December 2, 2016

PizzaGate beyond DC: Eight more pizzerias to investigate

Note: please link / condense this post to the PizzaGate page on Voat (the clearing house after Reddit shut down its own initial pages), the chans, Twitter, Gab, forums, and so on. We need to get the sleuths working on these leads, as well as further convince readers that there really is something going on here. It could be as simple as leaving a link to this post and a list of the pizzerias to look into.

I don't want this blog to turn into an ongoing PizzaGate discussion, though: this post is simply to lay out several leads for more interested individuals to follow up on. Discuss any concrete findings you have on those other sites, not in the comments here, which are for general reactions to all this weird crap.

After an earlier post on the topic, circumstantial evidence continues to mount about a possible pedophile / child trafficking ring operated by members of Clinton World through the DC pizzerias Comet Ping Pong and Besta Pizza. See this summary.

Now it's worth expanding the scope of the investigation. If those businesses are part of a ring, the same business model should be in operation elsewhere for the same purposes.

What are the odds, for instance, that there isn't a similar pizza front for pedos in Hollywood, a known den of underage sex abuse by elites?

It's hard to dismiss the totality of the evidence just surrounding Comet Ping Pong and James Alefantis -- if there are many other cases that are hard to dismiss, eventually the skepticism is unwarranted, and an investigation by the FBI is in order.*

I've gone through the Instagram accounts of actual pizzerias looking for red flags -- describing pizza as an addiction or obsession or lifestyle, highly sensual and sexual innuendo, a preponderance of underage children rather than other age groups in pictures, odd or inappropriate remarks about those pictures of children, and memes showing sexual pizza imagery or other bizarre pizza imagery relating to children.

When modern managerial culture says don't allow your brand to creep normal people out, especially if you're supposed to be catering to children and families, these are even more flagrant warning signs.

So far I've found at least 10. Two of them (linked to each other) I've looked quite a bit into, and will lay out the details in a post of its own. The remaining 8 I don't feel like investigating myself, since it's tiresome and creepy. But given how out-in-the-open these people are, there is guaranteed to be something in these 8 leads. They sometimes comment on each other's accounts, suggesting they're part of a larger federation.

These businesses and their customers primarily use Instagram for social media, so if you want to search for even more leads, that's where to look through. They're so similar and consistent that you will get used to spotting their tells. How many times do I have to see a meme of some guy making out with a human-size cheese-dripping pizza slice? That depiction of cheese is a motif unique to them -- a slice with something that looks more like runny, globby cheese dip than normal solid pizza cheese.

Again, who knows which of these will pan out? But there's enough red flags in their online presence to look into them. No links are given below, otherwise they might notice traffic spikes. If you're committed enough to investigate them, you can easily google their name. And don't be a retard by leaving comments directly on their accounts.

In no particular order, with some representative red flags (among many others omitted for brevity). Click to enlarge the text of the creepy comments, hashtags, etc.

1. Pie Five Pizza (brought up on /pol early on, but forgotten)

2. Pizza Studio

3. King David Frozen Pizza (Canada)

4. Hogan's Goat Pizza

5. King Dough Pizza

6. Bondi Pizza (Australia)

7. Dom DeMarco's Pizzeria & Bar (Las Vegas)

8. Blaze Pizza (Pie Five clone?)

Information to look into: Who is the owner, who are they connected to, where are their locations? And most importantly -- do they have connections to organizations claiming to protect children, particularly from abuse? A common theme in articles about pedo rings is that the groups responsible for taking them down -- whether benevolent non-profits or law enforcement agencies -- tend to get hijacked by pro-pedo individuals.

It's important to note that it's not clear what exactly these shady groups are up to. Child trafficking, pedophile rings, teenage prostitution, distributing child pornography, creating but not distributing it, something else? I wouldn't get too obsessed with uncovering what degree the crimes rise to, which the FBI will be figuring out. What internet sleuths can do is track down who is definitely up to something wrong, and get the word out.

