August 8, 2016

In tight Ohio Senate race, Trump and Bernie voters courted by Dem challenger

One of the narratives the political Establishment and the media are trying to push as the election draws closer is that Republicans further down the ballot may be harmed by Trump's appearance at the top. In the propaganda view, their failure would be due to guilt by association party-wise, rather than refusing to support the populist and anti-globalist zeitgeist.

We see this dynamic playing out in a very close race for Senator in Ohio, where the incumbent Republican Rob Portman is doing almost nothing to support Trump or the Trump movement.

Judging from the issues section on his website, he's pretending it's still the Romney-Ryan ticket setting the agenda -- entitlement reform, deregulating to empower small businesses (no discussion of trade), gun rights, and pro life. All that appears from the Trump era is his branding as a "common-sense conservative".

He's hardly spoken out in favor of Trump (whether or not he uses a meaningless word "endorse"), and didn't speak at the Convention -- he should have replaced the worthless traitor Kasich as the highest-ranking Republican from Ohio to welcome everyone and lead the cheer for Trump. Not that he's openly rebelling against Trump either, but he's clearly trying to run a separate campaign, divorced from current reality and stuck back in 2012.

His Democrat opponent, Ted Strickland, is seizing the moment and making a play for both the Bernie and Trump voters on the all-important issue of trade. The issues section on his website uses phrases like "jobs-killing trade deals". He pledges to kill TPP, and voted against NAFTA back in the '90s, while Portman voted for it, when both were in Congress.

He makes a further play for both Trump and Bernie voters by talking about the "rigged system" that allows concentrated wealth to control politicians and steer elections.

On defeating ISIS, he wants the locals including Saudi Barbaria to take on more of their own responsibility. There's no neo-con warmongering a la Crooked Hillary or the other Republicans in the primary, aligning with the Trump and Bernie crowd on non-interventionism.

Being a Democrat, he does want more gun control and mouths empty words about climate change, but I can live with that -- he's pitching himself as just a gluten-free version of a Trump supporter. (Other suggested synonyms to disarm Bernie sympathizers: "just a gun-grabbing version of a Trump supporter," "just a tree-hugging version of a Trump supporter".)

At least Strickland is showing that he's on board with the zeitgeist (Trump / Bernie), as opposed to Portman who is still running the failed cuckservative agenda of the culture war era -- distract with red meat about guns and abortion, while TPP sucks out more good-paying jobs and Social Security is handed over to Wall Street.

There's still plenty of time for either candidate to come to populist Jesus or turn their back, but at least so far it's the Democrat challenger who is more in tune with the zeitgeist. The polls have been neck-and-neck the whole time, with 10-20% still undecided. This will be an interesting race to watch for sure.


  1. The Teamsters endorsed Portman, so combined with unions completely supporting Hillary, it becomes clear that unions hate hate hate populism. Ironic, no?

  2. I heard Portman got 2 big union endorsements and thought he had spoken against TPP... I assumed he was a Trump Republican.

  3. After reading this it sounds like I might vote for Strickland if I lived in Ohio (and I never vote Democrat).

    The typical GOPe agenda does nothing for me. Take guns for example. It's a low hanging fruit type issue. When a Republican emphasizes it too much I always figure they are weak on the more controversial issues I care about.

    I personally hate guns and would not enjoy hanging around gun enthusiasts. Yet overall I am pro second amendment and against gun control for philosophical reasons, especially the idea of the government having far too much power over an unarmed citizenry. Still there is a side of me that would get a thrill out of the Hillary government taking away the guns of #NeverTrump conservatives.

  4. Portman is a typical CoC cuck. Ohio would be so winnable if these cucks got in order, but hey, Trump is the meanie who trashed Kasich, who is "great." Good God, these clowns

  5. Portman and Strickland both have a fair number of union endorsements, and not just gubmint / service workers.

    If Portman ever said anything bad about TPP, it's not on his website where key planks of his platform ought to be. And there is still their diverging votes on NAFTA when they were in Congress in the '90s.

    ...Plus Strickland is Appalachian. Nothing crucial, since the bitter obstructer Kasich is Appalachian, too, but it's a nice little bonus.

  6. lizard person8/8/16, 4:59 PM

    Good god I hate the Republicans like Kasich who refuse to support Trump because of "muh principles", etc. They're just there to derail him whenever they can. In turn, the media cries Repub disunity and points to them while saying "Even (insert Repub name here) is disappointed with Trump's remarks!" or "Look, here's an actually decent Repub", as if these losers had anything worth saying to begin with. This just happened last week too. All the Recucklicans had to do was shut their mouths and not sabotage their own nominee but they couldn't help themselves because they are insanely cucked and concerned with looking morally superior. Good thing Trump put an end to that shit by non-endorsing endorsing Paul Ryan because now Trump has taken away the media talking point about disunity that they bash him with. Now that Trump has "unified" his party, Repubs can't talk shit. Good.

