March 25, 2008

At what age are females at their hottest?

OK, I haven't done a quantitative analysis of anything in awhile, and all this bickering in previous posts / comment sections about when girls are at their physically hottest requires some hard data to settle the matter. I'm going to look at pornstars since they are chosen only on the basis of raw physical and sexual appeal, unlike celebrities who need to act, sing, dance, etc., and unlike role models who exemplify motherly qualities.

The dataset consists of 120 pornstars from LA Direct Models, which manages the most high-profile stars. They must appeal to a very broad audience in order to make the most money, so they are representative of what the male sex finds attractive.

I simply took the age listed on their profile at face value -- it could be lower than the real value if they think guys like much younger girls, but I keep hearing from readers how it’s really women in their mid-late 20s or older who are more physically attractive, more comfortable with their sexuality, and so on, so they might lie upwards too. There is therefore no a priori reason to assume that they are consistently lying in one direction or the other. Data is there for almost all of the girls, but is missing for about six of them, most of whom do look older and work in the fringe MILF market.

That said, here are the frequencies of different ages in this representative sample of popular pornstars:

Not to brag, but I can’t help it if I'm more perceptive than the most bloggers or commenters. I've been saying all along that female physical attractiveness peaks at 22 - 24, and bam: the average age is 22.8 years, with 63.3% of all girls falling between 20 and 24.

You'll notice that the graph is very skewed (or not symmetric), so that there are many more below-23 stars than above-23 stars. Concretely, the skewness is 0.55, while the standard error of skewness is 0.22. Since the skewness is greater than 2 standard errors of skewness, it is no fluke that the graph is weighted more heavily toward below-23 than above-23 girls.

And obviously the graph is truncated on the left since it's illegal for companies to hire under-18 girls. But just finish drawing the curve on the left side, and you can see that if it were legal, there would be a small number of 17 year-olds, even fewer 16 year-olds, and maybe a lone 15 year-old.

The fact that the average guy would prefer watching sex with a 16 y.o. than sex with a 40 y.o. may be disconcerting, but that is the truth. Thankfully, laws prevent this. It is not a question of whether some 40 y.o. might be found who is attractive enough to qualify -- this is obvious. The question is how rare would she be among her age-mates, vs. how rare would the 16 y.o. be among her peers? Surround yourself with a random sample of females of these ages, and you will see that it is easier among the younger ones. This doesn’t mean that the typical 16 y.o. is this attractive, only that a 16 y.o. this attractive might be 1 out of 1 hundred vs. 1 out of 1 hundred-thousand in the 40 y.o. case.

At any rate, the take-home message is clear enough: it is females in their early-mid 20s who are most physically attractive, notwithstanding the wishful thinking of older females or the "sour grapes" self-deception of older males.


  1. It takes a bit to develop a following though, so the numbers may be a bit high. My own personal opinion would be that 20-22 is the peak.

    One should remember a couple things though:

    First there is natural variance in peak attractiveness. Some women peak out at 14. Some peak at 28.

    Second, women can get better at presentation as they get older which can be significant.

    I commented on all this in my Gwen Stefani post here.

  2. Well, this is pretty good... As you can see from my comment in another post about my background, I have no personal agenda here.

    Obviously we can also ask if the adult film industry is representative of the preference of the whole population. For instance, there is a lot of teenage and rape-pornography in Japan, which is, we have to agree, mostly cultural.

    Testosterone levels will go down as the men age. This would predict also downward trend of general sexuality. So: what is the median age of the people who consume pornography? It can be that porn consumers are in their late 20s or early 30s in general, which would mean the pornstars are not representing the male population as a whole... Of course these guys are supposed to be reproductively active, though...

    I just know some people who where chubby acne-faces in late teens and even early 20s, but are hot now in their late 20s. (So the obvious aging is not the only ongoing trend.)

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  4. Could you fix your RSS-feed to show the full post instead of a short preview?

  5. It's reasonably safe to assume that the ages are accurate. Federal law requires porn producers to maintain age records for all performers no matter how old they appear to be.

  6. There are many porn 'superstars' who start doing something else for personal reasons. So the upper age end of hot girls is always leaking out fast. As prostitution, only a few people would do pornogaphy for a very long time even if they had the looks...

    I think there was considerable variation in your data. Some of the girls where really beautiful whereas some... Well, not above average at least...

