February 22, 2015

Cost-cutting at clinic by Jewish owner brought AIDS into America

Here's some interesting news from the never-ending campaign to re-direct the public's view of AIDS away from its homosexual propagators, and toward the original enablers who introduced the exotic disease into the modern Western world, before it went gay.

A new pop sci book, The Chimp and the River, is trying out a new trick of journalistic sleight-of-hand in shifting the blame for the AIDS epidemic -- in the very beginning, it was those white colonial powers who kept re-using dirty needles while treating Africans for tropical diseases. Transmission through re-used needles, in this view, spread the disease at decent levels before sexual transmission took over. If only those skinflint colonialists in the '50s had splurged for new needles every time, AIDS could have been nipped in the bud.

Now, AIDS didn't enter America, and from there the rest of the world, directly from Africa. It came from Haiti.

And in Haiti, mass recycling of needles was not part of a WASP-y campaign to treat third-worlders for tropical diseases. Rather, it was part of an efficiency-maximizing, cost-cutting business model designed by a Jewish New York stockbroker, where the needles were re-used during the collection of blood from "donors," i.e. poor Haitians selling their blood to the clinic, who then sold it on the American hospital market.

And in any case, merely recycling needles would not have introduced the disease to the gigantic North American population, but only kept the disease afloat among Haitians. The sale of contaminated blood on the American market, though, would have easily done the trick of spreading it beyond Haiti's borders.

(Remember that the next time you eat seafood that says Product of China.)

I had not realized who was behind "clinic zero," called Hemo-Caribbean, until reading this review in the NY Post of The Chimp and the River. Of course, the review didn't say who ran the clinic, but I smelled a rat in its vague description (my comment in brackets, and my emphasis):

But how does one infected Haitian lead to an outbreak that, according to 1982 blood tests, results in 7.8 percent of women in a Port-au-Prince slum having HIV? Again, [re-used] needles. In the early 1970s, a plasma-donation clinic, run by a Miami investor, opened in Haiti offering residents $3 per liter. Shared needles at this clinic likely increased the infection rates in Haiti and shipped the disease to the United States in frozen blood plasma. Research indicates that just a single migration of the virus — ­either one infected person or one container of plasma — accounted for bringing AIDS to America. “That sorry advent had occurred in 1969, plus or minus about three years,” Quammen writes.

You'd think that a non-profit or charitable group would operate a place like a plasma donation clinic. This one was "run by a Miami investor," i.e. one looking to buy low and sell high.

But it's hard to drive up the price that hospitals will pay for the blood being collected by your clinic, and easy to just pay a lot less to your plasma donor suppliers. He was only willing to shell out three bucks for a full liter of your human blood, or $1.42 per pint, the standard size of a donation. Adjusting for inflation, that would still only be about $8.66 per pint today. In fact, donors today receive around $30 per pint, so that penny-pincher was only paying about 30% of what today's going rate is.

Cutting costs means lowering quality, and the operator of "clinic zero" was obtaining and selling cruddy Haitian blood, some of which turned out to be contaminated with HIV. Oops. "Hey, how was I supposeda know? I told the hospitals: let the buyer beware! (Or maybe I left that part out...)"

All signs point to an Ashkenazi Jewish peddler, not a WASP-y colonial administrator type. The obsession with maximizing efficiency, cutting costs, shunning healthy first-world products in favor of shoddy third-world products, pulling a bait-and-switch on the unsuspecting hospitals who bought from him, and callous disregard for imperiling his host society. These traits are found among the goyim as well, but with nowhere near the same prevalence -- especially before the "greed is good" era -- and Jews are over-represented in the positions that could make such things happen.

Sure enough, the founder of the clinic zero was Joseph Gorenstein (I've also seen it spelled Gorinstein). His name has largely been lost to history, appearing in connection with Hemo-Caribbean clinic mostly in a handful of articles in the 1970s, before the AIDS epidemic.

In mainstream history since then, the blame has gone instead to Luckner Cambronne, a high-ranking official in the regime of Papa Doc Duvalier. But Cambronne was just the Haitian co-owner who was brought on board by the American investor-founder. Cambronne was a corrupt official of a toilet nation that had just given Gorenstein's clinic a 10-year concession contract to harvest Haitian blood for export to the US. Gorenstein was the founder and brains behind the operation; Haitians can't finance or operate much on their own, let alone found a new industry.

Here is a synopsis of the unlicensed and unregulated blood bank industry of the 1970s, from an opinion piece in the Pittsburgh Courier in '75 (my comments in brackets):

The procurers [of blood] offer immediate cash for donations. The collected plasma is sold at 400 per cent profit to hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. All too frequently, the donors are drug addicts and alcoholics who can transmit such diseases as hepatitis and malaria [and as it turned out, AIDS].

Because of the demand for more rigid inspection [i.e., here in America], the speculators turned to Haiti and other Caribbean countries. According to Perez, in 1971, a New York-Miami stockbroker, Joseph Gorenstein, opened the Hemo-Caribbean Co., with a 10-year concession to export plasma from Haiti, with the support of the Haitian government.

Business flourished until 1972 when adverse publicity prompted Haitian authorities to re-examine the company's operation. The contract was canceled when gross improprieties were found.

Those gross improprieties spread AIDS into North America, and from there it spread sexually to the whole world. We have uncovered the dark triad at the origin of AIDS: slimeball Jewish businessmen, corrupt black politicians, and promiscuous gay fudgepackers.

Epidemics like AIDS are a great example of what Nassim Taleb calls "black swan" phenomena. There's a small probability that something bad will happen, but the magnitude of that bad thing is unknowably large, and the bad thing fuels its own destructive growth rather than quickly burning out. Ignoring such huge risks just to save a few dollars is not just moronic but dangerous, as well as being unjust when those costs will be imposed on society at large rather than the individual decision-makers who brought them into being.

