June 3, 2016

San Jose Trump rally: Violent mob of foreigners intimidate and assault American voters in their own election

See the two posts here and here for an overview, with many videos and tweets, of the anarchy that unfolded after last night's Trump rally in San Jose. A violent mob of several hundred were milling around outside the venue, swarming individual Trump supporters, attacking them, stealing their hats, and sucker-punching them to the ground. The police stood by and did nothing.

My comments...

- - - - -

The dishonest media cut their live feeds once it became clear how violent it was getting. Wouldn’t want the truth to get out about how barbaric much of our cities are becoming, and how anti-white and anti-American the immigrants are.

They covered the Alburquerque etc. protests for hours and hours, since it “only” reached the level of Mexican gangbangers screeching their tires.

Now that a mob of several hundred dark-skinned thugs is surrounding nice law-abiding white people, shoving them, and attacking them — well, er, uh, we’ll just cut the feed and show the re-run of the earlier primetime shows.

Pay no attention to the violent brown mob we were broadcasting just moments ago.

Good thing we’ll have all the video evidence we need from Twitter, YouTube, etc. The media is so damn dishonest.

- - - - -

Make sure you show these videos to any conservative or libertarian who has wet dreams about getting the government out of our lives.

We see what happens when the government is weak — anarchy.

And something tells me that the thugs are not going to spare the limpwristed conservatives and libertarians just because they, too, are against “authoritarianism”.

- - - - -

Police Chief named Garcia… folks, this is what you can expect when the so-called police ethnically identify more with the rioters than the victims.

The SJPD weren’t “holding back” — they were protecting their own.

- - - - -

Military occupation of California cannot come soon enough. Then knock out Chicago on the way back East.

Trump has said repeatedly that his only flaw is that he never forgets and never forgives. All of this chaos will be remembered and punished.

Once Trump is in office, they should re-brand the show C.O.P.S. to focus on the imposing of order, deportation, etc., in lawless cesspools like San Jose. Now that’s entertainment!

- - - - -

It’s only a matter of time before one of these female reporters becomes the next Lara Logan. No need for it to take place in the third world, if the third world is already here in America.

That’s why Katy Tur had an honest moment there and admitted how awful the rioters are — she knows they wouldn’t leave her alone just because she said that she hates Trump, too. “Hey dere, preedy leedle white gurl….”

I was actually surprised that Hallie Jackson didn’t get raped on live TV during the Albuquerque riot, once it was dark and there were only the gangbangers left. She and Sara Murray are so naive about their surroundings.

Let’s face it: the media won’t truly turn on the rioters until it’s one of their own who gets victimized by the mob.

- - - - -

Wow, major credit to MSNBC for honest coverage and zero spin. Sounds like how we would have written it.

Unlike the obfuscation of CNN, this article said mobs, violence, swarm, surrounded, punched, cornered, spit at, threw eggs food and water bottles, attacked… readers get a good idea of the true nature of what happened.

And the key to the anarchic atmosphere: “police in riot gear largely stood by”.

- - - - -

In contrast to the zero-spin article from MSNBC, look at this victim-blaming garbage from CNN that makes it sound like the two sides were evenly matched and that both sides started fights, or that they materialized out of nowhere with no responsibility. They even let the thugs get in their message that voting for Trump is voting for fascism.

Absolutely disgusting.

- - - - -

At the next riot, the Trump supporters should point at Jeremy and Sara, and tell the mob that those two white people just said “Get the Mexicans out of America!” And don’t believe them when they deny it — that’s what all racists do when confronted about it!

I’m boycotting CNN until I get to see their scumbag reporters surrounded, harassed, and/or beaten up by an angry brown mob.

MSNBC may be elitist like CNN, but they’re not nearly as pro-globalist. I’m sure they support roughly the same policies, but when a violent mob of illegals surrounds peaceful rally attendees, they aren’t so globalist that they’ll spin it as the white Americans deserving it.

CNN is so globalist (also having an international channel) that even a violent mob of foreigners trying to intimidate American voters in their own election, must be desperately re-framed as “a vote for Trump is a vote for fascism”.


  1. Random Dude on the Internet6/3/16, 7:21 AM

    The silver lining here is that people get to see how violent "the other side" is. Effete white liberals won't be moved but independents and conservative Democrats definitely noticed what happened last night.

