August 21, 2016

Girls are saying: Hot guys are only Trump or Bernie supporters

In an effort to normalize support for Trump, I've started wearing a Trump hat that my uncle got me when he was working security for one of his rallies. I thought in particular of making it look normal in the eyes of younger people, and young women, since they're more on-the-fence and sensitive to what paid shills on social media say about Trump. If "random hot guy" is wearing a Trump hat in public, maybe it's not part of the unacceptable fringe after all.

That got me thinking to check Twitter and see if there's a broader phenomenon of girls noticing guys wearing Trump gear. Sure enough, "hot guy Trump" and "cute guy Trump" brings up a long list of results, mostly teenage girls complaining that their super hot crush is also a Trump supporter.

You can tell they're still going to fool around with him, just that they're heartbroken that he cannot be long-term material for having such different political beliefs. Or that they're upset that he wouldn't consider them long-term for the same reasons -- sour grapes.

Most of them seem to be from the urban West Coast, from an ethnic background that makes them fear deportation (anchor babies?), plain to moderately attractive, emotionally unstable, and promiscuous.

There's also a minority of girls who are actually surprised and turned on by their crush being a Trump supporter, but these seem to be restricted to sorority girls in Sun Belt states like Arizona and Texas.

The one supporter who no girl expressed disappointment about was the Trump Tower climber -- they all said he was hot, and left it at that. Do something daring, be a performer, and they don't care what your politics are if you're hot.

I searched for tweets about "hot / cute guy Hillary" and "hot / cute guy Clinton" -- nada. I checked back through July, and there was absolutely nothing, whether positive (relieved) or negative (disappointed). There weren't even any hypotheticals, like "Why can't I just find a hot guy who likes Hillary?" (Barf) No demand.

What about "hot guy Bernie"? There were lots of these, too, and coming from young women, obviously much more relieved than they were about him being a Trump supporter. These tended to be less ethnic, since Bernie appealed mainly to white people, and they didn't seem quite as unstable and slutty as the ones complaining about that irresistible fling being a bad boy Trump supporter. They were describing more wholesome "love at first sight" kinds of scenes.

Which is not to say that there aren't plenty of girls who get turned off by Bernie bros. Like the ones turned on by the Trump team, they seem to be sorority-friendly Sun Belt types.

Of course, these Bernie-related tweets ended after the primaries were over. I thought there'd be some continuing to wear their Bernie shirts, and that girls would feel bittersweet but excited to see random hot guy still in Bernie mode. Like pretty much everything else about his campaign, these "young love" moments died abruptly when he sold out and did the bidding of Crooked Hillary Clinton.

Part of the reason why there are no comments about hot guys supporting Hillary is that nobody at all is displaying her shirts, hats, bumper stickers, yard signs, etc. Still, a girl would find out if she talked to him after awhile, and could express her relief that she finally found a hot guy who isn't a Trump supporter or a Bernie bro.

In reality, though, the beautiful people have only been interested in the exciting, outside-the-Establishment campaigns of either party.

That's true for girls, too -- the hardcore Hillary supporters are homely future / current cat ladies. There were trending hashtags about babes for Bernie and babes for Trump -- but not for Hillary, not in a million years.

This is a welcome sign of re-alignment -- away from political excitement drawing out the bloated cuck-faces on the Right, and the fat crazy-eyed dykes on the Left. With the winding down of the alienating culture wars, and the focus returning to the welfare of ordinary Americans, normal people are at long last excited about politics again.

So go out in public wearing your Trump or Bernie gear, and reclaim the space of political symbolic expression from the smug bumper-sticker crowd of either party. The invisible majority isn't going to stay so invisible anymore.


  1. Random Dude on the Internet8/21/16, 8:09 AM

    Interesting...I've been wearing my MAGA hat out in public for the past few months and have been complimented on it by cops (on duty and off) and people in the military. I got a couple of sneers from some ugly hipsters once but that was all they did. I don't think I've seen a single person wear anything of Hillary's out in public.

  2. Me neither. Are you in a swing state, red state, or blue state?

    Swing state here.

  3. Random Dude on the Internet8/21/16, 9:07 PM

    Swing state.

    Conversely in 2008, I saw a lot of people with Obama paraphernalia, whether that was t-shirts, buttons, bumper stickers, etc. Nothing this go around for Hillary. Having paid attention to elections since 2000, this is probably the lowest levels of enthusiasm I've seen towards a Democratic candidate.

  4. Male Hillary supporters are low energy, low testosterone types.

  5. Keep in mind, what Sanderistas find "hot" is divergent from avg female opinion

  6. One thing I have noticed is that unattractive women tend to have a deep seated hatred towards Trump. Anytime I hear someone make an Anti-Trump comment in public it's a youngish unattractive female.Many have a real anger inside of them about Trump. The only thing that comforts me is knowing most (all?) Of them voted for Obama. They are not swing voters but core Democrats that we had no chance with anyway.


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