August 3, 2009

Black IQ and climate, rethinking the decline in formality, and changes in arts appreciation

Those are the first three articles that I've posted to my new blog, Patterns in science and culture, where all of my data-rich posts will go from now on. Read about it in more detail here. I decided to make it pay-by-article rather than a subscription, just so you know exactly how much you'll get; plus I've made it so that each long post only costs fifty cents ($10 for 20 in-depth articles), with shorter data-containing posts thrown in free.

I took to heart what bbartlog said about free competing with not-free, so I'm not going to have the two sites compete at all. This blog, and what I write for GNXP, will have no data -- facts, arguments, sure, but not a look at a set of data -- while the for-purchase site will have all of my data-driven posts, whether in-depth or casual. That should distinguish the two brands, as they say.

So things here will be more observational and brief. If you want an original in-depth look at the topics I normally cover, or a quick look at just about anything (say, from the GSS), you'll have to visit the Patterns in science and culture site. I've put a new PayPal button up at the top of this site. You're only ten dollars away from a limited edition of 20 handcrafted artisanal articles, rich with authentic insight and detail. Own your piece of blogging history today.


  1. I paid via Pay Pal, so you can send the "inviatation" to my e-mail address (


  2. I'm just curious how much money you think you'll make from this? Say, how much per month?

    Is it going to be anything substantial?

  3. I have no idea. Since they're not subscription services, if anyone wants to read those articles ever, they'll have to pay the $10 -- the sites will be like ebooks, basically. Except these you can read as each major and minor entry is finished.

  4. Is there some reason you aren't linking to your own diet blog in the sidebar?

  5. Nah, I don't link to most places. Just out of laziness. I'm planning on closing that one up anyway. New data posts will go on the pay blog, and new non-data ones will go here again.

  6. You sure have got our number. You know we data junkies will pay up for sensible facts and analysis.

    Smart move. =)

  7. I think that you should end up making some money. The pay-per-article model is a lot better than the subscription model in my opinion; even extremely popular news outlets like NY Times have trouble getting people to commit to a subscription.


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