    CNN might spin it but since social media is so ubiquitous, the real story will come through in people's social media feeds this morning. Maybe MSNBC realized this and that is why they took a more realistic approach.

  2. I think MSNBC is more nationalist than it realizes, and that such brazenly anti-American mob behavior offends its sense of fair play.

    They're more in the NPR sort of Americanist, yearning for a specific variety of Americana -- but still mostly interested in America more than the rest of the world. They like regional accents, underdog baseball teams, historic preservation, camping in national parks, and keeping their neighborhood weird.

    They resonate with the idea of "social justice" as a form of fair play.

    Mobs of violent foreigners intimidating Americans from voting for the candidate of their choice in their own country's election -- it couldn't go harder against "fair play" and quirky American traditions.

    CNN is more Jewishly globalist -- Americans lose their right to fair play if hordes of immigrants don't like how their host nation is going to vote. Rights must be suppressed in order to maintain harmony within the Tower of Babel environment.

    And American traditions, relating to elections or anything else, have no need to be preserved. However it goes, it goes. If they didn't have violent mobs of immigrants attacking JFK supporters, well, that was then and this is now, get over your 1960s nostalgia.

    CNN's agenda is for unregulated global inter-mixing, and any spectacle that highlights the resulting group-against-group conflicts, must be hidden from public view.

  3. On the first hour of Morning Joe, Mika shamefully tried to zip through coverage of the riot at the very beginning, but during a later topic, Mark Halperin brought it back to the riots and said how unacceptable they were, and how the police dropped the ball by just standing by. Nicolle Wallace chimed in both times about how awful it was -- calling it a "mob attacking a single person," which you won't hear on CNN.

    Not that I'll be watching, but you know CNN will be engaging in all kinds of Talmudic rationalization about how "on the one hand" violence of against "any" candidate's supporters is bad, "but on the other hand" Trump is a racist fascist xenophobe, so anyone who shows up to support him ought to be prepared to run the gauntlet of kicks, gropes, and whatever else.

    When literal gangs of Mexican illegals show up at polling stations with machine guns, CNN will admonish Trump for creating such a toxic electoral climate.

    CNN was decent during the GOP primary season, since Fox was the main Trump-hating channel, which it still mostly is. But now that it's Clinton vs. Trump, CNN has gone totally down the tubes shilling for Hillary.

    At least MSNBC covers the Bernie vs. Hillary contest pretty openly, and they don't really attack Trump as much for his America-first policy orientation, as for the symbolic stylistic stuff that they don't want their cosplay President to display.

  4. I've been pleasantly surprised by the response in internet comment threads. Lots of people saying they don't agree with Trump but that this violence is unacceptable and can't just be blamed on him.

  5. More and more people are waking up to the fact that the mainstream media lies and that alternative media is a necessity.

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  7. Seems that facebook is trying to bury this story, I don't see it on their trending list, but it's on many local news pages.

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  9. Katy Tur's "father" is an autogynophile, maybe she's flinging herself onto Trump to overcome this embarrassment http://www.mofopolitics.com/2015/10/14/trump-on-mh17-we-cant-fight-with-everybody/

  10. She was also Keith Olbermann's live-in sex doll during her early 20s when he was nearly 50.

    She was giggling throughout most of her first Trump interview where he kept flirtatiously negging her for not being able to get her words out.

    Obviously someone with daddy issues... but probably who got molested or raped while growing up. She has flat affect, appears dissociative much of the time, and was more sensitive to the danger posed by a mob of savages surrounding a young woman, while the police stand idly by.

    She must have been victimized at some point, and knows how it feels when the people who are supposed to protect you do absolutely nothing about it.

  11. So far I haven't seen the TV news channels show either of the two really damning scenes, where the police are right there yet doing nothing.

    One was of a guy who kept going into a boxing stance while being followed and swarmed. There's an entire line of police not even 10 feet behind him, standing perfectly still and remaining utterly silent.

    The other was the guy who gets surrounded while walking, gets sucker-punched to the ground, and then the two worthless Mexican cops pull up on their little bikes from 10 feet away.

    Not even Fox News is showing those scenes. The media can't avoid showing the mob when something this out-of-control happens, but they *really* don't want to show the police standing right there doing nothing.

    That would tell the audience that you not only can't trust a mob of feral foreigners -- yeah, no shit -- but far worse, you can't trust your safety in a city run by Mexicans for Mexicans. The orders to stand down came either from the Mexican police chief or the Mexican mayor.

