June 22, 2016

Hillary no longer fag hag in chief, after Orlando

According to the Reuters tracking poll, since June 13 Hillary's poll numbers have tanked among registered voters who are not straight -- falling from 65% to nearly 40%. Slightly more of them actually said they would vote for someone else or wouldn't vote at all (42%), way up from the 20% that they started with before the Islamic terrorist attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando.

Trump has also seen increasing support from the gays, from 7% to 17%, although that is still within the range that he had been getting earlier in the race.

The major change is Hillary's cratering support from the cultural left's sacred minority group du jour -- far lower than the previous low points in the race.

Quite simply, they see how weak she is on dealing with Islamic terrorism, and they may also have become wise to how many tens of millions in bribes Crooked Hillary has taken from Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries that punish homosexuality with death.

The gays have also become far more in favor of a temporary ban on all Muslims from entering the country, a more extreme position than Trump is proposing. In early June, they were over 80% against the ban, and now are only 55-60% against. More are outright in favor, and more are merely uncertain (at least being open to it, instead of closed off to it).

Since the gays only make up 1-2% of the electorate, their changing vote patterns won't directly affect the election. However, if they are making their feelings known to their "straight allies" in real life or on the internet, it could have a rippling effect throughout the left-leaning electorate.

Their allies will not hear a subtle change in opinion, but one that says they've completely changed their minds and simply won't be voting at all. That's bound to start some awkward conversations and reflections among Democrat voters.

As with other culture war topics, this election is putting a stark choice before voters -- do you want an identity politics President who will only "feel your pain," or a results guy who will protect you from those trying to harm you and threaten your way of life?


  1. Notably, it didn't happen over night though Donald and Hillary have just kept being Donald and Hillary. I've also noticed that some in the media have become, only very recently, more than just "less shrill", but actually more sober about Islam in a way I haven't seen in past assaults like Bataclan, San Bernandino, etc. I don't mean they've become critical of Islam, but stopping jerking our and their own chains about it *not* having something to do with terrorism. Perhaps their gay friends' changes of heart help explain this. If that's the case, perhaps they will come to see Trump less as evil incarnate and more as just a well-meaning guy they disagree with.

  2. Maybe publicity about this will shift some "Latino" attitudes. Interesting that there's such a large out Latino queer community, I had the impression that their societies were much less accepting http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/man-who-says-he-was-omar-mateens-gay-lover-speaks-out/ar-AAhpOQM?li=BBnb7Kz&OCID=DELLDHP

  3. Hillary's painfully stilted and scripted jokes about Trump's business acumen/economy ideas couldn't have been more bitter, snarky, and faggy. A reptile like Hillary can't understand the difference between healthy irreverence/ribbing vs haughty scolding.

    And she's got no plans to kick real ass. Even some fags probably would like to do that right now, but count Hillary out. She and her party refuse to acknowledge the problem (muslims in Western countries) as they'd rather whine about mean white people and threaten to further destabilize the Middle East. Ironically, war mongering doesn't neatly take out the "bad" guys of the region, it instead often fubars entire countries over which warlords fight for supremacy while scores of people flee. Where do they flee? Not to other Mid-East areas but typically to Europe or America.

    Not to mention the fact that Mid-Eastern people mostly end up sconring Westerners as meddling invaders. And what autistic Ashk. Jews and misguided Anglos/Nords don't realize is that perceived or actual insults sting belligerent ethnic groups for centuries.

    How many will finally wise up to the insanity of invade the world/invite the world and tell the Dem elites and neo-con rapists to go to hell?

  4. Re; Latino gays, on recent GSS cohort*, for US born, there seems like a difference where around 95% of Whites and 97% Others (Asians basically) have had sex with 0 men, while only 88% of Blacks and Hispanics have had sex with 0 men.

    This is statistical size of 1,300 Whites, 238 Blacks, 263 Hispanics, 76 Others, so it looks fairly robustly like there just are more men who have had / do have sex with other men among the Black and Hispanic groups. By about double.

