April 18, 2008

Rethinking 80s night

Just got back, and I'm starting to question the value of it, now that I've been a lot. The music is really danceable, and the place is filled with college girls in athletic shorts or leggings, but it's horribly anti-social. That makes sense since it was featured on Stuff White People Like -- it's more of a "see and be seen" affair for kids who shop at Urban Outfitters. *

The girls who go aren't interested in talking, flirting, or even dancing with guys who aren't their boyfriends. They get a huge amount of free attention, which explains its appeal to them, and college guys (hell, any guys) will follow the trail of nubile college girls. It's a great scam.

I'm not basing this just on my own experiences -- I probably overestimated how great it was based on a few fortunate incidents at the outset -- but by surveying the room from above to see if anyone was dancing with stranger of the opposite sex. Negatory.

So if you haven't been, go just to see if your local one is different, but don't expect much interaction of any kind. I'll still go because it gets me out of the house on Thursday, and I like the exercise, but as for talking to and dancing with a scantily clad PYT, I'm sticking with the hip-hop and R&B clubs.

* I predicted in an earlier post on 80s night that as it become more widely attended, the oneupsmanship would shift toward playing 80s indie or alternative music rather than Michael Jackson or Madonna. Sure enough, last week I heard "Here Comes Your Man" by the Pixies, and I've twice heard "Istanbul" by They Might Be Giants. Yes, they'll even break the rules since that song came out in 1990. (They also frequently play "Heart of Glass," a disco song that came out in 1978.)

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