    Showing those scenes would lead the audience to favor a heavy-handed cleaning out of the government in San Jose once Trump becomes President. Sending in the Army if need be.

    The scenes show not merely an absence of law & order -- as though there were no police present when there should have been -- but an active betrayal of the citizens' safety by the very institution that is supposed to protect them, which is present but refusing to intervene.

  12. Random Dude on the Internet6/3/16, 6:14 PM

    Regarding the Scott Adams blog, he will occasionally throw out a bone to the other side since he doesn't want to be seen as a Trump supporter. When Trump "refused" to disavow David Duke, Scott Adams immediately "disavow" Trump until the coast was clear a few days later to start talking about him again. With the current environment with the entertainment industry, what Scott Adams is doing is the closest anyone can get to being a Trump supporter without saying he is for Trump because if he comes right out to support him, Dilbert will be dropped like a bad habit.

    Regarding Trump and Katy Tur, she's been spending the past few months either gushing about him or attacking him. Donald Trump seems to have a big impact on women that he interacts with. You can't imagine someone like Ted Cruz or Jeb Bush make any kind of emotional impact on women except for boredom.

  13. http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2016/06/anti-trump-protesters-attacked-all-of-us-in-san-jose/485444/

    This doorknob does the usual Trump-shaming, ya know, he's a mean bully provoking this stuff and he's got no right to use inflammatory language (Funny, what about the PC crowd constantly inciting blacks and browns to go nuts?).

    It evidently didn't occur to the writer (or he's not giving Trump credit) that Trump is actually being an effective troll. How do I wake up normal Americans? I'll rile up weirdo non-Americans to vividly make a distinction between the two camps. Trump's bating the obnoxious minority, knowing that they're a chaotic evil mob, and it's paying off. These brats aren't going to listen to reason or even a charismatic leader.

    The liberal white cosmopolitan type (like the Atlantic writer) can admonish the brown horde all he wants. It won't make any difference. These effete types neither understand the cause and effects of violence, nor do they deign to admit that it can be necessary. It isn't just Trump provocation that's riling up the horde, it's also the fact that:
    - young people have bad impulse control
    - Mexicans and blacks have been conditioned to be entitled and have no real respect or gratitude for normal America
    - Brown and black people will act truculent in the absence of swift and theatrical discipline and retribution.
    - These people take advantage of Anglo/Nordic altruism and empathy. Not only do they fail to big heartedly reciprocate (as do Asians as well), they aggressively attack Anglo and Nords when they learn that these kinds of whites do not understand the importance of making a stand.

    And why shouldn't America's normal crowd (with whom the police and military are supposed to be allies) be allowed to defend themselves from house guests who crap on your kitchen table? Who are like termites to the foundation of this country,

    The modern elite's glibness about ethnic differences is blowing up (sometimes literally) in their faces. Why do we swing our dick around the Middle East? Well, they just want the same things we do. If we convince them that America is awesome, can't they follow in our footsteps?

    I wish I was making this up.

  14. Tonight on Hardball they had a good honest segment about the mob. No victim-blaming and no insinuation that it's Trump's fault.

    Chris Matthews, Jacob Rascon (who co-wrote the article from last night), and Katy Tur.

    Not sure how the other MSNBC primetime shows handled it, but the fact that it even got onto primetime at all on a lib/prog channel is good news.

    SWPLs pride themselves on superior ethics and fair play, so they're more reachable than the CNN types who want to be amoral managers of globalism.

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  16. One surprise from my expectation was how little love there is for Bernie on MSNBC. I figured he'd have at least a handful of supporters on the SWPL channel.

    In fairness, their Clintonites are more like fans rather than operatives. When there's a Bernie guest, they look at them weird, ask them why they have such weird preferences, etc., but more like they're genuinely confused and want to make earnest arguments for why my candidate is better than yours -- you either have the facts wrong, you have weird values and priorities, etc.

    Typical navel-gazing confusion from SWPLs.

    Yet it's not like the lackeys on the Clinton News Network. They always begin with a weak insincere approval of Bernie's right to stay in the race, then quickly move into why he still needs to drop out and just make way for her royal highness already.

    I'm sure many or all of them have been trained by David Brock in how to use whatever means necessary to shut up the Sanders supporters, slander them, make them look bad, etc.

