January 23, 2021

Lesbians are bashful, not lusty, showing more mature behavior than straight peers

TikTok videos of girls experiencing "gay panic" show that lesbians are bashful and coquettish when they're around someone they're attracted to -- very feminine. Another nail in the coffin of the "lesbians are masculinized" theory.

Homosexual syndrome is not about a person's sex-and-gender qualities, but about what unusual developmental stage they're in. Gays are stuck in the "ewww, girls are yucky" stage of 5 year-old boys, while lesbians are like peri-menopausal women.

That's why even the teen / early 20s lesbians on TikTok are more inhibited than their peers, when they see someone hot. The typical horny youth thing to do would be cranking up their attention-seeking behaviors, or outright pursuing the hot person. Yes, straight girls do that too at that age, not just straight guys.

Lesbians, though, go the bashful route -- fluffing their hair, making eye-contact, etc., but in a less conspicuous way, and in a less sustained way. It's not the full-on assault that a straight girl would direct toward a random hot guy.

Rather, "gay panic" -- really, lesbian panic -- looks like a spinster librarian who's just become the object of flirtation from some random hot bibliophile. Or a schoolteacher when a random hot dad flirts with her at the PTA meeting, or a buttoned-up married-with-children suburban housewife when the random hot delivery guy smiles and cracks a few jokes with her.

There's a horniness underneath, but it's muted when it reaches the surface, and the self-aware shocked expression conveys the sense that it's out of character for her to be feeling so distractedly horny. "But I'm a librarian / teacher / housewife..." Likewise, "But I'm a lesbian..." She's not supposed to feel that horned up, as a woman in a peri-menopausal state. She should be close to checking out of horniness for good.

And so, "gay panic": the initial jolt of horniness, the panic that she's not supposed to be feeling that, and then the inhibition to dial down its overt expression to make it more socially approved for a woman in a mature, rather than adolescent, stage of development -- bashful and coquettish, not wild and lusty.

Why do lesbians have to be so adorable?


  1. I also think that 'corporeals' and 'cerebrals' have different seduction styles. Corporeals being less verbal and articulate, and also less strategic, so just trying to make themselves physically attractive so something 'happens naturally'.

    Cerebrals are verbal/articulate, and also strategic and goal-oriented, so they are more likely to take control, plan out a date, and engage the other person in convivial conversation.

  2. Boob women are more plan-oriented (scheming, manipulative), and they're more cerebral.

    Not just because the boob men they're appealing to are so gullible and easily strung along, where the women just have to show a little decolletage and lean forward, and the guys are hypnotized by their swinging pendulums. Although that lifetime of experience must also feed into their scheming ways.

    Cerebrals are just more convinced of plans, technocracy, interventions, etc. That's why the political junkies are so boob-biased (men and women both), as I've detailed for awhile now.

    Butt girls are more spontaneous, organic, let things happen, and accept the limits of plans, technocratic interventions, etc. So are butt guys. That's why they're so sparse in the political junkie crowd. Related to them being more corporeal.

    Physicality implies limits, whereas disembodied information implies limitless scaling up and infinite free transmission.

    And so, butt girls are less scheming and manipulative. That's not to say they don't show off their assets. But they don't go over the top in trying to hypnotize guys in everyday settings like boob girls do. Butt girls will definitely try to draw attention to their ass in a gym, in a dance club, or some other place where it's appropriate. Not outside of those sexualized settings, though.

    That's why there's such a thing as "titty video game streamers," but not girls who show off their bubble butt or thick hips-and-thighs while playing Xbox.

    And since lesbians are more butt girls than boob girls, they're like their straight counterparts who are less manipulative and scheming.

    Sadly for them, "just letting things happen spontaneously" doesn't work out very well because both girls are passive and not horny (like middle-aged women). But they don't hyper-specialize and plan and customize like boob girls -- or like gays do, for that matter.

    Gay guys have autistically specialized preferences, and use apps like Grindr to plan / use other people. Lesbians don't plan that much, and wouldn't try to use people in the way required by hook-up apps. That's why there's no countepart app called Muffdivr.

    Good ol' wholesome lesbians. :)


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