    I don't know where do you get this 'hot age of 20'. Female fat distribution (waist, hips) is not even completely setteled in many 20 year olds.

  7. As prostitution, only a few people would do pornogaphy for a very long time even if they had the looks...

    This is true of the bottom end, too, though -- irresponsible wild-child girls who want some quick money rather than work at a pizza stand in a mall get into it when they're 18 and then bail after a year (two years max).

    Also, if, say, 30 y.o.s were at their peak, then we would see the same shape but just shifted to the right. Then the "high end that leaks out due to fatigue" would be women in their 40s. So the leaking / fatigue pattern doesn't tell us one way or another where the peak of attractiveness is.

    where do you get this 'hot age of 20'.

    I've always said 22 - 24, not 20. As you point out, they haven't filled out their shape by 20. As an assman, I am very aware of this -- full butt shape develops by the mid 20s. It takes awhile. Boobs may be at maximum size earlier than that, but I am oblivious to boobs, so I couldn't say.

  8. Obviously, female beauty is essentially nothing else than an indication of fertility and general fitness. Fertility is extremely strongly correlated to age in women. In general, most men are attracted to women between the ages of 13-28, that's normal behaviour. But most men will find
    13-15 year old women still a little bit too childish and 24-28 year old women a little bit too old, so the average guy is the most attracted to 17-23 year old women.But I also suspect that most porn users are guys in their thirties and forties, so they are mainly attracted to tewntysomething women. Teen girls (14-20)are very attractive to young men, that is from 18 to 30 years of age. Since making porn involves a contract, I'm fine that the legal age for participating in porn is 18. However, I still believe that age of consent in the US should be 14 because it imprisons young good men for the crime of love with already sexualy mature women.
    It is natural for men and women to age, but a man should at least marry a young pretty woman. So the 30 year old man who marries another30 year old woman is deluding himself if he thinks his bride was more attractive now than 10 years ago, and he will end with an alomost infertile and middleaged lady in another 5 years, and have alwatys deprived himself of the pleasures of a young, nubile bride.

  9. It's interesting to ponder what happens to the porn stars of LA Direct Models when they hit their mid-20's. Do they go out of the business entirely, or end up managed by more downscale agencies?

    I've heard that high-priced hookers often become S&M dominatices as they get older, as in that field there's relatively less premium on beauty.

  10. Agnostic:"I've always said 22 - 24, not 20."

    Yes, but the others keep on claiming about hotness of teenage gils...

    Gannon:"Teen girls (14-20)are very attractive to young men, that is from 18 to 30 years of age."

    And what is your reference? Does someone really think that Avril Lavigne, Christina Aquilera or some other celeb was hottest when she was around 17?

    "However, I still believe that age of consent in the US should be 14"

    It is 14 in Russia. I think 16 is better than 14.

    I cannot avoid thinking that you are trying to support your own preferences with science. A 13-14 year old girl having a child is facing very big risks (actually a few hundred years ago girls in that age couldn't even have children; better nutrition etc. is influencing that; on the other hand we don't know what has happened to 'mental age'). I bet almost all women are more attractive when they are 28 compared to 14 (but again, I don't know how a 28 year old woman looks where you come from).

  11. @ Ilmari
    Hear Gannon's words of wisdom:
    As I have said, most males are attracted to 13-28 year old women, so some men will prefer 14-15 year olds while others covet late twenty women. But men's sexual preference is probably shaved like a standard Gauss Bell, being the median at around 20 and the main preference at around 17-35. Sexual preference for prepubescent girls under 12/13 is definitively deviant, but so is probably also strong sexual attraction towards women over 35. Women over 35 can probabvly give men satisfaction by being an analogous substitute, by being pretty similar to the real thing. Women in the 35-45 age bracket can also be attractive if their appear younger and still fertile.
    Also, most historic records clearly show that girls have always started menstruating at around 11-12. In roman times, women married at the ages of 13-15 and gave perfectly healthy babies. Its true that during famines and severe malnutrition girls can retard their menarchy until the age of 14-15, but that is the exception, not the rule. During medieval times the roman catholic church set a minimum age of 12 for consumation of marriage, because women where ready back then too. That girls used to menstruate at 16 or 17 is a feminist lie. It is also a feminist lie that pregnancies for women in their middteens are risky. Teen pregnancies are only risky if the mother is under 14 or severly unbderdeveloped for her age. Argentine girls btw look younger than their US counterparts, because they are smaller and skinnier.
    There is an obvious reason why most men would prefer a 16 year old over an 28 year old if they were free of their cultural bounds by the way, and that is POTENTIAL.
    A 28 year old wife will pop out at most probably 2-3 kids, having her most sensual years behinf her, whereas a 16 year old bride will easily pop out 7-8 healtheir children and have her best years before her.