I also wouldn't start with fixed expectations about who the elites are that are enabling this deviance. Comet Ping Pong and Besta Pizza were linked to Clinton World because they're in DC. Other locations will be tied to different sectors of the elite -- the movie industry in Hollywood, Wall Street in New York, tech and banking in Silicon Valley, and so on. Some of these 8 are chains with many locations, and it may be that the crimes are only taking place in some of them, where elites are concentrated.

For that reason, don't obsess over the Spirit Cooking angle to Comet Ping Pong, as weird and disgusting as it is. Maybe there will be a tie-in to a Satanic LARP-ing cult in the other cases, maybe not. We know for certain that no such group was involved in the pedo abuse within the Boy Scouts, the Catholic Church, and the like -- it's not about the elites being into the occult, but orchestrating the sexual abuse of children and covering it up.

* In fact, it's probably an anonymous FBI agent who initially leaked the details about Comet Ping Pong. Nobody would have noticed any of those clues on their own, and they had been sitting in plain sight on the internet for years. If we can figure this stuff out after an initial tip, the FBI likely has case files started on everything we already are and could soon find ourselves discovering. The internet sleuths are not so much breaking ground, but giving an advance warning of what law enforcement had already been preparing to expose and prosecute.

The reason why they aren't pursuing the cases toward indictments or announcing anything to the public is, as we've seen with Comey covering up for the Clintons (going back to the Marc Rich pardon), the elites have been above the law. With outsiders Trump and his Attorney General Jeff Sessions coming into power, that situation will no longer hold.


  1. I checked just now, primed with your post some pictures seem funny, the ones you selected certainly do, else, they're posting hundreds of pics, mostly of young folks which should be their target group, so chances are some seem creepy, so, dunno.

  2. it's a major outfit:

    so it seems hard to believe to me.

  3. Yeah Blaze Pizza is a legit chain, one of my clients owns a franchise located at a major tourist venue, of course he has no connections to pedo stuff whatsoever. There are probably 50 locations here in Los Angeles, it's a generic pizza franchised chain. Kids love it, but their enthusiasm is a kid thing, not a pedo thing. My own kids were really into it but lost enthusiasm after 5-6 visits. The restaurants don't have anything that would attract kids (like ping pong tables) or any creepy imagery (like paintings of severed heads) that I can recall, just a production line, tables and chairs. I've got a pretty good nose for corruption and Blaze pizza has never bothered me. The name bothers me a little but not that much, the restaurant seems legit.

  4. Blaze pizza is ok, one of those "build your own" restaurants, kind of overpriced IMO, but whatever. BTW here's a good read, which i think this sums up a lot of current apprehensions abt the cabinet

  5. Comment moderation is now on, since shills from Correct the Record are showing up (David Brock org -- ex butt buddy of Comet Ping Pong owner James Alefantis). That only confirms something wrong is going on, and they want to muddy the waters.

  6. The Boy Scouts are a legit mainstream youth org. The Catholic Chruch was a mainstream legit org.

    Did that negate the possibility of them enabling, orchestrating, and covering up abuse?

    And they certainly never put a picture in their promo material with two underage girls, captioned "Slice me off a pizza that". If you're a family-oriented business, you would never ever allow that to go public.

    Like I said, maybe some of these leads are dead ends -- but just saying they're a national chain means nothing. So is the Democrat party.

  7. The comments to the Instagram posts are blood-chilling. My God. Who says stuff like that?

    The disturbing art also bothers me. Personally, I think the avant garde nihilist aesthetic is trite. It's also something favored by people who feel deeply inadequate. But even if you think that disturbing imagery is deep and sophisticated, of course it's not suitable for children. Who in the world would take their kids to a pizza place with murals on the walls depicting severed heads?

  8. Remember: just because it's a chain doesn't mean every franchise has to be infected. Just like not every parish or scout troupe was infected by pedophiles, despite the broader infection and top-down cover-up.

