January 22, 2010

Using google to see which races people think are good-looking

Using Google's automatic suggested list thingie, here are the results relating to Persians:

Why are persians rich
Why are persian women so beautiful

Same if you use Iranians:

Why are iranian women so beautiful
Why are iranians white
Why are iranians not arabs
Why are iranians protesting

Also the Lebanese:

Why are lebanese women so beautiful

As well as Israelis:

Why are israeli women so hot
Why are israeli women so beautiful

And the Mormons (notice the age difference):

Why are mormon girls so hot

Doesn't work for Turkish, Palestinian, Syrian, Jordanian, Arab, or Armenian women, or any women from North African countries, nor from other Gulf countries. No luck for Afghanistan or Pakistan, although Indian women get good and bad valuations:

Why are indian girls so pretty
Why are indian women so beautiful
Why are indian girls so ugly

Indian people are all over the place physically, so it's no surprise that some people vote yay and others nay. But Lebanese and Persian women are not so diverse among themselves, so there's an ideal type there. And given that there is no generic Middle Eastern bias, we conclude that Lebanese and Persian girls really are something special, something I always knew. And while trying out the search for Moroccan women, I stumbled upon the so-hotness of Mormon girls.

If you're bored, try out some other part of the world and report what's up in the comments.


  1. why are canadian girls so hot

    BTW, did you see the Google suggest stuff over here...

  2. I'll try South America:

    why are colombian women so beautiful
    why are colombian women so hot

    why are peruvians ugly

    why are brazilian women so beautiful
    why are brazilians so beautiful

    why are argentinians white
    why are argentinians so arrogant

    why are mexicans so ugly
    why are mexicans so perverted

    why are dominicans so loud
    why are dominicans black


  3. I was trying to find a counter-example, so I did "why are fat people..." "always hot" was maybe the seventh suggestion. Aha! Then I realized they meant always overheated.

  4. Don't draw too many conclusion from Google's automatic suggestions. It's clear that they're doctored in some cases.


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