  12. should say:
    main preference at around 17-24, not 17-35

  13. the cold hard facts of ageing for females are colder and harder than they are for males

    I sure wish women were made more aware of this and that "Sex and the City" is a "cougar" fantasy. Women need to be getting busy at 22 or 23 to start looking for Mr. Right, and not wait until 29, when they have already began to decline.

    For most females, it starts heading downhill at about 26-27 for certain.

  14. For Gannon:

    "In the past, girls in Europe had their first period between ages 16 and 18 on average, and likewise in southern countries until quite recently. But the age of menarche has fallen everywhere, and now occurs at age 12 to 13 on average in industrialized countries (figure)."

    So you say this is a lie?

    "main preference at around 17-24"

    And what proof do you have for this?

    Of course there is variation in the preference. But you are putting the "centre" of the preference of variation into a wrong point.

    "As I have said, most males are attracted to 13-28 year old women"

    Hah, I bet there are much more men attracted to 30 year olds than 13 year olds, even if you only count the physical appereance. What kind of idea do you have about appereance of 30 year olds if you have to compare them to 13 year olds; apparently not very good...!

    By the way, young men (12-30) consume most pornography.

  15. Plenty of 17 and 18 year old girls are very hot. Younger than that, it gets creepy. Women are hottest at 21 or so. Sharp drop above 25.

  16. @Ilmari: Are you a woman? You sure sound like one and not like a proud PUA!
    Nevertheless, I'll gladly answer your questions.
    About menarchy (first menstruation), black girls get it earlier than whites, and east asians the latest. Also, closer to the Equator girls will get their menarchy earlier and closer to the poles later. So yes, a black girl in Gana will probably menstruate at 10 and a Japanese girl in Hokkaido at 13.
    Age of menarchy has always been associated with age of consent and specially minimum marriageable age. Therefore, feminists in the 19th century who seeked to raise these ages needed to falsify the data in order to achieve their goals. The only proof that I have ever seen that girls used to menstruate at 15, 16, is a study about a very small population of some skandinavian island close to the northpole about some severly underfed girls, which is an exception (strong famine does in fact delay menstruation for a few years, coupled with the high latitude. But all the other data does indicate otherwise. All roman accounts tell us of girls marrying and giving birth at 13-14. In the Torah, girls married at 13 too. In all of medieval Europe, minimum age of consumation of marriage set by the catholic church was 12, because a woman was sexually mature by then. Through modern times, aristocratic girls married at 13-14 too. There is no evidence at all that women used to menstruate at 15, 16, unless they were severly malnurished. Most men like teen girls, the problem is that a lot of men in the US fear telling the truth, feminism has won over. Buy even in the US, 99% of men would choose a 20 year old bride overa 30 year old, all things being equal. At 30, a woman's beauty has jaded significantly, as well as her fertility.

  17. Although you may have recorded the data accurately, your conclusion that the average age a woman peaks in physical attractiveness is utterly erroneous. Several significant confounding factors are likely the cause of the frequency distribution of porn star ages, particularly: (1) the hormone life cycle of a woman peaks at 17 years of age and steadily declines in a woman's 20's, (2) the psycho-social stage or maturation phase of a woman at 19 to 24 is the identity v. role crisis stage, that is, the stage when woman is forced to discover or experiment with her self identity and roles as a woman in the world, (3) the male audience for pornography typically prefers a younger porn actress. I believe these factors confound your conclusion that the average age a woman physically peaks in physical appearance. I suggest performing an experiment on female physical appearance by first looking at the age their biological age begins to decline. Concurrently, experimental psychologists have already concluded that the average human begins to experience apoptosis or "cell death" at 35. Thus, I am willing to say that physical appearance peaks around 35 and slowly declines. The confounding factor at 35, of course, is the frequency of single woman at 35 that care for their physical appearance.

  18. I'd say the median (most common) physical peak for women is roughly from 15-25 (20 if you want to narrow down to one age). Women are typically most beautiful, nubile, and fertile at these ages.

