June 7, 2016

Crooked Hillary's publicity stunt will alienate Californians in general election

In order to minimize the damage from a probable win for Bernie in the California primary, the Clinton campaign had made it seem like they'd shift focus to New Jersey instead, and declare her the presumptive nominee once that state's large black population put her over the top in the delegate count. Their polls close three hours earlier, so she could declare ultimate victory in the primary, and should Bernie win California three hours later, nobody would care.

It turns out that this was only a head-fake. Their true plan was revealed last night when first the AP announced that an updated survey of superdelegates showed that enough had declared their support for Hillary that she now has enough to clinch the nomination. Then NBC News announced their calling it for Hillary, which was then spread to MSNBC, and several hours later to the Clinton News Network ("sometimes referred to as CNN"). This morning it's being announced by the NYT, WaPo, and others.

The Clinton campaign's last-minute bribing / blackmailing / etc. of these superdelegates was designed to demoralize the Sanders supporters in California right before the primary, and get them to stay home in resignation.

Even if they turn out enough to win, they will still feel slighted by the publicity stunt, as though their vote didn't matter, when they've expected for months now that it would.

From what I can tell from comments on Facebook posts (ones that draw thousands of comments) and Twitter responses, the Hillary and Bernie factions have moved beyond attacking each other's platforms or candidates. They are now playing the blame game about who's responsible for the inevitable triumph of the Trump movement, as the "Bernie or bust" voters will either vote third party or not vote at all, substantially reducing the turnout for Crooked Hillary when it really matters, in the general.

Since California is the most important state that Bernie will either win or tie, the Clinton campaign ought to be concerned about retaining that state's Dem primary voters more than those of any other state. Instead they are doing the best they can to cut off California's visibility by this publicity stunt right before their primary.

This stunt could wind up costing Hillary the largest electoral prize in the fall, as California's 55 votes go either to Trump or perhaps even an independent Bernie run. But in either case, not to her royal highness.

The civil war will only get aggravated throughout the day and week, as the Clinton machine and the media begin trying to pummel the Sanders supporters into pledging their support for Crooked Hillary in the fall -- after rigging the process from the outset and pulling one stunt after another against them, right up through the present.

Because most of the Sanders supporters are not Dem party loyalists, trying to cow them into becoming Hillary voters will have little effect. If the Establishment tries to scare them about Trump, they will do what disaffected voters always do, and stay home rather than vote for someone they despise maybe somewhat less than someone else.

It was always clear that factional fighting would grow even more bitter leading up to, during, and after the national Convention in July. But at first it looked like most of the antagonism would come from the losing side lashing out at the winners. So far they've only threatened to not vote for her in the general -- no big overt acts of antagonism. Now that Crooked Hillary has decided to unload so mercilessly, rather than only use threatening words, the Bernie movement will feel like it was the other side who fired the first shots in the civil war.

We keep hearing about the unified Democratic party and the divided Republican party -- but that is only among the party hacks. Among actual voters, it is the Trump supporters who are unified, while the Hillary vs. Bernie voters could not be more at war (well, just wait a month).

With the Clinton campaign burning bridges so early, a Trump victory is looking all the more likely!


  1. "They are now playing the blame game about who's responsible for the inevitable triumph of the Trump movement".

    Like when the Sanders fans call on Hillary to drop out because otherwise Trump will win.

  2. OT have you seen this Nader interview? He doesn't quite endorse Trump but he's strongly anti Hillary.


  3. http://akinokure.blogspot.com/2016/06/angelina-for-trump.html?showComment=1465269704580#c519677008808491658

  4. Trump has said he won't talk anymore publicly about the Trump U case, but I wish he would mention all of this, the Clintons' connections, Curiel's ethnic activism and unsealing of records, etc. https://theconservativetreehouse.com/2016/06/07/la-raza-judge-gonzalo-curiel-and-the-hispanic-national-bar-association/

  5. I've been looking through a few comment threads on "Hillary is the nominee" stories and it looks like the Bernie voters are PISSED. Frankly the optics of the story look terrible for anyone the least bit engaged, too, like she's terrified of a Bernie victory in CA and is grasping at straws to fend him off. Glenn Greenwald's sums it perfectly: "The nomination is consecrated by a media organization, on a day when nobody voted, based on secret discussions with anonymous establishment insiders and donors whose identities the media organization – incredibly – conceals."

  6. "Curiel's ethnic activism and unsealing of records, etc."

    The most damning thing they turned up was that the Hispanic National Bar Association, which he belongs to, called to specifically target the "business interests" of "Donald Trump" in response to his immigration platform last summer.