    Probably matches the recent pop culture stereotypes where Black-Gay and Hispanic-Gay seem a bit more common stock types than White-Gay.

    If you use reverse for women, then among this late Gen-X to Millennial cohort then % of women who have had sex with women is more consistent among all groups, at 89%. So seems like non-hetero stuff is similar for all women and Black and Hispanic men, with White and Asian men different.

    Earlier cohort from 1955-1974 seems to have a similar pattern, but less statistically strong difference.

    No idea why any of this would be the case.

    *Method: Variables - Nummen (male sex partners), Racehisp (Race + Hispanic); Filters: Born[1] (born in the U S A), cohort [1975-1995] (born from 1975-1995), sex (1).

  5. "Maybe publicity about this will shift some "Latino" attitudes. Interesting that there's such a large out Latino queer community, I had the impression that their societies were much less accepting http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/man-who-says-he-was-omar-mateens-gay-lover-speaks-out/ar-AAhpOQM?li=BBnb7Kz&OCID=DELLDHP"

    It's called compensating. Northern Euros appear to be the least gay ethnic group if you measure gayness by the willingness of the average man to engage in gay sex. Yet Northern Euros are less macho than Mediterraneans, Arabs, and blacks. Male Celts, Teutons, and Nords tend to be accepting of Strong Women, guys with long hair, and tree hugging. They're not insecure about their masculinity, and given that the majority of have not taken cock, they shouldn't be.

    We see greater sexual dimorphism , homophobia, and misogyny in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Southern Europe. All of which have a greater down-low culture than Northern Europe.

    If I'm not mistaken, surveys show that Asian and black American men are more likely to be outright gay. While among straight guys, white men are less likely to report voluntary gay sex. Of course, this is assuming that these responders are truthful. Given that whites are more PC and less sociopathic, if anything I'd bet that black men are under reporting their experiences. American whites are predominately north western Euro in extraction (thus the high skin cancer rates), thus they aren't too gay. The kind of white people who attend The Burning Man are many things, but they don't suffer from masculine identity complexes.

  6. The more prone to skin cancer you are, the less you will be interested in butt sex.

  7. That makes sense, there's also the correlation between libido and melanin (in all animals), which ties into what we know about fags (extreme libido) and infrequent polygamy/polygyny in northern Europe vis-a-vis most of the world.

  8. In this context, "being on the Down Low" is more than just men having sex with men in secret, or a variant of closeted homosexuality or bisexuality — it is a sexual identity that is, at least partly, defined by its "cult of masculinity" and its rejection of what is perceived as white culture (including white LGBT culture) and terms.[3][10][11][12] A 2003 New York Times Magazine cover story on the Down Low phenomenon explains that the black community sees "homosexuality as a white man's perversion."[10] It then goes on to describe the Down Low culture as follows:
    “ Rejecting a gay culture they perceive as white and effeminate, many black men have settled on a new identity, with its own vocabulary and customs and its own name: Down Low. There have always been men – black and white – who have had secret sexual lives with men. But the creation of an organized, underground subculture largely made up of black men who otherwise live straight lives is a phenomenon of the last decade... Most date or marry women and engage sexually with men they meet only in anonymous settings like bathhouses and parks or through the Internet. Many of these men are young and from the inner city, where they live in a hypermasculine thug culture. Other DL men form romantic relationships with men and may even be peripheral participants in mainstream gay culture, all unknown to their colleagues and families. Most DL men identify themselves not as gay or bisexual but first and foremost as black. To them, as to many blacks, that equates to being inherently masculine.[10]

    Basically, the phenom. of nominally cool dudes having a psychosis regarding sexual identity is what happens when you go to great lengths to be a tough charismatic lothario but you're also getting cock too.

    Theses crises of masculinity are damn near unheard of among northern Euro dudes who are more like, just chill out, man, you're life shouldn't revolve around you're dick. But American blacks think that American whites are either dull nerds, pompous snobs, or spaced out hesher types (bikers, rockers, hippies etc.) Tony Montana can be an icon of blacks, in spite of his whiteness, since Montana is hot-blooded, vain, cruel, and stylish. E.G., not the kind of white guy you find in most parts of NW Europe or the Anglo/Celtic diaspora countries.

