August 10, 2009

What's new at the data blog

I've included a table of contents for the data-driven blog in the links bar on the right, below the "detailed info" link. I'll update it with each new entry so that people will be able to see what all is there for purchase, and to ease navigation for those who have paid. The posts there aren't news or current events articles, so if you feel like paying for access once the whole thing is up, you won't be missing out on a passing-interest story. Each Monday I'll also update this site with what's come out in the past week, both the feature-length articles (numbered) and the shorter ones (called "brief").

New entries

Brief: Science knowledge across the lifespan. I use GSS data to construct a 13-question quiz of basic math and science knowledge, and see how well people do on it at different ages. Do people learn more and more, does their knowledge atrophy from lack of use, or does it pretty much stay put once it's in there during your required schooling?

4. Class and religious fundamentalism in red and blue states. Using the GSS, I find the relationship between two measures of fundamentalist religious beliefs and four measures of social class, once for blue states and again for red states. Are fundamentalist beliefs more a function of social class or regional culture?

5. Intelligence and patronizing the arts in red and blue states. Similar to entry 4, but now looking at four measures of going out to arts performances. Same question as before: is having an artsy leisure life more influenced by IQ or by regional culture?

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