    They're lawyers, not consumers of any product or service that he sells. They have no business relationship with the Trump Org or Trump personally that they could terminate, unlike Macy's / Univision / Etc., whom they cite as models to follow.

    Clearly this meant actively turning the legal system against Trump for his political views, in the hopes of damaging his brand and revenue derived therefrom. All that was needed was a willing member of their organization to step up to the plate, and Judge La Raza did so eagerly.

    Do these people keep ignoring Trump's answer to an early debate question (on live national TV), that he never forgives and never forgets when someone betrays his trust? Like, say, a judge who ought to be impartial shamelessly letting a bogus lawsuit to go forward while he's running for office?

    Every single one of these suckers is going down for the count once Trump takes office, and absolutely nobody will give a shit -- 24/7 bitching from the media notwithstanding.

  7. "I've been looking through a few comment threads on "Hillary is the nominee" stories and it looks like the Bernie voters are PISSED."

    The funny thing (for us) is that these are not Bernie voters who otherwise would be voting for Trump or staying home in the fall.

    If the Clinton machine, DNC, media, etc., had treated the process and voters fairly, I still think Bernie would have lost the nom fair and square (largely from not attacking her over her specific record, and treating her as just one fungible abstract example of a generic type of politician).

    Some small percent of them would have dug in their heels and voted third party or stayed home, but a much larger chunk could have been persuaded to join the Hillary coalition.

    By rigging everything so nakedly, launching such bald-faced attacks on the process (Nevada Convention) and the voters (this latest vote suppression stunt), not even counting the upcoming anti-Bernie campaign, the Sanders supporters who are left/prog will feel more like they're being pressured by a hostile mafia, who is offering them protection from big bad boogeyman Trump. Join our coalition -- or else.

    It's understandable that the Clinton campaign would write off the blue-collar Bernie voters, since they can't be persuaded away from Trump and toward Crooked Hillary. And the working class hasn't been a part of the Dem coalition since the New Deal / Great Society era.

    But antagonizing and trying to humble into submission the lefty/prog types is suicidal. They have been pretty friendly to the Dems, are mostly uninterested in Trump, and would represent a yuge increase in turnout -- now that the blacks don't have one of their own to drive them all out to the polls.

    So far nothing that the Clinton campaign has done makes strategic or pragmatic sense -- they assume that it's only a series of formalities before the inevitable coronation of the next in the royal line. They don't realize how much they're going to need the Sanders supporters in the fall, and they're doing everything they can to betray them already, before they've even given thought about joining the Hillary coalition.

    All the better news for us, anyway!

  8. Speaking again of Nader, do these dumbshits on Team Hillary remember Florida in 2000? Not ancient history.

    The Nader vote was enough to apparently win the state for Bush (although with the stopped recount, we'll never know for sure who won it, and therefore the presidency either).

    Some or most of them may have stayed home rather than vote for Gore, so maybe Nader didn't matter. But then again, maybe he did -- we can't run the election without him in it.

    Compare the size of the Bernie movement to the Nader movement 16 years ago -- orders of magnitude bigger.

    And now a new poll in Florida shows Trump up by 1 point, and the race will stay tight or favor him up through Election Day.

    The Dem Establishment ought to be bending over backwards to welcome the Bernie voters, else they risk losing every one of the usual swing states -- not to mention other states with a large progressive population, including California (which also has very few blacks to make up the difference).

    Imagine it: instead of the Nader vote narrowly handing Florida to the GOP, the #NeverHillary response narrowly handing California to Trump.

  9. We'll get a test of your theory in the next week or so. Nominees always get a bounce once they've been declared as such. The Republican primary was bitter and the losers unusually vocal (because they have the megaphone), but Trump still got his. I've never seen a candidate not get his bounce.

    It will be very interesting to see what happens with Hillary.

  10. The elite's keep pushing RINO discontent in our faces. What difference do they think it makes? We couldn't care less about Paul Ryan. Ryan thinks he's being clever. Bitch and moan about Trump constantly so as to tilt the election in Hillary's favor while swearing loyalty to the GOP nominee. Plausible deniability. That's the idea, but it's not working because Ryan is so alienated from Trump voters.

    Ryan's a system puppet who knows that Trump will cut the strings. Like so many GOP elites he doesn't care about fighting the Democrat tide as much as he cares about keeping his elite country club membership. The GOP elites, out of both corruption (cheap labor) and sheer cowardice, allowed the Dems to accrue swarms of voters over the last 40 years. Of all people, it's not going to be cute little Lutheran belter Ryan who would dare to tell everybody to lighten up, stop being such prissy scolds, and get to work on restoring what America should be.