    More broadly individual women can be at their physical peak anywhere from roughly 13-33 (2 years past menarche-early 30s). Although the lower and higher ranges of this are uncommon.

    The lower range (13) being for a female who went through and finished early puberty (fully physcially developed already), and the higher range (early 30s) for women with good genetics and/or self care that allows them to maintain near their peak beauty into their early 30s.

    Women can still be incredibly gorgeous and attractive past this age (early 30s), but with all other things equal it will always be less-so than when they were younger. Non-withstanding better presentation (e.g. makeup, wardrobe, hairstyle), physical adaptation (e.g. weight optimization, muscle toning, plastic surgery), etc... I mean look at Gwen Stefani for example. She worked hard (exercise, diet, braces, sexier more feminine wardrobe, etc..) to look possibly sexier in her mid 30s vs her 20s.

    So far I'm pretty much agreeing with Gannon. Women's physical maturity and peak beauty often occur well before it's socially acceptable for men to acknowledge.

    For example. It's not uncommon for me to hear guys (20s-30s) say between friends something like:

    "Dayum I met this that girl was sooo hot! Her drop dead gorgeous glowing face, tiny waist, perky humongous boobs, and curvy round ass were just poppin out. Yum! *drools* Shit! Then I found out she was only (15-19) yrs old." *turns red* Other guy (friends) laugh and calls said fellow a perve, although they were salvilating at the details until they heard the age.

    Now where I cringed was Gannon's suggestion of lowering the age of consent in the US to 14. Girls of that age are sometimes physically mature already and at their peak of beauty, but mental and social maturity is another matter. So while a legalizing a partner within a few years may be reasonable (e.g. legalize 14 with 14-17), a blanket change of the age to 14 is dubious in my mind.

    This is to protect against unfair manipulation by older partners. Not that most men are this way, but laws are put in place to protect against the lowest denominator. This may be unfair to those fully responsible and mature (both female and male partners), but I don't know if there is a better option?

    Personally I'm doubtful that I'd want to get involved with a women under 20 (I'm mid-twenties) because of the social/mental disconnect, but it's only natural to find young women most attractive.

  19. Girls peak between 12-17 years old. That is when their faces are most beautiful and their hips and ass are sexiest.

  20. I think that ages 15-25 are probably the years a women would hit her peak of beauty for the vast majority of women. For a lot of women that peak at ages 13-17 then begin to decline it could be for a variety of reasons but the main one, being that as the girl developed early but then quickly became prone to becoming overweight and did for this reason alone I think a lot of women in the US have already peaked by age 19; also as the face continued to develop the features sometimes take a turn for the worst. For girls that peak a bit later the exact opposite is true, they take longer to fill out and when the facial features lose the childish look it is more appealing.
    Social maturity is a whole different story.

  21. and for the guy who said 12-17 your a pedophile you sicko I hope you get in trouble. I will admit there are some exceptions where a girl will develop very early maybe less than 1% that at 13 may look like 18. 15-25 are for the majority their peak years and the peak potential for most will be 19-24.

  22. There is a certain woman I know who was a beauty queen in high school. Now she is in her later 30's. She is not ugly, but no one would give her a second look anymore.
    The current Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover girl is 23 years old. I've also done a little research, and that is about the average age of a NFL cheerleader. Most strippers, or "exotic dancers" are in their college years, and few can make a living far beyond that.
    I would say 21-23 is the peak of beauty. I'm not ashamed to say I have known a few 15 year olds who had bodies that would make centerfolds jealous. Few men admit it, but many teen girls are seriously hot.
    A woman's looks severely fade when she hits 28 years old or so. Of course there are many exceptions. Shania Twain is nearing her mid 40's and she is incredibly beautiful, but that is the exception rather than the rule.

  23. Sweet 16 is actually the age that a girl's attractiveness peaks. This is a scientific fact.

  24. Men in the Kayapo tribe consider their women to be at their most attractive and "perfectly ripe" between 15 and 17.

    Thought you might find this interesting.

  25. The preference for younger women is no evolutionary mystery. A woman is at her maximum reproductive capacity when she has reached puberty but has not borne any offspring.

    Many tribal cultures have words for this state. The Yanomamo Indians of the Amazon refer to a woman as "moko dude", which translates roughly to “postpubescent but childless” which would mean about 16 years of age.