Taleb points to efficiency-maximizing as a recurring source of black swan blow-ups. The decision-makers believe they can reasonably quantify the expected costs of their plan, and redeem those costs by deriving an equal or greater benefit from the plan. But when the costs are unknowably large, they can do no such balancing act, and the prudent decision is simply not to "go there".

With epidemic diseases, usually it's a decision by politicians to let in hordes of foreigners and their exotic germs. This is an indirect influence of efficiency-maximizing business owners, who lobby the politicians for cheap foreign labor to keep their costs down. So what if it brings in the next Spanish Flu pandemic?

With AIDS, though, it's a clear case of a greedy profiteer directly introducing an epidemic disease through his efficiency-maximizing business model. "I gotta keep my costs down, so where else am I supposed to turn but Haitian ghettos for cheap plasma? Oy, it's hard out there to make a buck as a blood-monger!"

The Ashkenazi mind has been shaped by evolution for short-term profit in a foreign host society, so it will naturally produce these kinds of economic and political practices. Not in Israel, of course, where they would imperil their own kind. Their own nation is governed by the opposite standard of what they propose in the West -- fencing off the border, deporting African immigrants, restricting citizenship for ethnic in-group members, and so on.

Gentile minds are also capable of such behavior, but it is not as widespread or as callous and reckless, given that their own society will be affected.

The final solution is to not allow these kinds of practices at all -- sorry, Americans don't need cruddy Haitian blood, regardless of who is procuring and peddling it. But discussing shady business practices that can trigger such destructive outcomes as an AIDS epidemic requires being able to talk about how Jewish operators operate, compared to Gentiles, given their shallower attachment to America, and their outsized role in elite affairs.


  1. When I was on Twitter, Nassim Taleb was my favorite person to follow, the smartest. I'm not sure why he isn't brought up more at Steve's or at Unz generally, but he deserves to be (you, too, for that matter).
    That man sure does hate economists! He's only the second person, after Ron Unz, of whom I'm personally aware to question their status as intellectuals though Taleb is much more pointed and vociferous.

  2. Nice catch on the investor. The problem with health care being so corrupted by greed is now so much worse... More black swans? I believe so.
    (BTW, I hate how whiney my previous comment came off; there are lots of people who deserve more attention. No mystery.)

  3. Hating economists should be a prerequisite for NRxers of the Moldbug persuasion, at least. Though this is more due to the fact that practitioners of economics in its current form cannot fail to be mendacious, due to the fundamentally warped nature of their field of study.

    Maybe it's less about hating economics than hating one particular economist in his case.

    Which, come to think of it, is way more fun and informative to read, even if the first link is more correct in the abstract details of the general outline. The more ugly faces we can attach to the abstract evils of scale, economic-optimizer thinking, and the intellectually bankrupt but rent-seeker rich fields that put it into practice, the greater the realization that these evils can affect you now, rather than later, or at a far distance down the line.

  4. Blood from dozens of sellers was pooled and put into a ''huge centrifuge,'' the villagers said, where it was spun to separate the desired plasma. The remaining fraction, mainly red cells, was divided up and transfused back into the sellers, who felt the process to be healthful because it limited the blood loss.

    That highly unsanitary process meant that once one blood seller in a village was infected with H.I.V. or hepatitis, the rest were quick to catch the disease, since the viruses from other people's bodies rode along with the unwanted red cells back into their veins. Since the sellers were not losing red cells with each donation, which would have resulted in severe anemia, the method also disastrously meant that farmers could sell frequently -- raising their chance of infection.

    By the 90s,I don't know if the Chinese hadn't heard about how AIDS first got started.

    The Chinese ran a blood selling operation in which they collected blood into a huge pool, separated the blood components, and transfused the red blood cells from the collected pool back into the blood sellers! Because the blood sellers were getting red blood cells back every time they sold blood, they could sell their blood very frequently (e.g. a few times a month).

    Gross and deadly.

    I keep wanting to write blood donor, but it is blood seller.

  5. Taleb presents math and logic only as a formality of Hellenistic argument. He is fundamentally an old school Canaanite prophet. No wonder he isn't popular among the Pharisees.

  6. Agnostic,
    I had no idea how widely known, famous that is, and controversial til just after the response from Dystopia. Sheesh!
    I could not open up the above links, but dystopia's tone and passion told me I better dig a little. Googled moldbug and Taleb and....holy cow! Gold, goldbug, fed, banks, monetary supply.... I'm throwing this car in reverse and getting outta here, lol!

    I'm a chick...thoughts on the Fed, gold and currency I do not have.

    Seriously, I came across some tweet, I liked it, skimmed past opinions, and saw we were on the same wavelength. Followed. He became my favorite guy.
    I didn't even notice how huge his twitter following was... All this time I thought he was just some guy that was known only, somewhat, in the hbdsphere!

  7. I see half sigma/lion's next hoax: Goldbug Girl.
    With all his lessons learned, increasing sophistication, plus reaching the summit of nerdiness, he could do some real damage ;)

  8. Dystopia Max,
    What's an NRxer? Saw that term at my posting career.

  9. "The Ashkenazi mind has been shaped by evolution for short-term profit in a foreign host society, so it will naturally produce these kinds of economic and political practices."

    Funny you should mention this about the Others. Look into the main guy who started this ridiculous scam about saving the world from hostile artificial intelligences.

  10. "Gay fudgepacker" is redundant. Unless you were trying to distinguish them from straight women who also enjoy taking it up the butt.

  11. Percentage wise, there are just as many unethical, immoral non-Jews as there are unethical, immoral Jews. However the Jews tend to be smarter and so are more adept at their swindling.

  12. It's only a blood libel if it's false...


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