    WaPo is claiming that Trump will lose Ohio and Arizona in the general election, because Kasich and Jeff Flake said so. I doubt that because more people voted for Trump than Clinton in both states in the primaries, plus Repub turnout was higher than Dems. But leave it to Kasich and Jeff Fake to project their inabilities onto Trump. God I hate these loser Repubs who try to sabotage Trump.

  7. lizard person8/8/16, 5:06 PM

    And how dumb is Portman for not capitalizing on the Trump movement that his Dem challenger would do that instead? Did he not see what happened to the Kansas congressman who got voted out after staking his campaign on opposing Trump? Or the Never Trumpers who tried to create a contested convention and failed big time? Given this pattern I'll be kinda surprised if he wins.

  8. Agnostic, I thought about you the other day as I flipped on the TV and saw Portman's latest commercial. He's touring some factory and making an appeal about jobs. The exact wording escapes me at the moment. But it made me think he's making an appeal to Trumpism and winning some of that vote. I'll try to make myself less of a stranger around here again.

  9. "WaPo is claiming that Trump will lose Ohio and Arizona in the general election, because Kasich and Jeff Flake said so."

    Flake is just a Senator, but Kasich is the chief executive of the state, and he's already rigged the primary in his favor, by getting tons of Dems who he has influence over to vote in the GOP primary instead of their own:

    For that reason, we have to adjust the turnout numbers, since hundreds of thousands of Kasich "voters" were pressured in one way or another, and would otherwise have voted for Clinton. That still leaves the GOP turnout larger, though not by as much.

    Also, the general election in 2004 was rigged by Karl Rove in favor of Bush -- vote tally intercepted / altered electronically after the data were entered.

    Not by Kasich, but by the GOP Sec of State, setting precedent for Kasich to do likewise -- not on behalf of the GOP candidate, but the lesser of two evils to the GOPe.

    Kasich is confidently and nonchalantly saying he doesn't think Trump can win Ohio -- just like he did months in advance of the Ohio primary, that "Oh yeah, I'm gonna win Ohio." He didn't break a sweat because he knew the fix was in.

    We're going to have to have some world-class election monitoring and challenging of bogus results if we want to win Ohio away from Kasich the fixer.

    A recall election is too nice for him -- swinging from a lamppost is more like it.

  10. "But it made me think he's making an appeal to Trumpism and winning some of that vote."

    I saw that one too, but it was image over policy. Didn't mention trade deals that suck out those manufacturing jobs. Kasich's ad for the primary was similar -- shots of blue-collar men, pickup trucks, and a gravelly voiced narrator saying "jobs, jobs, jobs". Total phony for Mr. NAFTA / TPP.

  11. That was my thought as well - just for show. I haven't visited his site or read up on his legislative action or anything, but that was my first impression. He could've made an appearance at the convention if he was fully on board.

  12. The Mormon goof thing is hillarious. Who is this guy kidding? Heavily bald at 40, thin build, no wife or kids (it isn't that hard to get a beard), CIA and Goldman Sachs connections. Refugee nonsense too. The octopus really thinks were dumb, huh. Just how do these fairy mediocrities end up in these places, anyway? As if Gary Johnson wasn't nerdy enough. I guess they needed someone who was an even greater contrast to Trump the warrior.

    I didn't even need to look to long to see the dead eyes and the awkward smile.

  13. Random Dude on the Internet8/9/16, 9:53 PM

    I expect this new guy to last as long as David French. If McMullin actually sticks it out to the end, I expect him to get a few hundred thousand votes, mostly from people who would have went for Gary Johnson or Hillary Clinton. I imagine he will get beaten by a write-in campaign for Bernie Sanders.

    The guy's resume is pitch perfect cuckservatism though: Mormon, CIA, worked for the UN to resettle refugees, Goldman Sachs, totally bald at a young age, etc. It seems like his life's dream is to be the perfect puppet for some billionaire benefactor. Seems like a waste to throw away his perfect cuck career at such a young age.

  14. I'd think the elites were trolling, if it wasn't for their sheer desperation right now. Maybe they though it would be funny to give the inside scoop to one of their gofers, Joey Scarborough (who's starting to look like a lesbian).

