January 26, 2021

Butt girls are more low-maintenance

As shown in this TikTok trend. The theme is "low maintenance is key," and the audio says that she's simple -- all she wants is someone to squeeze her butt and tell her she's pretty. Not anything boob-related. Nope -- squeeze her butt. A lot of the women make a point of showing off their butt, sometimes squeezing it themselves for good measure.

The women run the gamut in age, sub-culture, attractiveness, etc. They're all butt girls, though.

There was also that meme from a few years ago about a low-maintenance gf -- "touch my butt and buy me pizza". Not "touch my boobs".

Butt girls, being more corporeal, are more down to earth, simple tastes, low-maintenance, easy-going, accept people for who they are rather than try to custom-order a hyper-specialized bf through tweaking the search filters on a phone app.

Cerebral boob girls, whether they admit it or not, are higher-maintenance. Definitely more neurotic. More highly specific tastes, at any rate more stubborn in their cut-offs, requirements, and "red flags" (itself a red flag for her). Looking for Mr. Perfect, however they define it -- trying to optimize or customize their search through the results of the mating market.

Score another one for the butt girls. Easy-going, accepting of limits, adapting to reality, pragmatic, feet-on-the-ground, while still having a romantic streak (not to be confused with stubbornly clinging to standards that are too high for your mating market value).

Naturally lesbians fall under the low-maintenance butt girl group. They're easier to get along with, no matter who you are, even if you're a guy friend / colleague / etc., or a Platonic straight girl friend.

But also including romantic relationships -- they're so easy-going about it that they stay friends with their exes, nowhere near the level of drama as in the "girls and gays" group.

That must've been a key factor behind Taylor Swift's low-key persona, all while she was a pretty, young, pop superstar. Her inner lesbian wanted to be a relatable girl-next-door type, not a neurotic picky diva. It wasn't just to appeal to suburban demos, flyover states, or ordinary normies. It was also the lesbian drive to be low-maintenance and laid-back.

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