June 1, 2021

Why are fag hags never PAWGs, but only super-skinnies or mega-fatties?

An old post looked at the main reason why women become fag hags — to adopt a surrogate child, when they are unable to find a man to give them a baby for real. Gays are neotenous or pedomorphic, meaning they resemble pre-pubescent boys, both physically and especially psychologically ("ewww, girls are yucky"). Lesbians are the other way around, resembling peri-menopausal women, and are therefore more mature physically and psychologically. So if a woman wants to adopt a child-like creature (other than a pet), she cannot befriend lesbians, but only gays.

Having said that, there are other secondary reasons that some women prefer the company of gays over straight guys. One pattern that just struck me is that you only ever see and hear about fag hags who are on either extreme of the BMI spectrum — super-skinnies or mega-fatties. Normal weight, thicc, curvaceous PAWGs are just never going to restrict their male acquaintances to gays only. They're perfectly fine interacting with straight guys.

What explains this bimodal distribution of fag hags by body type? Well, they're the farthest away from the ideal female body type in the eyes of the only group who gets to determine that standard — straight guys, especially the hot ones — whereas PAWGs are smack dab in the ideal shape range.

That suggests that another key reason why women avoid straight guys and prefer gay friends is that they do not want to be reminded of their less-than-ideal shape. Gays do not want their body, or any other woman's body, so they will never send a positive or negative signal about her physical desirability. Straight guys, on the other hand, will frequently give off signals, however involuntary and subtle (or not, as the case may be), reacting to the woman's shape.

Over time, the super-skinnies will develop an implicit understanding that their straight guy friends and acquaintances don't find them to be the ideal shape. Indeed, if the guys comment openly at all, it will be to the effect of, "You could be so hot if you'd just put on 20 pounds and really fill out your jeans" (suicide material for the thinspo crowd).

Ditto for the mega-fatties, who probably already know they're not ideal, but still do not want to be reminded all the time that straight guys don't react to them in a horned-up way. They too do not want to hear the occasional comment about changing their shape: "You could be so hot if you'd just lose 40 pounds" (an indignation for women who want to shove carbs in their face all day every day).

And so, the only way to avoid these negative reminders of their not-very-ideal shape is to eschew the company of straight guys to the greatest extent possible, and rely on gays if they must associate with the opposite sex.

Thicc girls with hourglass figures would never receive such negative feedback about their shape, so they're perfectly fine with hanging around straight guys. Not necessarily the "I can only be friends with guys, not other girls" type, just that they have no problem associating with us.

Some of them may enjoy the positive feedback, and prefer being in our company as often as possible. Others may be more shy about all the drooling tongues they're going to provoke, and try to cover up their shape — but even these ones will not feel bitter or resentful toward straight guys, so they will not seek the comforting social rescue of a fully gay circle of friends, like the fag hag coping mechanism.

And of course, not all of the super-skinnies and mega-fatties become fag hags. Some of them are humble and accepting of reality, and don't mind the constant reminders from straight guy friends that they could be so much hotter if only they'd radically alter their shape. What I'm saying is that these not-ideal types are clearly more driven to become fag hags, so they will make up the vast majority of them.

This explains why some types of girls, who you would expect to be very gay-friendly, wind up not having many gays in their circle. Pornstars and strippers are part of a broader group of people who are sexually permissive and/or deviant, including gays. And yet they don't really associate with each other because those girls are more of the ideally sexy body shape.

Then there are the lesbians, who are more likely to be normal weight, even PAWGs, than anorexic or morbidly obese. And they famously cannot stand being around gays for very long (and vice versa). They don't mind hanging around straight guys, though, which again is not to say they prefer us as friends. Just that they don't feel the repulsion and urge to withdraw from us, out of existential dread about their shape. You'd think if any group of women would be repulsed by straight guys, it would be lesbians, but it's actually the super-skinny and mega-fattie straight girls who are.

Is this internalized homophobia ripping apart the "LGBTQ community"? No, it's just lesbians feeling more secure about their body shape, compared to anorexic or obese straight women, and not needing to flee into the non-judgmental arms of gay guys. And lesbians are not more secure about their bodies for delusional reasons — they actually are closer to the ideal female body shape than are the super-skinnies or mega-fatties.

Nor is this due to lesbians not needing some kind of male approval. If they felt like avoiding those who might remind them of their lack of physical desirability, they would avoid their fellow lesbians! Lesbians, not just straight guys, are judges of the ideal female shape, and they're the only such judges that a lesbian would actually feel stung by if treated as not-so-ideal physically.

If a lesbian truly felt the same need to protect her ego regarding body shape as super-skinny and mega-fattie straight girls, she would befriend straight women. None of them would be attracted to the lesbian, and therefore would not give off good or bad feedback about her sexual desirability.

Lesbians seeking ego protection about sexual desirability would never hang out with female-attracted people — other lesbians, or straight guys — and yet they do. Some even prefer those two groups for their social circle.

Conclusion: lesbians are not hung up about their body shape, probably because it's not the polar opposite of ideal in either direction. And sure enough, they're more of the corporeal butt girl type, less so the cerebral boob girl type (just the way hot straight guys like 'em).


  1. Lmfaoooo you always send me with these reads!!!! I"m a fag (well, mtf tranny) and yup my girl friends have always happened to be fat bitches, although i never plan it that way. they r really fun and kno how 2 enjoy life in excess. do men really not like super skinny girls?? i thought that was a lie to get mid-size baddies to phuck them

  2. I had heard lesbians were more likely to be obese:
    I think I first heard that from the Danimal via Ilkka Kokkarinen, though that blog is no longer accessible. He had some armchair psychologizing about that.

    Little boys who find girls icky don't befriend girls. So why would adult gays?

  3. That just means lesbians are thicc on average, so more of them (in the extreme tail) will exceed the obese threshold.

    Gays befriend fag-hags because they're not looking for opposite-sex peers -- which as you mention, little boys avoid. They're looking for a big sister, fun babysitter, mama bear, or other kind of allo-mother, to make them feel unconditionally loved and respected, as maternal-type figures make you feel.

    And that is definitely a feminine role that little boys want in their life.


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