    Who cares about the Mexican judge stuff? The pseudo-intellectuals and the people they listen to are shocked, horrified by it all. The kind of earthy Trump voters over whom the elites have climbed just don't care about un-PCness. They see Trump as a guy who cares more about talking common sense (How do we let leftist radicals gain power?) than he does PC ground rules (don't ever bring up a non-white person's ancestry in an unflattering way).

    Gotta love too the left's/multiculturalists reminders that the Mexican is an "American". As though merely being born in a country is proof of loyalty to one's birth country by default.

  11. From what I've read, Mexicans lag behind even poorer "Hispanics" in terms of assimilation and upward mobility, this would make them a good core constituency for globalist parasites, but they're too stupid and apathetic to be that useful. Sailer has written several times about the failure of "Hispanics" to make much of a splash even within the Democratic Party. The outliers are usually of mixed background, e.g. Garcetti

  12. Trump just unloaded his first volley against the whole corrupt Clinton empire, promising more in a speech on Monday. He also made sincere overtures to the Bernie movement, who are being left out in the cold by the rigged Dem Establishment.

    Immediately, many Sanders supporters began taking Trump's side -- it seems more for attacking Hillary in the way that Bernie never would have dared. They seem to be coming to Trump out of the #NeverHillary sentiment, than for specific policies (although I'm sure they like his anti-globalization stance on trade agreements).

    Hillary has made herself so hated by everyone but party loyalists that it didn't even take one hour after Trump's speech for the Bernie movement to warm up to Trump.

    My cousin has been a hardcore Bernie supporter for months (mid 30s, female, San Diego), and on Facebook she tends to like posts that take potshots at Trump. So imagine my surprise when I see she reacted to a CNN video of Trump welcoming the Bernie voters with open arms -- and she actually liked it! Far many more hit like than displeased or hated it.

    I sense that there are a disproportionate number of females from broken homes in the Bernie movement. Hillary has treated them like the wicked stepmother, while Trump is the strong protective uncle coming to their rescue after so much abuse by someone who was supposed to be taking care of them.

    I expect that is even more true out on the West Coast where broken homes are a lot more common.

    Trump will win over a good chunk of Bernie bros through policy similarities with the other populist and anti-globalist candidate. With women, he'll win them over by coming to their emotional rescue, after such horrible treatment by Hillary "Wicked Stepmother" Clinton.

  13. Jesus, Crooked Hillary starting right off with her glass ceiling Woman Card bullcrap.

    I guarantee that will anger the women in the Bernie movement more than anything else -- the relentlessly abusive wicked stepmother who turns around and plays the victim in public, bravely overcoming all odds to secure her superior status.

    What a sociopathic two-faced bitch.

  14. To keep your finger on the pulse of the progressive Sanders supporters, the #BernieOrBust folks, check out Nomiki Konst:


    Here she is siding with Trump in his unflinching attacks against HRC, which her candidate would not make:



    She appears now and then on the cable news shows, and has grown more combative against the Clintonites over the season (fiery Mediterranean blood).

    She also toured around California with Rosario Dawson, Shailene Woodley, and others, on a Bernie bus, spreading the progressive gospel.

    Someone to keep your eye on as a barometer of the Bernie voters.

  15. Wow, all that bla bla bla from Crooked Hillary and not a single bone thrown to the Bernie movement.

    Sure, "you guys ran a great campaign," "your progressivism is so cute and charming," and "you guys are going to pick me over Trump, right guys?"

    But nothing speaking to their issues about policy or trying to alleviate their concerns about her corruption.

    At best she said "higher minimum wage," but Bernie has been saying she doesn't support enough of a rise to $15 / hour, so I doubt they'll bite at that.

    A few lines about Main Street over Wall Street, coming from Hillary "Wall Street" Clinton. Won't bite at that either.

    It was all a bunch of bromides about liberal values, "this is (is not) who we are as a nation," etc. She even recycled the line about "it takes a village to raise a child" from way back in the '90s.

    The climate is now about populism and anti-globalization, yet she keeps regurgitating the empty "values voter" crap from the past. So tone-deaf.

    Into the oven with you, wicked stepmother!

  16. To fill out the roles in this narrative, Bernie was the gentle grandfather to whom his voters turned each night after a long day of abuse from their wicked stepmother, Hillary.

