October 27, 2016

Wear Trump gear every day in public until election is over

In order to push back against attempts at demoralization, particularly from the media, and to rally people heading down the home stretch, it's time to start wearing Trump markers in public every day until the election is over.

That will manifest our greater enthusiasm in an everyday setting, not just what people see from rallies on TV or comments on the internet. It puts a human face on the movement, which does not come across so much from a yard sign (although put up one of those too).

It is also more likely to have a contagious effect at the grassroots. Even if onlookers don't wear Trump gear of their own, at least they'll be more likely to talk positively about voting to others, assuming they were roughly on our side.

The goal is not to appear confrontational, as though we were about to man the barricades (that would come only if the Establishment tries to steal the election). Everyday people around you are not the immediate enemy. Those who are uncertain about turning out, or are genuinely undecided, are on the wimpy and cucky side -- they just want to be reassured that Trump voters are normal people.

I guarantee that no one from the enemy's side will try to shame or ostracize you in public, in order to send a message to undecided onlookers. Only paid activists bother attempting this, and they only concentrate at Trump rallies or on the internet. Even the strongly committed Hillary voters are too demoralized to confront a stranger. The only responses you will get will be from fellow travelers, especially ones who were uncertain whether they were the only one leaning toward Trump, and are relieved to see someone being the first to break the silence in public.

Trump has been taking so much public abuse, slander, and libel on our behalf -- the least we can do is put ourselves out there, too, whether we get a few sideways glances or not.

At this stage, giving our public support matters more than giving financial support. The polls are not so tight because of insufficient advertising. It's because a handful of people are still uneasy about either turning out, or choosing Trump if they do. Making those people feel more comfortable by seeing real-life support for Trump in public will go farther than hearing an ad on the drive to work.

And some of them truly have no preference other than joining the in-group. With no visible signs of support from Hillary voters, that only leaves the Trump side for the conformists to join. Who would want to join a group that is weakly held together, when there's a more emotionally connected group as the alternative?

You don't have to go all-out all day long, but at least wear a hat or shirt out for an hour or so in normal public places. High-traffic retail spaces are best, like a supermarket.

It's simple to find places selling Trump hats if you don't already have one.

There's no excuse to stay sitting on the sidelines with less than two weeks to go. We need to make our presence known -- not just as a warning to the enemy, but more importantly to motivate anyone who doesn't like Crooked Hillary to show up and vote Trump with the rest of the crowd.


  1. Yes! My wife and I have been doing this since primary season. We haven't had a single negative experience. Quite the opposite, we have seen so many shy, undeclared fellow travelers and it's heartening, to say the least.
    It's even sparked conversations with the undecided/uninformed and provided many a teaching moment.

  2. Great idea! Increase the cognitive dissonance with the mainstream media's endless lies.

  3. I would be a little concerned about a Trump bumper sticker, though. I'd worry my car would be "keyed" in some parking lot.

  4. Definitely avoid the sticker. Multiple cars have been vandalized at my school for displaying pro-Trump sentiment.

  5. Very important! Do not wear a Trump shirt to the polling place. Or if you do, have a change of shirt with you. The officials may stop you from entering on account of "electioneering". It is more important to vote than make a statement on Election Day. And if your district uses touch screens, pay attention that it does not flip your Trump vote to Hillary.

  6. I never realized there were policies against visible support for a candidate/party. Nope. I figured you'd get reprimanded for AUDIBLY making a scene by conversing with/shouting at people at/near the polls. But why prohibit people from wearing (non-threatening) political material? Loitering is a no duh rule, but do ya'll remember reports of black militants and such intimidating voters? God only knows how much crap is pulled in the ghetto.

    Robert: WRT vote accuracy and touch-screens, I can't remember off the top of my head exactly what the suggested counter-measure was, but I seem to remember Larry Nichols on the Alex Jones show saying that people using touch-screens ought to ask for a paper record of their vote which will confirm what happened.


    MN uses physical ballots which are then processed by a scanner. Still, these scanners can be off. So can human counters. There really is no perfect way to measure votes, but obviously the systems that don't use physical ballots or even produce a paper backup are a total joke (as the websites shows, a contested Florida election which used touch-screens didn't have any anything tangible to verify the vote).

    If your area uses touch-screens, I'd recommend sending in your vote via mail if that's allowed.

    BTW, straight-line voting (voting GOP on every race listed) seems to be the source of corruption (in Texas anyway). Simply having the machine flip "every" Trump vote to Hillary would result in absurd landslides. So what they do instead is flip the Trump votes on partisan GOP ballots in certain counties. I still haven't made up my mind as to who I'll vote for besides Trump, but I might as well pick at least one Dem given how much trouble straight-line voting is giving people.

  7. Exactly right.

    I never leave home without my red MAGA hat and the #BuildTheWall button I have attached to it.

  8. I've had three bumper stickers removed from my car but never any other damage. One of the removals happened while my wife and I were at the rally in KC during the primaries, when all the putative Bernie thugs who were actually a lot of Clinton hires were out. I guess we were fortunate in that regard.

    Went to vote early yesterday and I was required to remove my hat--even though it makes no mention of a candidate, it was considered electioneering, so it might be advisable to wear anything (but red) at the polling location to minimize the chance that some crooked polling place operator invalidates your ballot after seeing the hat, etc.


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