    In 1986, Scarborough married Melanie Hinton. They had two sons[52] and divorced in 1999. While interviewing Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., in June 2005, Scarborough expressed concerns about the possibility that one of his sons may have suffered vaccine damage: "My son, born in 1991, has a slight form of autism called Asperger's. When I was practicing law and also when I was in Congress, parents would constantly come to me and they would bring me videotapes of their children, and they were all around the age of my son or younger. So, something happened in 1989."[53]

    "In October 2001, Scarborough married his second wife, Susan Waren, a former aide to Florida Governor Jeb Bush and a former congressional committee staffer. Their daughter was born in August 2003; their son was born in May 2008. Scarborough and Waren were divorced in January 2013.["

    Scarborough has a rather nervous affect (not that I can stand to watch him for very long) and he has pretty heavy gay face (his smile has the mouth corners pulled to the side, whereas normals usually pull the mouth corners up). Hangs out in gay-ass Florida too, where a lot of homo elites seem to congregate.

    Interesting how his two "wives" stuck it out for about a dozen years, probably for the kids, than got tired of Joey sneaking around and making phony promises to stop sucking dick. Nice try Joe, but these women have more respect for themselves than you realized.

  15. It's just a continuation of what happened during the primaries -- the hyper-competitive nature of our society today means that the cuckservatives can't agree on one guy to rally behind, and for that guy to stick his neck out.

    Instead, Romney Bush et al. try to have these nobodies stick their own necks out. That's more or less what Cruz, Rubio, and Kasich were doing, but at least they had some recognition. With them eliminated during the primaries, the Establishment has to resort to lower and lower tiers to find their suicide bomber.

    First that faggot French guy, now this thing. You can't be a suicide bomber with just a spitball.

    I'm glad that they're still playing musical chairs, though -- it ensures the minimum cuck vote in the fall. Too many choices, too many fashion cycles to keep track of. Too many lists of which states each one is listed on.

    They've reduced themselves to drooling spazzes.

  16. Also LOL at trying to target Utah. Maybe if it were Romney, but some generic closeted Mormon? BFD.

    Utah has never voted third party, even in elections where third parties won states. In 1912, Teddy Roosevelt won a wide range of states as a "third" party (Progressive), while the "second" party Republican Taft won only two -- Utah (handily) and Vermont (barely).

    Utahns are so cultishly conformist and non-confrontational that they will never vote third party.

    If the goal is merely to peel off Utah for the Dems and re-group for 2020, that will also fail for reasons explained in an earlier post. A third-party cuck candidate would do the best in those states with the widest buffer between D and R, like Utah.

    Trump could lose double digits from what Romney or even McCain did in Utah, and still be over 50%, because Utah starts so high above 50% before the nominee is even chosen.

    And in those states that are close races, a cuck candidate will not resonate -- Ohio, Florida, Michigan, etc.

    If only the Establishment read this blog instead of their multi-million-dollar cucksultants...

  17. BTW, I can't stop seeing the gay smile since Ag. pointed it out 3-4 years ago. Because of the fag cabal, and the inherent verbal IQ of gays, they sure seem to everywhere you look. Talking and sucking their way into everything.

    I've been watching some pro wrestling interviews on YouTube, and the subject of Vince McMahon (as well as some openly gay figures) favoring guys who'd lie down sure has come up a lot. Especially Shawn Micheals. And lo and behold, Micheals has the gay smile big time. McMahon was constantly firing people left and right, but for some reason he put up with Micheals' shit.
    Now I know why. I also have figured out why Vince was into body building and made such a big deal out of chiseled physiques. The bastard was getting off on it all.

    The fags can have "entertainment". That's just life. But lets flush the fags out of the government and the centers of real power. It ain't hard. Just look at the smile. Some gays can have fairly prosaic voices and mannerisms. But they never shake the toddler smile. NEVER. Trump and his inner circle need to learn about this. It would make the fag purge way easier. Just look at images of everyone. Simple.

  18. You might remember that I asked you a couple months ago whether you would like to be a guest on the Grace & Steel podcast. You asked me to get back to you after the conventions. Are you up for it now? I'd really like to interview you given that you've been more right about this election cycle than anyone else.

  19. YES!



  20. I will do it, sooner rather than later. I need to find a microphone, download Skype and make sure it isn't buggy on Linux... and wait for Trump's poll numbers to go back up again, so I can be in a more aggressive mood.

  21. The only that would be better than an hour with Agnostic talking Trump would be two hours wth him talking fags

  22. That would get my blood pressure up too much.

    When I lived in a fag-infested city, making the observations and writing them up was a form of sublimating the daily disgust and rage as I became more aware of how bad my surroundings were.

    I don't think I could talk about them, let alone at length, in any tone other than disgust and anger. Wouldn't make for good radio.

  23. Fair enough, but you and PMAN are the only observers out there writing about homosexuality in a comprehensive way--not just as a nosy minority that needs to be addressed in some way but as a symptom deep-rooted problems in our culture and the stresses it creates and even in the way our brains are wired. We're normalizing and celebrating something we used to understand on a gut level was destructive but now don't even know how to approach the question. You're doing it with real-world observations and deep analysis of stats, and it's fascinating and useful.


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