    Pie Five is a large chain -- yet they have a picture of a teenager and two prepubescent children stuffing pizza and looking right into the camera, captioned "Our pizza tends to taste better when it's in your mouth. Just sayin'."

    Yeah, totally normal thing to say in that context.

    They also posted that meme of squeezing a life-size cheese-dripping slice, one that is found in a lot of these accounts. Totally normal for a family-oriented chain to post.

    Pizza Studio is also a large chain -- yet they post a picture of two prepubescent actresses, captioned "When your friend thinks they have to flirt for extra toppings." And a creepy baby-as-pizza-slice picture. And re-posting someone's picture of teenagers, captioned "Taking their Pizza Studio virginity."

    Yep, all totally normal things that totally normal chains post on their public social media accounts...

  9. "The comments to the Instagram posts are blood-chilling."

    Some of them are even worse when you know more of the context, which is why I want this post to get wider coverage, so the weaponized autists can do their thing.

    The 3rd pic for King Dough shows two little girls -- they're the daughters of the owner (the pedo-faced guy with on the left in the 2nd pic). His wife (elsewhere on the Instagram account, not in these pics) has very perverted tattoos.

    There's a comment on the 3rd pic saying, "That's a true picture of owner operated hospitality." This commenter is a publicly deviant queer, judging from his own account. Hospitality of the owner operator means offering his own daughters to the customers.

    Under Dom DeMarco's, 3rd pic, there's a comment that says "Start them young, teach them right" about prepubescent girls watching someone make a pizza. It's from DiNapoli Tomatoes -- a major supplier of tomatoes used in pizza sauce. Owner has major pedo-face. It's like they've taken over the entire industry, not just the retail front-end.

    BTW, on that same pic, comment "Stunning one" left by kdf_pizza -- King David Frozen Pizza, another business in this genre.

  10. There's already been at least a few people connected to Obama arrested for underage sex.

  11. related, just for shucks and giggles--what about this Christmas decoration? there oughta be a law!

  12. This guy's posts on the PizzaGate Voat are all good:

    He was a mod at PizzaGate on Reddit, before it was canned.

    He posts twice a day for two weeks now, some very detailed and insightful -- almost like he's a PI or FBI or something. Maybe even in on the case, or has a buddy who is.

    The roles of the various businesses on the same block as Comet Ping Pong (inventory, brokers, pick-up spots, etc.):

    Sounds like he's stating the summary of known facts about these businesses from the case file, only switching periods into question marks. I don't know who just thinks up all of that, twice a day every day.

    Pictures of the abductors in the Madeleine McCann case were intentionally made to resemble the Podestas, an insider revealing to the public that they should pay attention to those two individuals in the context of child trafficking:

    Interesting take on the false flag gunman incident at Comet Ping Pong -- it was not to protect the bad guys, but to allow the police to storm the place and search without a warrant (another quasi-rogue move by the good guys in law enforcement):

    He approaches the topic from the "mystery solver" point of view, not the "anxious adults" angle, or the "thrill-seeking teenagers who want to give themselves a good scare after finding themselves inside of a real-life Gothic novel" angle.

    Do you identify with Special Agent Cooper, Pete Martell, or Audrey Horne? If you answered #1, follow this guy's posts.

  13. "Do you identify with Special Agent Cooper, Pete Martell, or Audrey Horne? If you answered #1, follow this guy's posts."

    Well that's quite the hook, Agnostic!

    Though I'm agnostic on this, several weeks ago, I got the feeling that a lot of this stuff was being put out there by someone in the know. Kind of like with the Marco Rubio thing: I'm gonna put all this stuff out there, with a crayon-drawn kiddie map as well as neon-lighted arrows, and let you kids "discover" the treasure.

