January 20, 2014

Catalan babe plays bass melody for "Everytime You Go Away"

Exactly what it says. Let's see if she'll do "Lady in Red" next...


  1. Skilled playing and a hot chick. Are Catalan chix often hot?


  2. They're pretty good-looking, probably similar to some place in Italy (which has a lot of variation by region). Not as Mediterranean as Greeks, not as European as French. Iberians have their own unique look.

    Best of all: not stuck up, high maintenance, or princessy.


  3. And honorable... no mail-order bride industry in southern Europe.

  4. And honorable... no mail-order bride industry in southern Europe.

    They're more bunga-bunga party and cheats on taxes types I guess.

  5. "Natalya Orlova an economist with Alfa Bank in Moscow, said Ignatiev's figures were "very big" but should be seen in the context of Russia's corrupt economy as a whole, which experts estimate as worth between 5% and 10% of GDP (around £64bn to £128bn).

    "Russia is seen as one of the most corrupt countries in the world, ranking 133rd out of 176 on Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index."



  6. More Paul Young. Nice bass. So 1984.


    I did like Barthelona.

  7. Yes, Eastern Europeans are also corrupt. Funny how the corrupt countries often have a lot of honor.

  8. Northeastern Europe is a culture of law, not a culture of honor (no cycles of feuding, honor killings, etc.). They're like the Asians of Europe.

    No accident that both are centers of mail-order brides. That would never fly in a culture of honor.


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