February 20, 2014

Slavic gynocracy gets whipped in the Caucasus

In case you haven't heard, the biggest news event of the 2014 Winter Olympics is that some band of Russian pseudo-skanks protested the government and got lashed with horse whips by Cossacks. "Look at us, our band's name has the word PUSSY in it!!!"

In the Russian culture of law, the members of Pussy Riot are formally charged with violating some rule, are found guilty, and are given a prison sentence. Over in the Caucasian culture of honor, homey don't play dat. The Cossacks owe much of their character to the general way things are done in the Caucasus.

If a woman shames herself, let alone in public, she isn't simply running afoul of some silly little law -- she's polluting the public sphere with shame. And she won't get formally charged because it needs to be stopped right now. Just knock them around a little bit, and they'll stop it. Problem solved -- no need to waste time, money, and energy to shut off the stream of pollution.

It's like if some drunken SOB is fucking around with people in a bar or club -- just team up on him, knock him down, and good-bye problem. Don't bother calling the cops.

Fortunately, the topless temperance activists of the Ukrainian group FEMEN have not bothered to protest the Olympics. I guess they felt they made a big enough splash last fall when two of then crashed a runway show, shrieking about how the fashion industry exploits women's bodies -- while running around with their tits out.

They explain that they must appear topless because otherwise no one would pay attention to their anti-patriarchal message. Typical of the rationalization of a culture of law. Who cares if you degrade and dishonor yourself in the process of broadcasting your message? "The ends justify the means" comes from the focus on contracts and laws, which are worked out in order to attain the explicit goals of us mere mortals. Only a culture of honor puts up barriers against human fulfillment if our mundane goal-seeking would disturb the supernatural order.

Pussy Riot and FEMEN are just two highly visible manifestations of Slavic gynocracy, akin to East Asian gynocracy ("tiger mothers," "dragon ladies"). An earlier post looked at the less spectacular but far broader phenomenon of mail-order brides in such cultures (i.e., intensive agriculturalists rather than (agro-)pastoralists). "Hey, whatever a woman's gotta do to make ends meet." Where else do you hear that excuse?


  1. "Just knock them around a little bit, and they'll stop it"
    Not sure how literally/specifically you intended this, but I'm going to predict this will recur. Many activists actually like creating a spectacle of their own persecution.

  2. FEMEN chapters who behave the same way are pretty big in Spain and France, apparently. Those Meds who'd never dishonor themselves, eh?

  3. Although you've said before about how the Slavs, Balts and Scandanavians respond to a culture of law and treat cultures of honor with contempt, to be defanged and shamed out of existance. Since these FEMENs are Slavic femmes, make the Slavic Russian response will work as a better control.

  4. Pussy Riot and Femen (like Tatu back in the naughts) are male engineered fantasy figures meant to pull in money from gullible westerners.

  5. On the "Pussy Riot" topic, let's set the record straight. We are told by the media that the communists only read "a statement" in a church and were arrested for that.

    1. They were masked when they invaded the church, with bare arms because they knew the church prohibits that as shameful in its buildings, they lifted their legs as if in a sexual act, etc. All to defile the church and break its rules. And did the media ever tell us what their "statement" was "protesting" in the church? Of course not. Here is the text they read, a mockery of a Holy Mary prayer:

    Holy shit, shit, Lord's shit!
    Holy shit, shit, Lord's shit!
    St. Maria, Virgin, become a feminist...
    Patriarch Gundyaev believes in Putin
    Bitch, you better believe in God

    So much for the lies about them "pleading to the Virgin Mary" etc.

    They insulted and offended churchgoers this way, so they broke the law against hooliganism. The same kind of laws exist in all countries, and most U.S. states. In Britain, if you insult someone's religious belief or race, you go to jail. Same kind of law. (In Britain the max penalty is fourteen years, in Russia only five.) This would be illegal in France, in Poland, in Germany, in most of the United States, etc.

    What if skinheads occupied a synagogue in the U.S. and shouted the same kind of insults, but against Judaism? What would the media say?

  6. 2. Pussy Riot is not a "band" as the media call it. It is a left-wing extremist group. They have held no concerts or recordings, they have never written a song. But yes, beginning in November 2011 they included some "music" in their defacings and attacks, so thus they are called a "band".

    Tolokonnikova, one of the women, has written a manifesto where she praises Karl Marx, Feuerbach, and various other communists.

    "Pussy Riot" is an outgrowth from the communist organization "Voina", which means "War" in Russian. They have open connections to the U.S. government-sponsored National Endowment for Democracy. For example, Oksana Chelysheva, one of the leaders, is also "Deputy Executive Director" of the Russian-Chechen Friendship Society, a strange pro-extremist outfit which is funded by the NED. Chelysheva also has other extensive US government ties through her leadership roles in other NED and George Soros-funded outfits like the Finnish-Russian Civic Forum and the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum.

    3. They openly admit that their acts are criminal. For example, aside from the "Holy shit, shit" masked shouting in the church, Voina/Pussy Riot have also done the following:

    --Attacked "capitalist" McDonald's staff by throwing live cats at them. An attack against innocent people, but also an act of animal cruelty.
    --Overturned police cars, once with a police officer in it.
    --Stolen a frozen chicken in a store and, in the store, inserted it in the vagina of one of the group's members
    --Firebombed property with petrol bombs
    --Staged full-penetration sex at a museum
    --Painted a penis on a St. Petersburg Bridge
    --Staged a hanging of an immigrant and a homosexual in a supermarket
    --Publicly spilled lage living cockroaches on the stomach of a pregnant member of the group (Tolokonnikova again)

    They have violated public decency laws many times. Russian authorities have been far more tolerant with this extremist groups' crimes than most Western countries would have been.

    Note: the Russian cathedral was destroyed by the communists in 1931. It was rebuilt in 1991 through private donations from millions of Russian Orthodox believers, at a time of extreme poverty. Orthodox believers were persecuted for decades by "Pussy Riot's" ideological brethren. Thousands of priests were murdered. The rebuilt Cathedral therefore has immense value, and it was this value the communists wanted to attack.

    When the communists were on trial, other members of the group used a chainsaw to destroy a large wooden cross raised as a memorial to Stalin's 60+ million victims. This to make clear they support the mass murders. They filmed the destruction to show how proud they were of their criminal actions.

  7. Video about this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBVtph48Fqc


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