July 7, 2011

Footloose trailer and music video (the re-make)

There's now both a trailer out for the re-make of Footloose and a music video for the song "Fake ID."

God, are they really thinking of re-doing not just the movie but the soundtrack too? Watching the trailer and the video, I heard a cover of the original "Footloose" song, but the rest was entirely new songs -- rap, emo, and fucking country. Probably the least do-you-wanna-dance? genres around. I understand that they want to make it more contemporary, so put in some mid-2000s pop music -- that was OK to dance to: Franz Ferdinand's "Take Me Out," Madonna's "Hung Up," OutKast's "Hey Ya!"...

It looks like I guessed correctly before about how there would be almost no sustained, close-in dancing or slow-dancing. It's either solo or standing lapdance -- hey-look-at-me stuff all around. Do the makers of this movie even know what "cut footloose" means? It means losing your self-consciousness and melting into a group-vibe, not individual contestants posing and whoring for attention.

Yeah, we know that this is how the dorky and anti-social young people today dance, but this movie would have been a good opportunity to show the audience what they're missing by showing only or mostly face-to-face dancing between people within each other's personal space, just letting go.

I'll probably end up seeing it for sociological research purposes, but for those who can already smell a bad movie approaching, here's a better and condensed version of the action and music (yes, that is totally the chick from Halloween):


  1. Regarding your earlier post ("Will kids in the new Footloose"), slow dancing isn't completely dead. It just moved underground. You're in Washington, right? Check out The Back Room at Glen Echo Thursday nights.

    I live in the other Washington, so I can't vouch for this particular venue, but I'd say it's worth checking out at least once.

    There probably won't be any of that newfangled '80s pop, though.

  2. I'm actually out in the mountain time zone now.

    But that place doesn't look like a real exception. The people shown are all over 30, the lights are on (not a killer, but still), and the dance only lasts from 9 to 11:30, following a formal lesson from instructors.

    What I'm talking about is younger people, darker setting, later at night, and spontaneously coming together rather than it being like a class guided by teachers.


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