December 17, 2021

"Thank You For Being a Fren" (theme song to The Golden Groyps)

Another tribute to the cozy original groypers (not the spergy poser closet cases). Still seems appropriate for Christmastime, as an extension of Thanksgiving and the whole bundled-up by the fireplace with a cat napping on your lap season.

Not a direct participant in their scene, but impossible not to value even from observer status.

It's possible one of them has made this play on the theme song to the Golden Girls, but most of their accounts are suspended on Twitter, so it's hard to check and see. If they haven't, it would go great with their animated memes, since they resonate with that soft side of the '80s (the late '80s Weather Channel / New Age vibe).

Pronunciation guide: stress / extra length on "to" in the 5th line.

* * *

Thank you for being a fren
Held my hand when I got banned again
Your art's a hoot
You're a calmposting boss anon

You hollered to the froggies
Invited us for tea & tunes
In your feed, a cozy Christmas vid from me
And its soundtrack softly plays
"Thank You For Being a Fren"


  1. Only $5 for a 6' Fraser fir, right outside the supermarket! Originally $50, guess they weren't selling well this year, must be because most people are still to obsessed with the fake pandemic to celebrate Christmas properly.

    They've been sitting out for a bit, so some leaves to remove before taking it inside, but overall no big deal. Just sawed off the bottom to make it level, and the top to fit the night-light angel ornament (my grandmother's from the Midcentury).

    And the tree stand is all steel, Made in USA! A thrift store find from 2015 for a few bucks (with its original box, with Boomers and probably Millennial children on the packaging -- back before they both went libtarded under Trump -- so wholesome!)

    I had to settle for one of those table-top trees with its own stand last year, which was still a welcome addition to the living room. But even better when it's a proper tree, needing the metal stand. :)

    Gonna let it acclimate tonight, then put the ornaments, lights, etc., on it tomorrow night. Do you have vintage ornaments, whether from your own childhood or not? Only way to do it!

    My cat is in hog heaven, too, now that he has a new outdoor scent to sniff, and a tree skirt to sleep on, like the perfect present that he is.

    Like I always say, Christmas and all holidays are so much more exciting when you get them started close to the actual day, so it packs all the energy into a brief time, rather than get so bored and habituated to it if you start celebrating it a month ahead of time.

    This sucker isn't coming down until at least after New Year's, either! Maybe not until Valentine's Day!

    That's how you do it -- compress all the energy until just ahead of the day, then there's a huge explosion of excitement, then you get to bask in the glow forever after. Whereas all you suckers who broke out the decorations on Black Friday, are going to sweep everything out the door on the day after Christmas.

    Too bad, so sad, hoes mad!

  2. Our sympathies for Aimee. May he rest in peace.

  3. A commenter asks about a certain forum and its creator / mod, which has gone offline (or so it seems?). No, I don't know where they are now, or if they are out there somewhere, how to reach them.

    Like the social media apocalypse in general -- meaning, the apocalypse of web 2.0 caused by the migration to social media platforms -- I'm sure the few people who would know are on Twitter.


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