    That's nice to have someone to comfort you while you're being attacked daily, but you really need the strong fearless hero who is going to break down the door, heave the wicked stepmother into the oven, help the gentle grandfather out of his rocking chair, and lead the children off to a new life of safety and happiness.

  17. The CNN panels as is now expected were pretty gutless tonight. You could see the relief on the faces of the Dem hacks and "analysts" in particular. "Alright, Bernie, nice try, but please move along so the country club can get to work on thwarting Trump". And the Bernie supporters who got distracted by Trump ought to be ashamed. They should've focused everything on Hillary first. Besides, Trump did a lot of the anti-Hillary heavy lifting anyway. Be grateful. To attack Trump is to aid the globalists and their courtiers.

    When their was still some uncertainty in the Dem election, CNN was nervous about being too pro Hillary. And when the GOP wasn't settled, they were nervous about being seen as anti-Trump. Now that the lines are clearly drawn after Bernie's lame final performance, it's been all-out pummeling of Trump and fawning over Clinton.

    There "facts" and cardinal rules about who Trump is not appealing to aren't meant to really convince anyone of Trump's lack of prospects. Rather, the talking heads at CNN are both virtue signalling (can't say anything sanguine about Trump) as well as a making a plaintive plea to Modern Gods to protect the elite sanctum from restless interlopers. They aren't really confident or cheerful about the globalists winning again; rather, they seemed to be nervously grasping onto anything that reassures their feelings of security and power.

    Also embarrassing and revealing is the extent to which the media calls attention to Trump's media bashing which is supposed to be this novel thing that Trump created. No. Trump is summoning the popular opinion on the issue. The news is now by, for, and of the elites. Experts and reporters largely do not even acknowledge, let alone sympathize with, Middle American thoughts on many issues. Especially when such thoughts run against globalism and PC. Getting defensive, and acting personally aggrieved about accusations of bias, is not going to help the media.

  18. The elites are trying to assuage Bernie and his people by telling them that their voices were heard. Presumptuously saying too that Bernie must be feeling good about getting "this far". Really? Regardless of how many aging blacks voted for Clinton, the reality is that it makes no moral sense for a party to be running a criminal, a thief, a traitor, for president. How would anyone feel getting beaten by someone who has no business running in the first place?

    We can only hope that Bernie doesn't debase himself by going the yes to Hillary, no to Trump route. Run independently, harass the Dem elite, endorse Jill Stein, anything. Just don't tell people to vote for Hilary. To do so would be to betray everything he built.

  19. The California results are so lop-sided toward Crooked Hillary that it's due to something more than just demoralization from the last-minute announcement that the race is over, don't bother voting.

    All polls for weeks had the race at neck-and-neck, yet with a good chunk of the votes in, she's over 60%.

    Looks like a lot of that will be the early / mail-in votes which favored her. The votes coming from those who recently registered -- due to the Bernie activists -- are being given "provisional" ballots, which don't get counted for at least 30 days, if at all:


    So maybe a month from now, the results will be updated to show Bernie winning or narrowly losing. But it won't be reported by the media. And most people's mindset will have moved on from the battle for California.

    If news gets out of the widespread use of provisional (uncounted) ballots, the Bernie voters are going to flip out even more.

    At least the Clinton machine has tipped their hand about their shenanigans, and we'll be prepared for it by the fall.

  20. CNN has sucked for a few months now.

    "And the Bernie supporters who got distracted by Trump ought to be ashamed."

    Yep, big mistake to do Hillary's work for her and get thrown under the bus as a reward. His higher-level staff and aides must have been more concerned with scoring moralistic points (anti-Trump) than with actually winning by attacking Hillary.

    "Rather, the talking heads at CNN are both virtue signalling (can't say anything sanguine about Trump) as well as a making a plaintive plea to Modern Gods to protect the elite sanctum from restless interlopers."

    The so-called secular elites are pathetically superstitious and cargo-cult in their behavior. The "big data" stuff, obviously. But also repeating the protective incantation, "Donald Trump will not be President!" Words are magic, in their minds.

    You don't hear Trump supporters reduced to chanting magic words about "Hillary Clinton will not be President" in order to soothe their anxiety about the future.

  21. "We can only hope that Bernie doesn't debase himself by going the yes to Hillary, no to Trump route."

    He himself admitted in an interview last weekend that he doesn't control his followers with a magic wand.

    It was a movement that lifted him up, rather than he being the only one who they would flock to. The people were looking for a populist, and it wouldn't have mattered if it was Bernie or Tulsi Gabbard or someone else. Someone not corrupt and Establishment, someone populist, and someone against globalization.