  26. I just went to and looked up what the most popular groups were (in terms of visitors). This is what i found:

    1. Young
    2. Stickam
    3. Incest
    4. Jailbait
    5. Daughters
    6. Teen
    7. deutsche teens
    8. little puff nipples and hairless pussys
    9. School Girls
    10. Very Cute Only

    As you can see, most of the top 10 were groups devoted to adolescent girls...

    1. okay, well on plenty of other sites you will find lots of stuff about milfs and wives and other such stuff. this site is clearly where the people into the very young go. this is not the norm.

    2. Check this out... words like "mature," "mom and son," and "aunt" are topping the lists in europe...

  27. *Sweet16* it is then.


  29. i am willing to bet none of you guys are cream of the male crop
    a 30 year old is more entangled than a 19 year old. she wants a man to act like a man. not just always buy the beer.
    if attractiveness is any indicator which i think it is - better indicator than numerical age - and that makes more sense: in a "natural" situation a women wouldn't even KNOW who old she was or when she was born - men would only know that she is sexually attractive.halle berry and sofia vergrara are smokin in their "later" years, because their looks portray fertility slim waist, large hips, large breasts, full lips, big eyes, and smooth as hot as sofia,her hotness is a cultivated thing.
    being cute at 20 is a give (if you aren't, your life is screwed)and you are so awkward that is never anything 40, it is not a gift to be sexy, but if you are, you are truly hot.
    and as an aside: this is, anecdotal evidence but, i am 25 .from 19- 23 men basically ignored me. i was pretty but baby faced and baby fat (not actually fat - but just alllwaaaysss bloated and overstuffed). and finally, when i got to be about 23 i was able to properly get in shape and be toned and defined - and my workout patterns have not changed - it was a physical maturity thing. before that, i was in shape, but was plumper. now, i am fit and better looking than ever. people constantly ask me my age and more insist i cannot be over 19. prior to my 23rd birthday, people always thought i was 2-3 years old than i was.

    this "benjamin button" syndrome didn't mean much to me. and then, an acquaintance implied that he thought i was several years older than my actual age...and much older than my perceived age and i was offend. he explained that, while we were exactly the same age, my looks implied i was a bit younger, but *my attitude and expressed interests implied i was older than my appearance.* and it hit me - men may prefer extremely young women because the very young are clueless and play their game. they agree to whatever, they will do whatever sexually, they will change their personality for you...they act like you are smarter than them.....

    i am model (though i don't see it as my career future and am exceptionally intelligent and have advanced degrees). as i said, i am 25. i do not know what a 19 year old could offer besides ignorance that i could not. i realize i am the cream of the i beat girls who have an "upper hand" as far as age goes, who are not as pretty. but i think i beat them all...even pretty younger girls.
    you may think they are easy. they aren't. well, i wasn't. and i am an easy person. they want to find their soul mates. contrary to popular belief, they are screening you and looking for ways to "trap you" (hence the unfair [portrait of women as stalkers). 19 year old girls all secretly hope to find their soul mate. consider that next time you drool over the idea - they are less obvious than a 32 year old, but far more willy at getting you to stumble into a legal agreement.
    all and all fertility is hugely perception. women's attractiveness is based in it. an ugly 18 year old, with a ruler body type is less fertile according to appearance than a curvy, radiant 32 year old. and appearance sadly does not deceive (sorry feminists), actual age aside.

    i would love to hear from these young-age-advocates about how they attract the cream of the crop...not just the best looking...but the prettiest in your declared preferred age group. fair warning: women who are the hottest rightfully look for the richest men. also a fact of biology. you look for fertility.we look for ability to provide. hotties want consultants and accounts and successful lawyers.
    we want men who will give everything to us and the baby. and is hot. as much money as i make - i need you to make six figures, the first preferably not being a one. and if you don't;you don't have what it takes to take care of a family. and that, boys, is also biology.