    I have not been following pizzagate, other than what falls into my TL. What I've seen in my TL has been a disappointment, though, and by that, I mean libelous, hysterical, and potentially dangerous.
    Look, I helped send a pedophile to prison for five years whose pictures and art were less obvious than this man's, but it's being handled like such a big joke. Like it's a game.

  14. Ag, I read over those posts you linked and the one about the eyes...

    My gut feeling is that this is more a conspiratorial person than someone on the inside. I didn't notice any predicting and some of the allegations are beyond far-fetched. Mostly, I see a focus on details that are in the weeds in order to sew up a problem, allegation, etc. That is not what I would expect at this stage. Also, someone on the inside would be more concerned about how this was being handled by the amateurs and keeping it controlled, but I don't see that here either. In fact, I saw the opposite.

    What does seem plausible: the Podesta pictures and the McCann thing. The mole thing was retarded, though (again, the weeds).

    My guess, just a guess from what I perused, is that he is knowledgeable about criminal investigations, but has no special insider knowledge.

  15. I take that back about the McCann girl and pictures: that doesn't seem plausible at all to me. How many years ago was that? And the report was that there was one man, not two, I'm pretty sure. They wouldn't go through the trouble of mocking the pics up to look like the Podestas, but not clean up the info that this was two pics of one guy.

    What bothers me most about this, the thing I would *not* expect if this was under active, legit investigation and not a conspiracy, is the lack of control. My experience and knowledge are limited, but this goes is completely counter to what I know. Investigators who are squeaky clean and do everything by the book are the most transparent. Those who skirt are extraordinarily tight-lipped and would never, ever, never leak like this. And then let the whole thing become a laughing stock? Would never happen.

    When people like like the oppo researchers w/ Marco, they've already got the whole thing sewn up. I just am not seeing that at all with this and no way do you bring in amateurs on something of this magnitude before.

    Ag, I think this is a crazy conspiracy theory, though I can't rule out that this pizza owner guy isn't sick in the head and a criminal.

  16. Two men were wanted (Wikipedia):

    "In 2013 Scotland Yard released e-fit images of men they wanted to trace, including one of a man seen carrying a child toward the beach that night."

    He avoids the weeds, but those posts don't get as many upvotes because most people are interested in the nitty-gritty details. See the one on what roles the various shops play on the block where Comet Ping Pong is.

    Overview on the evidence:

    You may have the lurid takes coming into your twitter TL, but there's plenty of solid evidence -- e.g., all of these groups that have barely concealed pedophile logos, which are immediately scrubbed from public webpages after they're discovered by PizzaGate researchers (Besta Pizza, Terasol, Elpida, etc.).

    If you admit not looking into the evidence, you can't call the work a joke.

  17. "If you admit not looking into the evidence, you can't call the work a joke"

    I'll concede that.

    I noticed that in what I read from him above he wove together two threads that have both only very recently appeared in our world as trolling or memes: Moloch-Devil stuff and blood of young people for rejuvenation. The latter reads exactly like the riffs off of Peter Thiel and the former, of course, was trolling from Spirit cooking. I find this so suspect.

    You're right. I haven't looked at the evidence and am just going off my gut here.

    Back to this one pizza guy who started it all: only an autist would not recognize he's a sick puppy. He is literally posing as a Buffalo Bill on steroids in that picture with the heels!
    My step-sister is an expert on recognizing child pedophiles and used to teach a class on it for medical professionals on how to spot signs in a clinical setting; I learned a lot from her, as well as my own studies, as well as my own involvement with the system both as a child and an adult...

    I just don't like any of this: the guy nor the chaos; it gives me a very bad feeling.

    The dirty secret of personal crimes, excepting murders and even then, is they are all political and it makes it very hard to ascertain the truth. A child is being abused by a step-parent and finally speaks out and another adult believes him. What is more likely to happened? People will listen seriously to the allegations and defenses? No. People will decide with whom do their allegiances ally or whom they like better: the abuser or the advocate. The child gets lost in all of this.

