December 12, 2020

"Thot" implies "butt girl," and "thot patrollers" are just boob guys frustrated by butt girls

I've been looking at various Tik Tok trends this week in order to write a yearly wrap-up post about how they reveal the shift from the vulnerable refractory phase to the restless warm-up phase of the 15-year excitement cycle. So now YouTube is suggesting a bunch of Tik Tok compilations, and a good deal have titles like "Tik Tok thots October 2020".

It made me wonder -- does the label "thot" imply that she's a corporeal butt girl? That's one of the most distinctive things about Tik Tok vs. other major online platforms -- way more tushy than tiddy.

You don't really hear much about "Twitter thots," even though the women on there post selfies all the time, talk about their secondary sex parts all the time, and the men on there are terminally thirsty for said selfies and discourse.

Yet as I showed in a highly cited research article, all of those verbal / cerebral types on Twitter are boob girls and boob guys. I originally described them as political junkies, but it's more general -- any part of the verbal / cerebral "take" industry.

Googling "YouTube thots" or "YouTuber thots" returned an order of magnitude lower results than "Tik Tok thots" or "Instagram thots". YouTubers are nearly all in the takes industry, they just have an audio-visual mode of communicating their takes to the audience, as opposed to the primarily textual mode of Twitter.

But Twitter and YouTube are mainly thoughtties rather than thotties.

There are no takes on Tik Tok, or Instagram for that matter -- the other platform highly associated with the label "thot," and again where you're likely to see a fair amount of butt girls.

Do an image search for "thot(s)" on Google or Twitter, and a solid majority of the selfies are focusing on the ass / hips / thighs region, only a minority on the chest.

All these lines of evidence confirm my initial hunch that "thot" is used to refer mostly to butt girls, for whatever reason.

In that case, who are the "thot patrollers" who post "thot begone" on the verbal / cerebral take platforms like Twitter? Why, the very same boob men who populate that part of the internet. It's only natural that they'd want to drive the butt girls off of their patch of the web -- they aren't interested in seeing what's around back, but what's up front. The women go along with these memes for the same reason: they want to see a rise in the value of boobs, not buns.

To put it directly -- it has nothing to do with horniness in guys or attention-seeking in girls. These guys are horny as hell, but only for boobs. They never stop talking about milkers, milkies, milk trucks, and drawing Apu memes with the hands reaching up for some babe's bouncers. And the women never stop talking about their big naturals, often posting pics of them on main. Where's the "hornt police" to throw these offenders in "hornt jail"?

"You see, officer, I was merely lusting over a rack, not a rump. I lost No Nut November like a stoic gentlesir, to a boob girl, not to a butt girl like some thirsty simp."

Notice how the verbal / cerebral people always need to rationalize and even moralize about their base animal instincts? OK, so you're horny for boobs, I'm horny for butts, big deal right? No, one of those instincts is morally righteous and to be indulged, while the other is sinful and to be punished.

Corporeal butt people never do this: we just go with the flow, to each their own, everyone likes whatever they like, and so on. If horniness is to be shamed, then it should be shamed no matter which secondary sex region the person is focusing on. And if exhibitionism is to be shamed, it should be so no matter which region the girl is showing off.

Twitter people post shaming takes about Instagram and Tik Tok thots (and their simps), but Instagram influencers and viral Tik Tok stars, and their commenters, never make images and video clips to shame the verbal boob junkies on Twitter. Nor have they come up with a pejorative label for "attention-seeker, but only with her boobs" as a counterpart to "thot".

The policing obsession only goes in one direction, because cerebral people are more likely to suffer from mental disorders like depression and autism, which would drive them to fixate endlessly on the things that make them irritable, whereas corporeal people are more happy-go-lucky and don't let the jealous hate coming from the take-makers get to them. The idea that you would try to police other people's horniness only if it ran against your own personal preferences for secondary sex region, would simply never occur to them. "Okey-dokey, dork!"

I don't like having to always return to this "butts vs. boobs" discourse, but how can you not, given how sexualized everything is on the internet? It turns out that where you are on that dimension lines up with where you are on a whole bunch of other dimensions. And on the internet, someone is far more likely to share their secondary sex region preference, than whether they like or hate dancing, whether rich food or hard drugs is their vice, and so on and so forth.

By this point, that's the first filter that I classify internet-people by, to understand the context they're coming from -- boob person or butt person?


  1. You may be very interested in this call-to-action against the credentialites:

    Carla's of the World Unite! Put the Diane Chambers' in their place!

  2. "Tumblr thots" is another thing you never hear about, and gets way fewer search results than Tik Tok or Instagram. As with the other cerebral / take platforms, Tumblr people are super-horny and exhibitionistic -- only in a boob-oriented way, so it's not sinful and not cringe-worthy or shame-worthy, to the cerebral mind.

    So, why don't the groypers and like-minded boob people on Twitter migrate over to Tumblr, where they won't get their accounts suspended every five days?

    "But then we won't get to harass blue-check media officials" -- so what, that doesn't do anything to them personally or institutionally. You can still shitpost about them on Tumblr, by screenshotting their tweets.

    "But then we'll be surrounded by woke SJWs with blue hair" -- right, totally the opposite experience of trolling libs on Twitter...

    You're looking for your trad-wife / cottagecore / big-tiddy goth gf, without having to hear the pathetic and annoying ramblings of the wine-mom crowd, re-camp on Tumblr. It's tailor-made for niche sub-cultures of cerebral boob people who are into takes and memes.

    Cozy-posting, Tea Tunes, etc., feels way more like a Tumblr sub-culture than a part of Twitter "discourse" circles.

  3. Marina reincarnating the early '90s cuddlecore vibes.

    Makes me hear this classic tune in the background.

    tfw no chic twee-pop noise-rock gf...

  4. Instead of nervous fingertips, the emoji should be two feet pointed inward with toes touching, for when girls want to signal they're feeling sweet and cute, but also shy and nervous.


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