March 30, 2012

The gay breathy voice

As girls have become more socially avoidant and bored by others, their voices have become creakier. A creaky voice, where lots of tension nearly blocks the flow of air, is the opposite of a breathy voice, where laxity allows an above-normal amount of air through. (A breathy and whispery voice are the same in that respect.) People use a creaky register when they want to distance themselves from their conversation partner, and a breathy or whispery voice when they want to draw them near.

The group where a breathy voice is pathologically common is queers, who cannot speak except in a super-breathy voice. It's one of their defining features, much more diagnostic than the sissy "s". This fits with their compulsion to constantly seek out more cocks to suck. To project that they're open to opening up to anyone, they broadcast their breathy voice to all within earshot. "Hey boysss, I'm over heeeere, come talk to me alreadyyyy..."

Just as the too-common creaky voice of girls shows how indiscriminately avoidant they are toward others, the too-common breathy voice of faggots shows how indiscriminately eager they are to bare it all to anyone at all. Normal people strike a balance between these opposite vocal registers, discriminating between situations where you want a person to get closer or farther away. But faggots don't care who showers them with attention, as long as someone does, so they constantly speak in a breathy voice to invite others -- any others -- over to get close.

The two principles that explain most of gay deviance is their Peter Pan-ism and their brains being like those of an addict. They pitifully seek out anyone who'll feed their drama queen craving for an attention fix, just as a junkie would do anything degrading for anyone as long as they gave them some drug money in return. Always using the breathy voice is then an aspect of their addictive tendencies, perhaps more usefully called "co-dependent" in this context. I don't see a Peter Pan angle here.

It also goes to show how phony the so-called friendships are between fag hags and their gay bffs. Listen to them speak and see if the girl reciprocates the gay's breathy voice with a breathy or whispery voice of her own, like two people sharing secrets while close together. I have to suffer hearing these conversations in (where else) Starbucks all the time, and you rarely hear the girl using a breathy voice -- just her usual creaky-croaky voice.

Fag hags don't see their gay friends as real people, but more like robots or simulated humans that they can't truly empathize with, something that gives the illusion of emotional connection without actually having to make themselves vulnerable (a signal of trust). That's obvious for sexuality -- their gay friend can never fall for them, ask them out, or make an awkward pass at them. But since they rarely use a breathy register with their gay friends, I don't think fag hags open up that much even to them. This way they can continue their socially avoidant cocooning while rationalizing it as social bonding: "Well in general people suck, but I'm incredibly close to all my gay friends."

I also notice very little touchy-feeliness between fag hags and their gay bffs, whereas normal friendships between males and females involve somewhat regular physical closeness. I don't think I've ever seen a fag hag sprint and leap into the arms of her gay friend, hold his hand, sit on his knee, or plop next to him and drape her legs over his. That may not happen every time a normal guy and girl friend meet up, but it's noticeable vs. absent over the long run.

And it's not just because normal guys and girls are channeling their sexual tension (which does not exist between a queer and a girl) into more approved behavior, though there is an element of that. This is the same kind of stuff a pre-pubescent girl would do with her father, as a form of daddy-daughter bonding. Fag hags don't see their gay friends in either way -- as a potential romantic partner or as someone who they trust and expect support from, at the level of close kin.


  1. Sorry. Off topic.

    I was reading this story in the tabloids about girl who try to look like dolls. There is something off in many pictures, but it's hard to say what exactly.


  2. I think in some of the pictures, the girls are wearing circle contact lenses, which make the iris appear much larger.

    I think it looks odd.

    When you look at women who have big eyes, it's the entire eye which is large, right, not just the iris?

    With a larger than normal iris, the girl just ends up looking like a baby.

  3. When you look at women who have big eyes, it's the entire eye which is large, right, not just the iris?

    With a larger than normal iris, the girl just ends up looking like a baby.

    Good point, that babies have relatively large irises, net of their big eye size.

    Does actually seem like women are trying to make themselves look like babies anyway what with e.g. the hairstyling giving them the illusion of a low face like babies have by hiding their forehead, angling the camera so their chin has an insignificant size compared to their face and forehead, like babies.

    I wonder if that's a continuation of sexual dimorphism - girls having somewhat more baby faces than men (although with differences, like babies having a short nose [ - distance g-sn) and women having a nose proportionate to their relatively longer face - or if it's more of an infantilisation trend.

    It's imported from Japan of course, but becoming relatively more popular in the West now might fit in with agnostic's described social and sexual advoidance trends and the trend for people to be less interested in mating characteristics that identify adolescents and young adults from older and younger people (kids, older mothers and fathers).

  4. Yeah, seems like the iris is blocking out too much of the white part. Eyes like two moons, or like saucers, means a lot of white. We talk about jewel-like eyes, but that's more how brilliant the color is, not how large the iris is.

    As far as I can see, that look hasn't fully caught on in America yet, aside from the super-straight and thinned-out-looking hair. That also makes them look too young. Seems like you've got your thickest head of hair as an adolescent and young adult.

    The nubile babe keeps fading from American pop culture. They're either too old (the whole MILF, cougar, desperate housewives trend) or too young (the pedomorphic trend above).

    And even when they are the right age, their personality and behavior goes off in those too-old or too-young directions, the "young fogey" trend and the mousy boys-are-yucky trend.

    It didn't used to be so hard to find girls who were ripe-looking, and who were warm and inviting, boy-crazy but not slutty.


    That's more like it.

  5. "The nubile babe keeps fading from American pop culture. They're either too old (the whole MILF, cougar, desperate housewives trend) or too young (the pedomorphic trend above)."

    Why do you think that is?

  6. I disagree with this. The relationships I've had with my best gay boyfriends have been very physical and intimate. We hold hands and kiss (though not normally in the french style) and yes, I will sit on his lap, jump into his arms, all of that! I regret that it seems impossible to have this kind of relationship with my straight girlfriends because it might be nice! But what I like about my best gay boyfriends is that they never seem to mind the affection and that it will never ever lead to sex. I feel much more free to express myself when I know it will never lead to sex or discussions about "our relationship" and that kind of thing. Plus, I keep my freedom and independence. I do worry one day that if we never breakup (because I have had breakups) whether his new boyfriend will not be jealous of the bond we share. I think I just prefer to engage with a gay men, and especially the type that will tolerate my wild and passionate personality because sex is never part of the equation. And I'm just happier this way.


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