    I guess I just want more care, caution, and seriousness.

  18. The surest signal is not anything in the evidence so far, but the media's reaction to it -- they've gone full-blown hysterical, referring to it de rigueur as a "fake" story about pedophile rings in DC. They invented the "fake news" label right at the time PizzaGate broke, and they knew they'd need a new term to shut it up.

    Think of the other stories from this election season that they could have covered and called a conspiracy theory or fake news:

    - Danney Williams is the illegitimate son of Bill Clinton

    - Chelsea is the daughter of Webb Hubbell, not Bill

    - Hillary has tongue cancer, Parkinson's, catheter, etc.

    - Hillary had a hidden teleprompter in debate lectern

    - Huma and Hillary are lesbian lovers

    And on and on and on.

    Some of these were actually covered by news outlets, yet not called "fake".

    PizzaGate has been proposed by zero news outlets -- even InfoWars and Drudge have been quiet about it. It's only been discussed on the internet (Twitter, 4chan, Reddit, etc.). And yet somehow this single topic deserves intense focus by the media, widespread blanket condemnations, new label "fake news," and so on.

    Why not go after any of those other so-called fake news stories from election season?

    The others had no larger impact on the Establishment -- what column of it is brought down just because people now know that Huma goes down on Hillary?

    This globalist elite pedophile ring is too big of a threat, though. Hence dropping all pretense of reporting the facts.

  19. You might try MPC's thread if you're looking for an intro to PizzaGate where few/none of the contributors are conspiracy-minded.

  20. Steve Johnson12/7/16, 1:17 AM


    Any thoughts on this video? It's for "Kids" by MGMT. Early part of the video sets up a world where everyone and everything is a scary monster out to get the kid and the mother is staring at her phone and oblivious. Later it switches to a pure animation and the interesting part starts at around 5:08. The animated little boy is running in terror and dissolves into a field of hot dogs. 5:50 a field of hot dogs and pizza slices. Coincidence or some entertainment industry sicko putting a wink into a video?

  21. More signs:

    "MGMT" and "KiDS" both have the spiral-triangle in their letters (boy-loving pedophile symbol).

    Spirals in the cartoon ghost's eyes / witch's trail.

    Definite pedo video, though hard to tell whose idea it was (animator, director, band?).

  22. Cynical Optimist12/7/16, 10:36 AM

    The theme song for PizzaGate should be "Goodbye Horses" by Q Lazzarus:

    This is meant 25% to be a humorous reference to Silence of the Lambs, but the other 75% is about the serious feeling (due in part to the movie scene) this song exudes: slick, degenerate, depressing. These are our elites.

    We should co-opt this song for the cause. It would make a great soundtrack to introductory informational videos about PizzaGate.

    Also for those who appreciate classic Slayer, there's Dead Skin Mask:

    "Mr. Gein, I'm not having fun any more. I don't wanna play any more. Let me out of here!"

    That song should be the soundtrack to the figurative drone strikes on these monsters once we uncover the mess to its rotten core.

  23. I got hoodwinked by LegionWill, who turns out to be a shill infiltrator from Correct the Record:

    He did a good job of summarizing what other people had already figured out, but posted increasingly bizarre stuff of his own, which I tuned out (e.g., the point of the child trafficking rings being to get children's blood to rejuvenate the pedophiles).

    The main giveaway is that he's proposing out-there stuff of his own, but heavily concern-trolling what appear to be promising leads from others. (Although in an academic setting, it could just be that he's a narcissist who's jealous when other people find something big that he missed.)

    Doesn't matter now that he's been banned from the PizzaGate Voat. But worth paying attention to in case others resemble him in the future.

  24. Hogan's Goat pizza really freaks me out. There is a post on their insta of a what seems to be a little kid with pig tails but it has a older guys face with a goat in the background and it's an animated dance kinda like a GIF, anyways it says "undisclosed location" when you click on it it takes you to Pretoria, South Africa??


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