September 14, 2016

Insulting Americans vs. foreigners, in the globalist and liberal mindset

One of the kneejerk responses to Hillary's line about "basket of deplorables" was that Trump had insulted plenty of people, too, and not just politicians and elites but Mexicans who stream over the border, Syrian immigrants who could be the greatest Trojan Horse, etc.

I figured it was just them trying to shill for their awful candidate, but they have reacted that way the whole time -- long before Crooked Hillary turned against the voters.

In the globalist mind, for an American aspiring to political office to cast aspersions on foreigners is no different from insulting American citizens. Both are potential subjects for the would-be ruler -- the only thing is where they happen to be residing, but that is a distinction without a difference to the globalist.

They assume that the job of the American government is to guide, control, and police the entire world and all of its peoples. Pointing out all of the awful foreigners (drug runners, rapists, drunk drivers, murderers, etc.) who flood across our border is like singling out the citizens of a particular American state for being asshole drivers.

They can't conceive of an American government that is for the Americans, where the feelings of foreigners don't count in our elections.

While world domination drives the globalist elites, they couldn't connect with voters unless they too saw the rest of the world as "part of us". In an earlier post and comments, I detailed what drives the lack of an in-group / out-group distinction among liberals, which is a more childlike mindset.*

Until puberty when cliques and social belonging begin to strengthen in importance, self-centered children tend to distinguish only between "me" and "everybody else". If grown-up children are supposed to care about anybody else, then they must care about everybody else.

Hence the perception of foreigners and American citizens as having equal importance in American elections, and how problematic it would be for an aspiring American politician to appeal to the citizens while ignoring or pushing away the foreigners.

Let this be a lesson about how difficult it will be to find like-minded populists on the liberal side. Democrats who are cultural conservatives or moderates will not be hard to connect with on populist matters, but the cultural liberals who style themselves as populists believe in globalism -- only with the qualifier "from below".

But since populism and nation-first are inter-dependent, the globalists from below are destined to fail. Specifically, they will push for unchecked immigration, legal or illegal, which lowers incomes and raises the cost-of-living for native citizens (greater supply of labor, greater demand for housing).

At the same time, I think we've been overestimating the share of dyed-in-the-wool liberals among Democrat voters, especially in Rust Belt states where moderate and conservative Congressmen and Governors are electable, and where folks are more pro-guns and pro-life than on the East Coast. That leaves plenty of Trump Democrats to work with, without even having to compromise on the major issues.

With the re-alignment already under way, for the next several decades it is going to be the hardcore liberals rather than the conservatives who are the elitist, out-of-touch, post-factual, denialist Party of Stupid, whose only goal will be to impotently whine about the opposition. The Republicans had the cuckservatives, now the Democrats will have the limperals.

* That also explains their aversion to hierarchy, and their dismissal of purity and disgust as moral norms. Kids hate being told what to do by authority figures, and they put all kinds of weird shit in their mouths, often on purpose to get a reaction out of the grown-ups.


  1. Random Dude on the Internet9/14/16, 7:55 PM

    I know more than a few liberals in their 20s who consider themselves citizens of the world and not America. These are usually people who went backpacking for a summer and bummed around a few hostels in Europe.

    On a more interesting note, it appears that Colorado is now considered a swing state: Trump's tendency to do better in state polls vs. national polls is interesting. If he is doing well in states like Wisconsin and Colorado, then an electoral blowout is within reach. I still think he will achieve it due to Hillary's poor health but I always assumed states like Colorado and Wisconsin just wouldn't happen in 2016. Still may not but it seems tight in those states. Maybe cuckservatives are finally giving up their "principles" and voting for the person who is against the person that they've been hating for 25 years.

  2. theo the kraut9/14/16, 9:36 PM

    OT--what is Trump trying to achieve accusing Obama as founder of ISIS, literally? I don't get this.

  3. advancedatheist9/15/16, 5:07 PM

    These Trump = Hitler comparisons could come back to bite Jews in the ass if Trump becomes President and improves living conditions for ordinary Americans. Youngsters maturing in this era could think, "Wow, Trump is 'another Hitler'? The first Hitler must have been really cool!"


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