    MSNBC is not populist, even in a pandering way a la Fox News, but I'll take the SWPL channel over the amoral globalist channel. (Fox Business is the better than the main three, though they struggle to get guests and panels. Not enough ad money coming in for more honest work.)

  17. "Any idea why?"

    See my earlier comment about what kind of ideals and orientation the NPR crowd holds.

  18. Doesn't Trump's run help prove that maybe, just maybe, young women might not be the best journalists or analysts after all? A man's coverage of Merkel or Clinton isn't going to be affected by the dude having sexual fantasies regarding highly masculine ambitious aging women.

    But some of these gals must get a little confused. Trump, no matter his newfound image as the most dangerous man in the world, is a Big Man. And gals like Big Men. Camille Paglia said that an early 90's photo of him and some chick was one of the last examples of fiery sensuality and healthy power in American culture. Of course it's a lot easier to get this candid insight from an Italian.

    The journalists must be to varying degrees not processing things. "I thought that men (even presidential candidates) these days we're supposed to be bland, flat, scripted, and restrained. Bloodless, cold." "At least being objective would come easier if I wasn't battling seduction fantasies".

    This wasn't an issue with guys who were either:
    - fags and/or nerds (McCain, Obama, J. Bush)
    - dull or goofy WASP scions (Romney, G.W. Bush)
    - slimy and desperate strivers (Cruz)

    Trump is successful, self-made, confident, sincere, and jovial. And he starts feuds for the right reasons and righteously deals with his enemies. Something that "clicked" early in 2015 is that he found that touring in middle America came very easy to him. People listened to him, he listened to them. He and the people he met fed off each other. Motivation. The good kind.

    Trump isn't a boring blackmailable queer. He isn't just happy to be there representing the country club. He isn't a sad sack or a dweeby "intellectual".

  19. I have to say the conservative reaction has been pretty disappointing: complete denial that it's an either-or situation and that the attackers are Hillary voters. Meanwhile Faceberg is promoting some contrived controversy with Trump university and suppressing the most graphic incidents.

  20. Random Dude on the Internet6/4/16, 11:17 AM

    Conservative elites have been so cowed and cucked that any controversy involving women and minorities has caused them to either be silent or to turn into social justice warriors. They're used to the media moving in for the kill if they say the wrong thing, which when it comes to being a Republican, anything you have to say about women and minorities is considered the wrong thing. Just another example of how conservatives will never win as long as they play by the left's rules.

    They're still operating off of the (failed) 2012 GOP playbook where the future of the party is begging minorities to vote for them. As a result, Trump is on his own here, which has only helped him out anyway. Maybe once he gets elected, a few cuckservatives might locate their balls and change their tune.

  21. Trump is only doing so well because it's not just whites but specifically working-class and non-college-educated whites are so energized by his program.

    Normally a Republican wouldn't have that kind of support, and it's a huge population they're writing off.

    Trump's is more of a class war than a race war. That's why the Establishment and its propaganda organs are so terrified. He's openly fighting more to benefit working-class blacks and Hispanics than elite whites, when the two demographics are opposed to each other (most of his support is when they're working together, working-class whites).

    So, the other Republicans won't have any success like his in telling the media to fuck off about race / gender / etc. unless they make their appeal populist rather than elitist.

  22. BTW that was the source of the only big success of the conservative movement -- the defeat of the ERA, way back in the late '70s, before Reagan.

    It wasn't so much of a culture war between lib vs. con factions of the upper-middle class, but a class war between the elites and working-class women. They thought if the law compelled everything to be equal between men and women, working women would have to pick up as heavy of a weight at work, be as subject to working overtime and night shifts, in as dirty and noisy of an environment, etc.

    Also, that it would mean women would get drafted and be subject to the same combat preparation exercises and even find themselves on the front lines, just like men. Again who gets drafted into the military? Working class.

    The conservative movement took the opposite lesson from their greatest success, wrote off the working class, and the rest is history.

  23. It's funny you mention a military occupation of California. During the Elian Gonzalez episode, I wrote the Miami Herald a letter they published calling for the federalization of Miami in light of the city government. The remaining "Anglos" tossed and placed bananas in front of city hall. That would not happen today. There is not enough cultural confidence even for that.

  24. Looks like it was Rosanne Barr...


  25. Nice. She passed pretty well for an ordinary American, at least during the early seasons before it became a parody of itself.

    Couldn't have hurt that she grew up around a bunch of Ned Flandereses in Salt Lake City (pre-invasion).


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