January 28, 2020

MeToo moral panic officially dead, as theme of rape / trauma disappears, leaving only generic non-physical "sexism"

About a year ago, I noted that MeToo was winding down during the final year of the vulnerable emo phase of the excitement cycle. The refractory state that people are in during the vulnerable phase makes them hyper-sensitive to unwanted social contact, and primes them to resonate with the theme of unwanted attention or contact, or with victimization in general.

The hysterics were trying to MeToo Bernie at the very end of 2018 and beginning of 2019 -- not by accusing him directly of sexual assault, but by airing accusations against former staffers and aides of his, insinuating that the leader had a culture of sexual harassment and violence in his political operation. Then they went after Biden for being a handsy creeper who had a pattern of unwanted sexual touching toward female staffers.

Neither of those attacks stuck, which showed that the hysteria was dying down, but not over with -- after all, the mainstream press spent multiple news cycles stoking the theme of rape.

By now, as we enter the warm-up phase of the excitement cycle, the hysteria is over with altogether, and before long a full-on backlash will erupt. The latest round of attacks relating to the battle of the sexes was Lyin' Liz lying that Bernie said he didn't think a woman could be elected president. There is not even a tangential aspect of rape, physical harassment, touching, trauma, invasion of personal space, or any related part of the overall theme.

The lying press, including half or more of the left, have tried to smear Bernie indirectly by pointing to politically incorrect statements made by Joe Rogan, who has only said positive things about Bernie and Tulsi during this electoral season, and whose favorable comments the Bernie campaign put into a video clip. But they didn't involve the theme of rape or any physical harm by men against women.

If anything, Rogan's "problematic" statement was anti-rape in theme, as he said he didn't want men dressed as women to fight in the mixed martial arts ring against actual women. Anyone claiming that cross-dressing men should have the right to pummel a woman's skull in, against her desire (she would only want to fight other women), are clearly the women-haters and rape apologists.

But that doesn't matter, because identity politics is for elites only -- and culturally liberal elites have decided that tranny degeneracy, up to the point of allowing someone with male hormones and muscle to beat the living shit out of a woman, are to be sanctified by woke norms, and that the collective protection of women from violent men must be sacrificed if necessary.

In any case, neither Rogan himself nor his legions of listeners were accused of physical harassment or sexual violence. They were smeared with generic accusations of toxic masculinity, sexism, problematic beliefs about women, etc.

By this point in the excitement cycle, the feminazis have realized that the theme of rape does not resonate anymore with a morally panicked audience. So they have to fall back on all-purpose accusations that someone does not adhere to woke gender norms. OK, BFD then. They can impotently hector us all they want at this point, but it won't be an outright witch hunt that is feeding and being fed by a morally panicked mob.

This reflects the normalization of our energy levels -- they are no longer plunged into the refractory state, but are returning to baseline, albeit not rocketing off onto another spike just yet. We are only entering the warm-up phase now, not the manic phase, which will hit during the late 2020s. Not being hyper-sensitive to unwanted contact anymore, we aren't marks for appeals to protection from unwanted violation of physical privacy. If you don't want to be touched, reject the person or go somewhere else or whatever -- it's not going to overload your nervous system and be the end of your life.

In this new "back to baseline" state, we don't feel the need for a savior to swoop in and rescue us from all the would-be rapists out there. This will generalize into no longer feeling the need for saviors in general to deliver us from would-be victimizers -- and that will end the leftist bubble since roughly 2015, as well as the Trumpist bubble of the same time. But that's a topic for a separate post.

(In the meantime, see here for an analysis of these leftist "savior for the victims" bubbles occurring during the vulnerable phase of the cycle, and then evaporating after that phase is done with.)


  1. Further evidence of generic sexism rather than creepy physical stuff, from ed-in-chief of some feminazi outlet called Bitch Media:


    The NYT article quoted, the original tweet, and its replies, are all on the theme of "sexism in the left" -- men having better jobs than women, men listened to more than women, men not taking women seriously, men disagreeing with women about anything, etc. Nothing physical or violating personal space.

    Contrast that with the "shitty media men" list from 2017 during the MeToo heyday, which was all about sexual misconduct. At least, verbal acts of a sexual nature (propositioning someone, even asking them out, via DM). At most, unwanted physical touching and rape.

    The latest incarnation of the rape panic has died out, if even the feminazis and their target audience cannot stoke the fear of rape any longer, and must resort to generic whining about not being taken seriously.

    Let the backlash begin!

  2. Hey I know you study gay psychology, so you might find this interesting admission from a gay guy about the culture of envy in gay relationships. Thought it was worth noting. https://www.reddit.com/r/itsafetish/comments/evblws/as_a_gay_man_i_want_to_discuss_the_part_envy/

    archive link: https://web.archive.org/web/20200129005521/https://www.reddit.com/r/itsafetish/comments/evblws/as_a_gay_man_i_want_to_discuss_the_part_envy/

  3. the bastards got Mullen now too...

  4. Twitter striving for levels of faggotry that shouldn't even be possible.

  5. Zerohedge suspended by Twitter. Pretty soon it's just gonna be a single Salafi immigrant tranny funded by the CIA and Qatari sovereign wealth fund. All contrary opinions will be Islamophobic, xenophobic, transphobic, and result in immediate permanent suspensions.

    Wisest decision ever was to never get involved with that hellsite. I can serenade Aimee Terese perfectly well from my manor here in the blogosphere countryside.



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