September 10, 2016

Basket of deplorables, New York values -- which is it?

Crooked Hillary is taking another page out of Lyin' Ted's winning playbook and doubling down on culture war smearing, calling half of Trump supporters a "basket of deplorables," like she's already planning out the concentration camps for anyone who doesn't vote for her -- and everyone who disagrees with her, including Bernie Sanders, is a sexist, racist, xenophobe, Islamophobe, bla bla bla.

Lyin' Ted's line about Trump representing liberal "New York values" didn't even get off the ground, and that was during the primaries when such a charge ought to have greater effect. It would be more of a shock to find a liberal in the Republican primaries, and the charge amounts to treason.

In the general, a Democrat accusing a Republican of sexism etc. is not a shock, and the charge does not amount to treason. Just "my side is better than your side".

If smears about identity politics didn't work when they're most powerful, why would they work when they're tuned out as the typical noise?

The Millennial homosexuals who run Hillary's campaign are so insulated in their media bubble that they can't even understand what has unfolded in front of everybody's eyes this election season -- the death of the culture wars.

Worse than that, they don't appreciate that since Trump was attacked all throughout the primaries as NOT A TRUE CONSERVATIVE, the general public is not buying the smear that he's Mitt Romney 2.0 or McCain on steroids.

Campaign consultants are lucky that they get paid for effort rather than results. And lucky for us, for that matter.


  1. Random Dude on the Internet9/10/16, 8:44 AM

    Sounds like Hillary's campaign is out of ideas and this is just a rehash of her alt right speech, which failed to many any impact whatsoever if the polls are any indication.

    It reminds me of how the media keeps working through their list of Trump talking points, hoping that the fourth time they talk about Trump University is going to be the time where the attacks really stick.

    Unless Trump gets into another fight with a Judge Curiel or Khizr Khan type person, Trump will continue to do better from here. The upcoming debates are opportunities for the public to see and hear for Trump for an extended period of time that isn't "curated" by the media. Liberals are already angry at Matt Lauer, a Clintonite, for not doing enough to stop Trump at the forum. The media has to walk a tightrope here while they try to feign objectivity while trying to help Hillary. I think Trump will continue to do well as a result of the debates and coast into victory.

    Then of course, there is the dreaded Wikileaks October Surprise. Things just aren't looking good for the Democrats these days. Maybe Hillary can talk about the alt right/deplorables for a third time and maybe it will work!

  2. Trump was quite smart to just focus on his opponent of the moment - whether it was Bush, Rubio or Cruz. Whereas the establishment wildly attacks great parts of the electorate, including members of Clinton's own party.

  3. It seems like a pretty basic rule of politicking that when you go negative, you attack your opponent directly, not his supporters. The goal is to deflate the other side's enthusiasm and give them second thoughts by tearing down their candidate's image. Attacking the supporters just re-energizes them and makes them want to hit back. It also looks petty and imperious, and gives the attacked candidate the moral high ground as he can position himself as the protector and avenger of the insulted masses. And let's not lose sight of the fact that calling people a "basket of deplorables" followed by a string of -ism scare words is about the weakest catlady burn imaginable. If that's the best meme warfare Hillary's side can bring then they're up shit creek.

  4. The comments I've seen on Twitter from her defenders are total Kool-Aid drinking -- it's a brilliant move to rally her base.

    They're so insulated that they've come to think of their voter base as Millennial tranny anchor babies with college degrees, rather than liberal and moderate whites over the age of 40.

    Her tone-deaf campaign has been beating the drum of "everyone who disagrees with me is sexist and racist" the entire time, yet her base has never shown any signs of enthusiasm. If her base were so craving of that line of attack, *they* would be traveling and lining up for hours outside of *her* rallies, applauding and chanting when she went into her attacks.

    But Trump is targeting the elite politicians, while Crooked Hillary is turning on ordinary American people. In an anti-Establishment climate, nobody feels like slamming their fellow Americans -- they want to stick it to the powerful.

    They didn't even learn anything from their own side, with Bernie's rallies. He wasn't slamming non-liberal American citizens for being racist, sexist, bla bla bla. He was targeting the corrupt elites.

    It's lucky for us that not only is the enemy so clueless from insulation, they're too self-assured to bother learning from their own recent experiences.

  5. There's also minimal awareness among the bubble-bound media celebrities that it's self-defeating for a Presidential candidate to insult half of the American people -- when you know it's being televised, no less.

    The only folks I recall pointing out the strategic blunder (even though they resonate with the emotional attack on racist, sexist Trump supporters) were Chuck Todd, Steve Kornacki, and Olivia Nuzzi. Jake Tapper re-tweeted others saying it was a blunder.

    The others are either silent or brushing it aside as equivalent to "those insults Trump has been slinging all along" -- except he wasn't insulting ordinary American citizens or voters, but foreigners who invade our country, take our jobs, poison our youth by running drugs, kill our people, and fly planes into our skyscrapers. And the elite politicians and big business lobbyists who have rigged this betrayal of the American people.

    I hope the clueless media promotes the hell out of that clip, hoping to "rally the base" and alienate the remainder of moderates who are tenuously still supporting her.

  6. Random Dude on the Internet9/10/16, 2:43 PM

    Apparently Hillary's campaign realized how damaging her speech was and offered a non-apology apology:

    Much like Romney's 47% comment in 2012, it exposed an elitist sentiment that couldn't be more unappealing this election. With Gary's Aleppo moment, Jill Stein having an arrest warrant issued for her, and Hillary's basket of deplorables, Trump is now the most presidential and inclusive candidate running as of today.

    Cuckservatives need to have a "valid" reason for going back to Trump and they have it now.

    1. So Trump's twitter army has grown by at least 10% (he was around 10m in 2015) is my takeaway from that. So much for shutting his voice out.

  7. I'm afraid that Hillary has an unbeatable advantage in many locales: electronic voting machines.

    1. Not going to repost my comment from the other thread, but no, she doesn't. Obama 2012 probably is the max you can squeeze out of the system with fraud, and that was an incumbent who still had an energized core of volunteers. I.e., he was going to win anyway. I mean seriously, if you think any election where a Democrat wins at all is "fraud", then why the bleep are you bothering to vote instead of doing the various other things someone would do if they believed there were no D votes being cast at a winning rate.

  8. Robert, agnostic has talked about fears of election machine tampering as being overblown several times within the last month or so.

  9. Random Dude on the Internet9/10/16, 10:52 PM

    Voter fraud in all its forms will absolutely be a thing and I'm glad Trump and Roger Stone have brought enough attention to it where it put Hillary on the defensive. It won't eliminate it in its entirety but enough people are alert to it that it will stop several instances of fraud that otherwise would have taken place.

    1. Sure, it will be there, but the idea that it can make up a 5 or even (whee speculation) 10% popular vote deficit is smoking pakalolo.

  10. The "basket of deplorables" thing has the hallmarks of Hillary choosing to go with it over the advice of her staff. Again, Hillary is known for being autistic and ruining her own speechwriters' work by editing it to clunkier, "wonkier" phrasing, causing her staff to either roll their eyes or freak out in frustration.

    Much like her absolutely failed attempt to make the Alt-Right her new VRWC, the "basket of deplorables" strikes me as Hillary going against the advice of her staff and deciding to say this. I'll bet there are emails going back and forth from her staff to her begging her not to use this phrase, but the Sick SeaHag decided that she was in charge, and needed to say it. And half the staff got drunk that night to deal with her stupidity.

    Cialdini must be just there for the paycheck, because she's clearly not listening to him.


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