June 4, 2021

Lesbian normality vs. fag-hag abnormality, further details and cases

Continuing the theme of the last post, here's PAWG-alicious lesbian Dua Lipa straddling the border between gay and lesbo culture, as usual, in the newest video for "Love Again":

On the one hand, it's a disco sound (required of the restless warm-up phase of the excitement cycle, beginning in 2020), she's wearing a cowboy hat, and there are Village People inspired back-up dancers.

On the other hand, she's got modest boobs and a thicc ass, is comfortable in her body to the point of exuding sex appeal and charisma (one of the few lesbians who gets straight guys horned up), not some type of neurotic body dysmorphia (super-skinny or mega-fattie). She's not a notorious fag-hag, despite making danceclub music.

Related: she's the only member of the Albo mafia to not bleach her dark eastern Mediterranean tresses. That's comfort in her body-as-it-is, knowing it's hotter than bleaching -- which is more of a gay or fag-hag thing.

Gay guys bleach their hair or frost their tips (part of their broader syndrome of body dysmorphia, which they share with their fag-hag BFFs), whereas lesbians do not.

Fag hags like Madonna, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, et al. are much more likely to lighten their hair, even if they're already dark-blonde (like Christina Aguilera going platinum blonde).

Isn't Dasha from the Red Scare podcast a natural brunette? But no blonde dye job for fellow anti-woke left brunette Slav, Heather Habsburg -- who is a lesbian! Hehe.

Aging-but-trying-to-stay-young women also lighten their hair, another typical fag-hag demo who are, typically, looking to avoid the straight male gaze that would remind them of their sub-ideal attractiveness level (due to aging). Lesbians are peri-menopausal, hence "aging" in some sense, but fine with it and not desperately trying to reverse it.

Lightening your hair is one of those girls-vs.-other-girls contests, like getting an eating disorder or spending big bucks on high-heeled shoes -- not an attracting-mates behavior.

Lesbians may have a somewhat catty personality, like all women, but they don't go off the deep end with those competing-against-other-women contests. All part of lesbians being peri-menopausal (the opposite of neotenous gays), when you're done competing and are settling into a grandmotherly serene stage of life.

Less careerist, more slacker or blue-collar (at least in affectation). Healthy weight, natural hair, natural hair elsewhere too for that matter, sensible / practical footwear (could be pretty or stylish, but not high-fashion)...

NO FAKE TITS, how could I forget that one? Boob jobs are not meant to attract mates, since it only targets boob men, and even they don't like the rock-hard fake bolt-ons IRL. It's used in women's pecking-order games of who has the biggest cup size. Notice women don't compete over who has the most thicc and juicy ass -- that's for attracting mates, just like the primate gods intended!

Lesbians continue to be the pleasant surprise among the non-hetero population, and naturally the least promoted by the LGBTQCIA mafia during Pride Month, the parades, and the rest of the normalizing-abnormality spectacle.


  1. This dovetails with fag-hags glamorizing abjection (mattress on the floor, moldy half-consumed beverages everywhere squalor), while lesbians romanticize wholesomeness (cottagecore).

    Dysmorphia among fag-hags is not what normal people would do, i.e. if someone felt less-than-hot and wanted to become more-hot. Fag-hags may start closer to the ideal shape, but that creeps them out, so they endeavor to uglify themselves somewhat...

    Not to the point of making themselves downright disgusting, but deliberately, surgically removing a point or two on the 10-point hotness scale. Choosing to introduce imperfections. Some by starving, some by obesifying.

    They could choose to live in a charming home, but strive to subtract those points by having crap strewn all over the place, no bed frame or even box spring, and the rest of the abject aesthetic.

    It's also a coping mechanism during neoliberalism's deteriorating standard of living, as during the first Gilded Age and their glamorization of waifs and suicidal Ophelia types. It's not being forced on me by larger societal material forces and impersonal processes -- no, I am CHOOSING to live in squalor and look uglier than I could be. It gives me autonomy, hence a semblance of control and dignity, rather than slave-like humiliation.

    Lesbians are like the humanistic reaction to Gilded Age squalor -- the Arts & Crafts movement, back to nature, etc. Societal forces suck more and more out of us, but we can choose to counteract that, however minor of a ripple it may cause at the top levels.

    It still gives you choice, autonomy, and dignity, but it's not just accepting the falling standard of living -- in fact, the opposite, demanding and seeking out a more humane, healthy, fulfilling life.

  2. Again, no surprise whose worldview, aesthetic, and behaviors get amplified by the parasitic elites responsible for our falling standard of living. Lesbians are more and more invisible by the day, while fag-hags and their gay BFFs have totally taken over within pop culture.

  3. Lesbians continue to be the pleasant surprise among the non-hetero population, and naturally the least promoted by the LGBTQCIA mafia

    This may explain why when the Aristos set the serfs at each other with DIE dance, to maintain rain the status quo ante, the only ones who come out ahead are the lesbians. That stunning first-ever black woman (Seattle Police Chief) or gay (Directed of the 2nd largest library system in the U.S.) get the axe right off.

  4. N.B. We can also chose to regain autonomy ala To Althea From Prison, by embracing truth, beauty, and virtue. I recommend it.


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