September 17, 2010

Scenes of conflict along the black / Mexican border within southern California

If consuming the mass media made you better informed about important things, everyone in America would know about the turf wars between blacks and Mexicans in southern California over the past 20 years. But to the average east coast reader of the NYT, these ongoing struggles would only appear as so much feuding between two groups of faraway low-lives. Therefore no one has a clue, except those in the area who have a much more personal interest, and who the local news teams will cater to.

We ignore border or frontier conflicts at our peril, since whoever triumphs at the periphery may soon march into the center. Even if those living in the center are so decadent that they've resigned themselves to being overtaken -- peacefully through demographic replacement or perhaps not so peacefully -- you'd think they would at least care who was going to invade and replace them. If you were a Persian living in the Khwarezmid Empire, wouldn't you care about who seemed to be getting the upper hand between the Mongols and various western and northern Chinese groups? Nah, nothing to worry about...

I wonder whether the provincial east coast sophisticates of the 19th C took no interest in the battles between Europeans and Plains Indians farther out west.

Whenever the topic of Compton comes up, Steve Sailer always makes sure to mention that 20 years ago it was black (Straight Outta Compton) but now is Mexican. Probably most of that is due to the Hispanic baby boom after the mid-'80s amnesty. Most people outside southern California would not know that from what they've read or seen from the media in the meantime. So let's turn to local news clips from YouTube for a better understanding.

First, here's what must be one of the first black vs. Mexican conflicts, in 1990 at Inglewood High School.

Second, here's the picture as of the late '90s / early 2000s, looking at strife between black vs. Mexican gangs.

Last, here's the story as of the mid-late 2000s in Pasadena. Notice those hate crime statistics: most Hispanic victims were targeted by blacks, and most black victims were targeted by Hispanics. When a black college student stages a hoax about white racists and alleged hate crimes, the east coast media -- responding to the desires of their readership -- fall over themselves to cover the hoax. But when real blacks are killed in true hate crimes, it's boring news because it's only Hispanic gang members bumping them off, not some Nordic supervillain.


  1. What hoax are you referring to?

  2. same with the rate at which blacks rape whites versus the rate at which whites rape blacks.

    it's a huuuuuuge disparity.


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