June 12, 2022

Today's public booba flashing report, and the return of outgoing / rising-crime times (Feral Girl Summer)

Tonight I received further confirmation that the outgoing, wild, rising-crime climate is indeed back in full swing, after having been in a cocooning / falling-crime phase from roughly 1990 to 2020. Now it's back to the climate of 1960 to 1990, starting at the beginning of course, not the climax of that wave.

As I was driving through the city, traffic was slow -- after 10pm on Saturday night, on the main avenue for nightlife. Coming down the other lane, there's someone on top of a car -- no, hold on, as it pulls closer, it's a young babe hoisting her crop-top all the way up to her collarbone, jumbo jugs just a-jumblin', up and down, up and down, above her smooth slender tummy, beating against her ribcage like a primate pounding its chest.

She's standing straight up through the sun-roof, big hair waving off to either side of her face.

And she's not looking down at any of the pedestrians, but staring coolly ahead, like a fighter advancing toward some ring further down the street, eyes narrowed to intimidate her opponent. The audience is cheering on their hero from the stands within the arena of the main drag, all whipped up for this Saturday-night showdown.

Only there is no scheduled main event, no street festival, no outdoor concert, no occasion of any kind that would encourage this kind of spectacle. She is doing it because she just felt like it, and couldn't contain herself. She came out to hype up the crowd for the return of public exhibitionism -- not to thirst-trap or horny-post IRL, but simply to feed the do-what-you-feel zeitgeist.

She was lowering the inhibitions of the crowd by leading by example: if she can do that, then surely anything just shy of that is OK as well for us to do, if we're not as adventurous as she is. Before long, it will become totally normalized, in a way that would've seemed to come from some alternate dimension just five years ago, during the depths of the #MeToo hysteria -- "Yep, there goes another booba-bouncer who's standing through the roof, it must be Saturday night..."

I have not seen anything like that in my life. Maybe if I'd gone to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, or whatever, but not just coming down the main street of a flyover city, with no external reason for debauchery. And even the flashers at Mardi Gras are only doing it momentarily, directed at specific individuals, to get those beads -- not leaving them exposed indefinitely, to the crowd in general, slamming repeatedly against their body, for nothing at all in exchange.

Nor was it a case of a sloppy drunk whose top was falling down, which she was too dazed to fix. She held her balance standing up in a moving car, deliberately lifting her top -- purely for exhibitionism.

Also unlike garden-variety exhibitionism, neither she nor anyone else was taking pictures or recording video for uploading to a social media platform. I'm sure that as a Zoomer she was inspired by the "Feral Girl Summer" trend on TikTok, but she clearly could not post what she was doing to any online platform (too salacious for social media, not sexual enough for porn sites). This is a purely IRL phenomenon.

Wild times are coming back, people.

* * *

If you started reading this blog anytime after 2012, you might not have read my extensive, in-depth series on the outgoing / rising-crime vs. cocooning / falling-crime cycle. I began that in late 2009, and made it the main theme through 2012, with occasional posts after that.

I predicted, from the timing of past cycles, that cocooning and falling-crime would last through about 2017, and rise after that. Off by only a year or so, as I distinctly remember all the public catcalling toward me by young babes in their cars in late 2019 (wrote a few posts on that at the time). And the soaring crime rates as of 2020 speak for themselves.

This is more than just the shifting of phases within the 15-year excitement cycle, from vulnerable to restless, as of 2020. The last restless phase, 2005-'09, did not feature this level of public exhibitionism, even remotely.

I covered pretty much every social and cultural topic, high and low, big and small, in the context of the crime-and-cocooning cycle. And sure enough, public exhibitionism and nudity was one such topic.

Here is the first one, on the disappearance of flashing and streaking.

Next one on the cohort effect, where nudism in cocooning times was only being kept alive by increasingly older people, who were young when it was in. That's the crucial difference for tonight's spectacle -- no way was she over 25, let alone a Boomer of 65 who had done some flashing and streaking back in the '70s.

Follow-up on the increasingly gray-haired clientele of swingers' clubs. Give current trends a decade or so, and it'll be 20- and 30-somethings again.

Lastly, not about exhibitionism per se, but public nudity, where showering naked in public (such as after gym class in schools) disappeared quickly.

There's all kinds of related topics I covered back then -- just navigate through the archives by year on the sidebar at the right, pick any month at random, and skim through the post titles. If you can think of it, I've already written about it, over a decade ago. :)

Butts vs. boobs, thicc vs. skinny, douching and shaving down there vs. going au naturel -- you name it, I covered it. I covered all sorts of non-sexual topics, too, but in case this post piqued your curiosity.

Incidentally, it's also relevant that tonight's girl was skinny and flashing her boobs -- not a thicc PAWG twerking her bare buns. Outgoing / rising-crime climates focus more on boobs than butts, and idealize skinny rather than thicc girls (this is reflected in actual body shapes as well, not just what is considered attractive).

It's bittersweet for an assman like moi, since I enjoy the outgoing climate better. However, judging from the last rising-crime period, there were still fairly thicc butt-girls through the first decade of the wave, i.e. the '60s. But their numbers were declining, and by the '70s, '80s, and early '90s, the voluptuous va-va-voom women of the falling-crime Midcentury were nowhere to be found.

We hate to see them go, but love to watch them leave...


  1. Do you expect to see wholesome ditzes like this return as well?


  2. I'm writing a femme fatale / hate-fuck song about AOC, God help me.

  3. Gurl I want to max your stats,
    Max till you can't max no more,
    And if you rare drop,
    I'm gonna grind it some more

    Gurl I want to max your stats,
    Max till you can't max no more,
    And if you rare drop,
    I'm gonna grind it,
    Grind it, grind it some moooorrre


  4. Fauna also quoting "Honky Tonk Badonkadonk" on stream tonight. :)

    Lord have mercy, how'd she even get that rigging on?

    Really love these SNOTcast streams, like the Devour one that kicked it off. It's like being invited to a slumber party -- and not one where they're all moody and sniping at each other the whole night, but where it's a neverending giggle-fest and acting naughty (wholesome naughty, not that other kind of naughty).

    It's part of girl-world that guys usually never get to experience, unless they have sisters of that age.

    In ye olden days, a group of guys would get together to spy on / crash the girls' slumber party. Or so I saw on TV (Saved by the Bell from the early '90s).

    One of the tropes of that situation was that, once the girls figured out that the guys were watching them, they'd exaggerate their behavior just to instigate the guys. They weren't actual exhibitionists or anything like that, they just had fun provoking the guys, who were unaware that they were being toyed around with.

    Then the girls would reveal that they knew they were being watched, and the guys had to come out of hiding, like "So you knew we were here all along???" And the girls would say, "Busted!" or whatever.

    It was more of a wholesome game of girls-chase-boys / boys-chase-girls, or the guys getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar, not a pervy peeping tom scenario.

    That's what it feels like tuning into these slumber-party streams. The chat, 99% of whom are guys, think they're just up for a night of good ol' fashioned voyeurism, only to have the girls tease and mess around with them, knowing that they're being watched by da boyz.

    Making their characters toot while hiding in a horror game, sharing Bug of the Day memes in the group chat, or discussing the depths of belly buttons.

    "Oh nyo, chat, you thought us girls just practiced making out with each other at these sleepovers, did you? Sorry to disappoint you, uwu..."

    And it's not an on-the-nose "subversion of expectations". It's just revealing the truth -- girls have an earthy sense of humor and naughty sense of fun, too. And there is still the fulfillment of those expectations, like Mumei joking about doing a mating dance to avoid Gura's attempt to kill her. "Why a MATING dance??!?!" Hehe.


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