as to why the 80's are so compelling. And how we see a cyclical process to different eras, with one key element being outgoingness which is easy to judge based on art, fashion, and socializing. The other element is striving decadence vs wholesome restraint and care.

    There's not much I can say that isn't already said on this blog. If I did my own, there'd probably be too much overlap with akinokure. Or I'd feel like I was competing and striving as opposed to contributing. It is a little plaintive that so few people seem to be in "our" corner of the discourse.

    But then again, we've already seen and proven numerous times that if for no other reason than cocooning, it's going to be tough to persuade people that we've been living in a dreadful mess since 1992. Not many people want to hear that. Further, Boomers who tend to dominate so much white American intellectual and emotional territory due to their sheer numbers, can be insightful and entertaining, but their relentless navel gazing can make Boomer dominated discussions tiring (I mostly don't read Sailer's comments anymore, unless it involves citing examples of certain things which can be helpful to understanding an era(like for example, I lived in Detroit during the 60's riots), or unless I want to gleefully read the chemical and nostalgia addled ramblings of nerdy early Boomers who think pop culture peaked in 1968. Us Gen X-ers (no doubters born from 1966-1984, with '65 and '85 being tweeners) and early Millennials have looked at, praised, criticized countless different eras and generations. How often do you hear early Boomers talk about WW1 era civic/cultural issues, or have anything positive to say about MTV or 80's action movies?

    We're kind of like ideological and aesthetic outlaws here. Our niche doesn't really call for more blogs, I'm afraid.


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