September 18, 2021

Nicki Minaj anti-mandate tribute (to "Starships")

COVID clampdown critic queen, Nicki Minaj, has been on a tear lately. As tribute to a pop culture mega-star who actually deserves praise for being "stunning and brave," I've adapted the lyrics to her party anthem "Starships" (2012). Just the first half of the song, since I'm in a rush to get it out while still topical.

I've always been a huge fan of this song, having danced to it every weekend in the clubs back when it came out. I didn't know it was by her until recently, as happens with many club bangers that I didn't look up outside of the club.

That must be why the critics were only half-pleased with the album it's from, as it emphasizes dance songs and not just rapping. Music critics are verbal cerebral nerds who are tone-deaf and have two left feet, so they ignore melody and rhythm and focus only on lyrics -- which rapping entirely consists of, to their relief. Anything that reminds them of how intimately connected music and dance are with each other, just makes them stew in resentment. Also, dance music is so carefree and uplifting, and that frustrates the minds of the neurotics and depressives who make up the critic cartel.

They can never join in the reindeer games with the cool crowd, and have to sulk in the corner table of the cafeteria just like they did back in high school. Sad!

Pronunciation guide: a little poetic license in shifting the stress to the second syllable in "mandates" (man-DATES).

* * *

Got freedom of speech, preach, so fuck the mandates
Blame game, we ain't gonna play
Don't blink, on the brink, and hold onto your rights
Bad bitches, don't be Big Pharma-compliant

Drones groan while huddled in their homes
I'm a grown ass hoe, so leave my bod alone
Booster two, three? Not even the tip
COVID's a cold, and I don't give two shits

We're more informed, informed
Than the bluecheck ants
We know the score, score
About their pointless plans
So get in form, form
To fight the Man
We'll settle scores, scores
If they tie our hands

Our lips were meant to smile
Masks off, and free your mind
Vax laws must be defied
Step up and hold the line

Our lips were meant to smile
Masks off, and free your mind
Step up and hold the line
Vax laws?

Defiant as a mothafucka
Defiant as a mothafucka
Defiant as a mothafucka


  1. Hi, hope you like this. I'm Australian and at the end, there's a reference to 1980 since we were a hell of a lot freer here back then.
    With apologies to Rocky Burnette,
    Baby I'm tired of COVID lies
    Shove your masks and QR codes where the sun don't shine
    Don't know why you wanna poison me
    Baby, baby, baby
    Get outta my life!
    Baby, I
    I'm gonna vote for someone new
    The tally had better be true
    And no more toein' the line
    You should know it's over
    But you don't see the signs
    Prison clothes will be your new attire!
    I'm tired of toeing the line
    You want to get rid of me
    But Baby, baby, baby
    I'm doing fine
    I'm tired of toein' the line
    You'll reap the whirlwind now
    And no more toein' the line
    Baby I'm tired of toein' the line
    Freedoms of 1980 now and no more toein' the line!

  2. We're about to see if Canada still has real elections. The UK elections of 2019 were not stolen because they came before the 2020 precedent set by the center of the Anglosphere.

    But tonight's election in Canada follows on the heels of the Great Ballot Counting Stoppage of election night 2020 in America.

    I know Canada is libtarded, and Toronto is basically Tumblr: The City. (Imagine the hick-lib phenomenon of the American Midwest, on crack). So they very well could vote in the Libs legitimately.

    I'm talking about flagrant "irregularities" like stopping the counting of ballots in a large city, a la Philadelphia et al. in 2020.

    We will see soon enough. Didn't want to post this beforehand in case it would demoralize Canuck readers from voting.

  3. Hi, you have some interesting posts, but some of them are from a while back. Do you receive notifications for comments on past posts?

  4. All comments go into the moderation queue, so I'll see them no matter when the post is from.

    If it's for an old one, approving it depends on how interesting / relevant it is right now. But I'll probably approve it unless it's trying to start a gay & retarded flame war over an ancient topic.


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