October 7, 2018

Slutwalk era feminists ignoring Handmaid's Tale cosplay of Kavanaugh witch hunt

As discussed before, women on the Left whose main focus is anti-imperialism and foreign policy have largely tuned out of the circus surrounding Kavanaugh's confirmation. Men with a foreign focus held up pretty well, too, despite some reflexive anti-jock outbursts during the day of testimony from Ford and Kavanaugh.

Supposing the GOP buckled and installed some other orthodox Reaganite alum of the George W. Bush White House -- what difference would it make for mass surveillance of citizens, or unending military occupation of the entire world? Even if the GOP put some squeaky clean non-jock on the Supreme Court, it would make no difference for the agenda he would be implementing.

If his appointment truly would threaten the Reaganite status quo, he would not be included in the GOP Establishment's club of potential Supreme Court nominees, and George W. Bush would not spend whatever political capital he has left lobbying pro-choice moderates like Susan Collins to assure her that Kavanaugh is only going to work on corporate deregulation, union busting, and enhancing the spy agencies -- not that throwaway right-wing cultural stuff that the rube voters always fall for.

Aside from this group of Leftists whose focus is on big-picture material issues, what about feminists who focus only on the social-cultural domain? Shouldn't they be the most eager to enlist in this culture war where one side's position is "genocide the jock rapists"?

Strikingly, a major contingent of feminists has completely tuned out the alarming appeals to join the army against Kavanaugh -- the sex-positive, Girl Power 2.0 feminists from the Slutwalk era of the early 2010s. As with the anti-imperialists, it's not like they approve of his nomination -- they just can't be bothered to give a damn, when there are more pressing issues.

These include Anita Sarkeesian, Laci Green, Arielle Scarcella, Bria and Chrissy, Stevie Boebi, and others who got famous on YouTube and Twitter. At most, they have a few re-tweets of anti-Kavanaugh comments, maybe one or two of their own -- during the entire weeks-long saturation coverage -- and several have not commented at all.

One major exception is Cleo Stiller, who hosts a similarly themed show, but on corporate TV (Sex Right Now, on Fusion). Her Twitter feed is full of Resistard rage.

An earlier post contrasted the phases of feminism across the 15-year cultural excitement cycle, showing that this kind of sex-positive, invincible-feeling, girl-power feminism peaks during the manic phase. Most recently, that was the early 2010s, and before that the late '90s, early '80s, and late '60s.

As the cycle has collapsed into the vulnerable refractory phase, the main tendency in feminism is no longer to portray women as invincible badasses, but as pitiable prey for omnipresent male predators. This echos feminism of the early 2000s (Law & Order: SVU), late '80s (date rape, ritual sex abuse), and early '70s (all hetero sex is rape).

The trendy thing today among grassroots feminists is to dress up not as a defiant slut with skimpy clothing, but as a covered-up concubine from the Handmaid's Tale, or to otherwise strike a sexually submissive note, like wearing black tape across their mouth.

And now their main demand is for the white knight FBI to swoop in and rescue an entire population of damsels in distress, not to get out of the way of strong independent women who can handle their own business.

Five years later, the SJWs seem cute and quaint in comparison to the obnoxious mob of libs launching laughably false accusations of rape -- and serial gang rape! -- in a feeble attempt to score points for some do-nothing dipshit political party. Fretting about how girls are portrayed in video games, or how many genders there are, is innocuous in the grand scheme of things.


  1. The first time I recall hearing about taped mouths in protest it was anti-abortion activists. I'm not sure how many years ago, but I think it was prior to the 2010s.

  2. I'm talking about tape over mouth in a sexual fetish way, like these:


    Color-coordinated, stylized, one piece of an overall "look" that is black, lacey, and sexual.

  3. Worth noting: Handmaid's Tale the book came out in 1985, ringing in the vulnerable phase of the excitement cycle, shifting out of the sex-positive manic / invincible phase of the first half of the '80s.

    Its prestige TV adaptation comes out in the same phase, two cycles later in 2017.

  4. The Slutwalk feminists sensed that the Kavanaugh circus was not about "rape culture," one of their main issues, but something else.

    As it turns out, the circus was not about issues of gender / sexual identity / kinship / etc., but attacking an ethno-cultural group -- Anglo-Celtic conservatives. That is entirely a within-elite battle, with the other side being Ellis Island liberals.

    Thus, there was no class angle to the witch hunt, as though the attackers were cynically deploying a bogus rape charge in order to highlight the broader problems of the elite class. Strange how the libs and Leftists only lost their shit in response to Kavanaugh, a Celt who went to Georgetown Prep and Yale.

    What if it had been Feldstein, a Jew who went to Dalton and Harvard? They would not have tried to derail his appointment with this level of circus tactics, theatricalizing the degenerate Upper West Side elites and their ubiquitous "rape culture".

    The anti-Kavanaugh side is not using direct action tactics to halt production of filming by the major Hollywood studios, interrupting their award ceremonies like they did the Congressional testimony / Senate confirmation vote / SCOTUS swearing in.

    Sure, they don't like all these wealthy and powerful white men from the media sector putting every woman on a casting couch before offering them one of the dwindling jobs in their industry. Or plying underage boys with drugs and booze while their fellow middle-aged / old creep pals molest them during pool parties.

    Then it's just an offhand tweet or deadpan joke here or there, signaling nihilistic resignation at best, pro forma dismissiveness at worst.

    The true believers in the crusade against "rape culture" somehow intuited that this anti-Kavanaugh thing was not part of their concerns. Like, why are you targeting this guy, however good or bad he may be, instead of the Hollywood producers, Big Five media executives, etc.?

    Good on them for figuring that out.

  5. Cardi B ignored the Kavanaugh circus, unlike Alyssa Milano and other faux political celebs.

    Her only tweet on the topic of sex and gender relations since the Ford accusation began:

    "The way imma give this nikka anniversary pussy i might need to pop 2 plan Bs"


    She doesn't talk about politics much, but when she does, it's to stump for Bernie over Hillary in 2016, and the DSA-endorsed candidates in the NY state primaries over the Cuomo machine.

    Somehow she figured out that she, too, had no dog in the fight over Kavanaugh, even though she wouldn't approve of his appointment.

  6. The main narrative problem was that Kavanaugh was a stranger to Ford -- not an acquaintance who abused her trust or his own economic power over the alleged victim.

    The whole "rape culture" narrative is that rapists are NOT total strangers who strike without warning in the dead of night in a grimy alleyway.

    It's the guy who you at least trusted enough to go on a date with, or your long-term boyfriend, or husband.

    Or a relative or friend of the family.

    Or a close friend who you trust enough to let your guard down around.

    Or an employer who uses their institutional power of hiring and firing.

    Kavanaugh's relationship did not fit into that narrative at all. Even Ford's close friend, Keyser, did not know Kavanaugh. He was a total stranger to her close social circle.

    If the story had been that an ex-girlfriend of his decided to speak out, or a younger cousin or niece, or a former employee, then it would have sounded plausible on the surface to the "rape culture" activists.

    But two random strangers at a high school party? Something doesn't ring true about that. It should have been two acquaintances, where the girl trusted the guy.


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