  30. I have heard that men an women's body development and fertillity peak with 25 and undergo a drastic decline there after. I think that the age of porn stars is a bit skewed, normally the girl would have one or two more good years but drug use is rampant in the porn industry which destroys their bodys and especially their faces. Sometimes I've seen a girl in a film and I'm like ewww shes so old looking (I'm 22) but if I compare a fucked up looking 24 yo porn star to the victorias secrets models who are all healthy and work out despite being in their late 20's its a big difference.
    Ps Im a bi girl, guys may think they stay fresher than girls for longer cause they still have functioning sperm but they dont, my ex boss was really old and had a kid with a younger woman and his kid was basically 20 points below the iq average.
    And yes you may want a much younger woman but Im eyeing off the virile young fit guy in his mid 20's not some out of shape old dude.
    Women are just as vain as guys thats why the average age gap of couples is 2-3 yrs. Yes probally heaps of old guys in their thirties want me and my friends but we do not want them! And dont think that when your forty and eying off the hot 20 yo your wife wont be checking out her sexy 23 yo boyfriend, thats life! In my case the whole world is my eye candy hehehe

  31. The point about it being limited by the legal age of 18 was kind of glossed over. This means the average should be lower since those numbers aren't counted. I would guess the real peak for hotness would be around around 19 for girls.

  32. 24-28 year old women are too old???

    Gannon is crazy

  33. the person who said 12-17 is a freakin pig. 12????
    Man, the internet is full of freaks

  34. Gannon wrote:"There is an obvious reason why most men would prefer a 16 year old over an 28 year old "

    Women peak in their 20s.
    so a 28 year old is better than a 16 year old. Period!

  35. Sharp drop above 25 for American women

  36. Loves me some pert 12-16 year olds.

  37. This gannon character creeps me the fuck out. What if an older gay man was talking about his son like that?
    I'd like to see a chart on the types of men spending time doing these sorts of blogs or data compliations. I'd assume middle aged, divorced, upset about never having the lives they felt they were entitled too. Likely constant rejection from women. So they find some theorized data to make women feel worthless too.
    I'm sure a lot of porn stars have kids in their late twenties and probably don't return to porn. Playboy playmates of the year are generally in the 24-27 range. And websites like fhm and maxim regularly host models in their late 20s/early 30s. I mean shit mila kunis, adriana lima are considered hot as heck right now and they are 27 and 29 respectively. So 20s is probably the prime PERIOD of beauty.
    But beyond that; who cares what someone's peak level of beauty is??
    Seriously, I am a 22 female and I am sick and tired of the emphasis on physical appearance. It's as if you don't realize we are just vessals in this world. And unfortunately a lot of us are just stuffed to fill graves.
    I doubt this will be posted since it's moderated and not fully agreeing with the author.


  38. According to gizmodo the top porn search terms in the USA are:


    Goes on from there, but there aren't as many subsets to 'mature''s just basic porn. Anyways; milf tops off the list or comes in 2nd or 3rd in every single state.

    1. that makes sense... that's what i always type in and probably most of my friends... teen is kinda boring. it's always some weird girl with no tits going ow this hurts

  39. I do not think you have "proved" that females are more attractive in their early 20s just because there are plenty of porn stars in their early 20s. Some studies have shown that younger men are more likely to look at porn than older men. That could be a factor. Also, porn does not necessarily automatically deliver what all men want. And also, many women who get into porn at a young age could get sick of it by their early 30s. This is not to say that clearly women in their early 20s are not attractive. Of COURSE they are, and of course we all know that for the most part, that is the optimal time of physical attractiveness. I would argue this is the case for men as well. But the point is that there is such diversity of male opinion in the real, actual world. Not the porn or acting world. Lots of men might find a specific "real" woman in her 30s more attractive due to her confidence or demeanor than they'd find some woman in her early 20s. It isn't just about pure looks; it's the whole package. You're missing the point of what these men say when they talk about older women being sexy. It's not just purely the way their faces or even bodies look. It's the way they carry themselves and the way they act (and make love). To me, there is nothing sexier than a woman in her mid-thirties-early 40s. That has always been the age I have been most attracted to. I am in my late 20s. I can look at younger women and think "She's pretty," but I don't look at 16 year olds and think I want to watch that person having sex. They still look too childlike for me. That's my genuine opinion.

  40. That curve is interesting. I have had sex with 100 women over the past 27 years since (starting after HS). When I was 25, I started keeping track of the age of the first time with a woman, still being able to recall all to date, and it was 22.7. Now, some 22 years later, it is 22.8. My distribution curve looks very much like that one, but mine tails off faster above 23 and has more 19 and 20 year olds. I am 46 now, and the ages of my current girlfriends are 20 and 21.

    In a certain respect, I think 27 year olds are the best to be with and sort of the perfect marrying age, but the pool of attractive, eligible, and willing women are fewer than their younger sisters. Interestingly, the best lays were all with 19 year olds.


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