    So his followers are going to react however they're going to react, regardless of what Bernie himself tells them to do or not do.

    Just imagine if Trump had narrowly lost the nom, and told us all to line up behind Jeb Bush or Ted Cruz. Ha!

  22. The Hillary shills are openly rejecting the "Bernie or bust" voters, as though they don't need them. For example, this guy dissing Cenk Uygur from The Young Turks:


    "Polling: 70% of BS will vote for HRC. It was 60% for Obama in '08 @cenkuygur we don't need U #ByeBernie #ImWithHer"

    I don't know how accurate those stats are, but let's just take them at face value. These morons don't understand that it's turnout that matters, not percentages of this group or that group.

    The moron thinks that just because 70% is bigger than 60%, this is a bigger crowd that will fall in line for the nominee. Nope: only if the turnout for the 2nd place candidate were the same in both years. Unfortunately for him, turnout is way down on the Dems' side -- 30% down.

    Using Wikipedia's popular vote counts, the 60% of the Hillary 2008 vote is 10.7 million, who went to Obama in the general. But 70% of Bernie's 2016 vote is only 8.4 million, who will (supposedly) go to Clinton in the general.

    Sorry, the fall-in-liners are going to be a much smaller crowd this time around -- 2.3 million fewer than in 2008, a decrease of about 20%.

    To yield the same number of fall-in-liners as in 2008 (10.7 million), the Clinton camp would need to convert around 90% of the Bernie voters.

    They're not going to get anywhere close to that.

    No matter how you slice it, turnout among all possible sub-groups of Dems is going to crater by double digits in 2016. And just the opposite for Trump voters.

  23. I think you underestimate the anti-Trump-ness of the lefty/prog-type Bernie voters. At least where I live, the Bernie supporters are all over the culture war crap. But then again, I'm seeing a select subset of Bernie voters -- that is, highly educated and upper middle class ones, who have less in common with Trump than, say, the salt of the earth assembly line and teachers' union Bernie types.

    Relatedly, an argument that Trump should articulate is that, while the redistributive socialism that Bernie supports is really misguided economically, it is much more sensible in a unified, homogeneous environment. It's easier to get behind a large social safety net when your neighbor is similar to you. Therefore it's not surprising, although it is frustrating and seemingly hypocritical in other ways, that the higher-income SWPLs that fervently support redistribution live in the most racially and culturally cloistered environments.

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  25. There is zero chance that he'll be robbed of the nom -- his people are in firm control of the rules, credentials, and platform committee, according to Roger Stone.

    If you want to keep up to speed on all the inside baseball, search YouTube for "Roger Stone" and sort by most recent. He usually appears on the Alex Jones Show.

  26. "I think you underestimate the anti-Trump-ness of the lefty/prog-type Bernie voters"

    Well let's think of it this way: after the strong Uncle Trump has rescued them from their wicked stepmother Hillary, maybe they'll wish to live in the home of their protective Uncle, and maybe they'll strike off on their own. But they will definitely not be going back to live with their wicked stepmother anymore.

    And Trump hasn't even made a major play for the prog Bernie voters. All he has to do is promise a jubilee for student loan debt, and he'll not only scoop up the Bernie voters but also a good chunk of the Hillary voters.

  27. Random Dude on the Internet6/8/16, 9:07 PM

    It blows me away that people _still_ think the GOPe will take the nomination from Trump. AP has listed Trump has having 1542 delegates, which is on par with McCain, Romney, and George W. Bush. If Rubio releases his delegates like he's been saying he will, it might be possible that Donald Trump would have more delegates than any previous candidate (both McCain and Romney had 1575 delegates each). Not only that but he has over 13.3 million votes in the primary, more than any GOP candidate ever.

    Such a thing would be so unprecedented that it would be completely nonsensical. Before anyone brings this item up either, no way will people like Mark Kirk join Bill Kristol's sore loser party. These people will always go back into the Republican fold. New polls have Trump tied with Clinton in Pennsylvania and Clinton has just a 7 point lead over Trump in Connecticut. These are numbers that you will never see from Ted Cruz, John Kasich, Paul Ryan, and sure as hell not from David French.

    Trump will win, which naturally makes the cuckservatives nervous. They are political flakes who want to play by their enemy's rules in order to look nice and "principled."

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Sounds like it. Even the guests and hosts of mainstream news shows have discussed the AP's influence on the CA outcome.

    The Bernie voters may get less angry about it over time, but they'll still remember it as a betrayal and as one more case of being sold out by the rigged Establishment. Meaning, no vote for Crooked Hillary.


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