    1. I have been looking at pictures of young Danish people on Instagram and am pretty much in awe at what I'm seeing. The women are beautiful and have a certain wholesomeness about them that is appealing. Of course mostly blondes but some dark haired beauties as well. Obesity is rare.The guys are as non-offensive looking as can be. Hyper masculinity is not a part of their culture. The Dane's are far better looking and well adjusted looking compared to today's Americans.

  9. Worth noting is that all wiggers customarily shorn the hair off their heads, while Arab culture often mandates short hair with facial hair also being common if not necessarily required. In Saturday Night Fever, cocky Meds have short hair (by 70's standards), pick fights, and carouse. Part Italian lead John Travolta is (quite plausibly) rumored to be a gay casting couch case and certainly does come off as the kind of "white" guy that blacks admire. The showboating and shameless type that is uncommon among Celts, Anglos, Nords, and Teutons.

    Worth noting is that it is quite possibly true that the reason NW Euros came to dominate is the lack of bullshit among NW Euro men. The more that women and non-NW peoples get power, the more fucked up everything gets.

  10. The stereotypical NW European personality: (earnest, even-keeled, introspective, tall poppy, etc.) is not something that appeals to blacks

  11. I remember reading about Mediterranean men who pick up Northern Euro tourist girls: they stressed that they're hot-blooded, and don't need a bunch of drinks in their system to approach chicks (in any case their alcohol tolerance is much lower than Northern Euros, the latter binge to relieve their stress, an alien phenomenon in the Mediterranean). Even the ones who aren't Don Juans and get rejected a lot don't mind, they keep fearlessly making passes. Hence inter-regional Caucasian couplings are almost always of Mediterranean men and Northern women (my parents are close to that paradigm).

  12. S. Sailer's recurring deep voiced men with gold chains meme comes to mind. These guys from the Middle-Eastern/former Soviet Union diaspora qualify as "white" on census forms, but they ain't the kind of white guys who would grow their hair and smoke a bowl while listening to Pink Floyd or Slayer.

    Go figure, a Boomer local talk show host of mostly (maybe entirely) of Spanish descent (a real white hispanic!) is someone I've heard bash hard rock and give shit to long-haired guys. The Med has been terrible at producing bands that are electric guitar driven. It seems like you need a populace that doesn't concern itself with sexual dimorphism to really produce great rock stars. Quite a few American Jews have done well in the American rock scene, but presumably Ashk. Jews are soaking up the influence of surrounding NW Euros. The growing out of hair seems to be symbolic of letting yourself, your conscious, just float away.

  13. The stereotypical NW European personality: (earnest, even-keeled, introspective, tall poppy, etc.) is not something that appeals to blacks

    These are basically nerdy traits, which is but one type among northern Euros. There's also the refined gentleman type (less charitably, the snobby or repressed type) and also the hesher/hippie type (who forsake vanity and do mental/physical wanderings some of which don't really amount to anything). Easy Rider is a iconic vision of this type, with Dennis Hopper (who in real life was recklessly experimental and long haired) and Peter Fonda going wherever their spirits guided them and running afoul of uptight bigots. The movie doesn't even have much of a clear story, rather fitting since the hippie type is never really fully locked into anything anyway and doesn't need order or stability.

    "Allegedly, the characters of Wyatt and Billy were respectively based on Roger McGuinn and David Crosby of The Byrds"
    Yup, no surprise that Anglos/Celts inspired the movie.

  14. The effects of the "gay germ" are more common in higher-temp places because they're more hospitable environments for spreading pathogens in general.

    Who ever heard of a gay Eskimo?

    Population density also matters, since the hunter-gatherer Pygmy and Bushmen aren't gay, but all have heard about it happening among the horticulturalist Bantu (black Africans).

  15. I don't see temperature making too much of a difference on confidence approaching girls. Tropical Asians are socially and sexually awkward, while the French, Irish, and Australians are (in)famous for their lack of inhibitions about approaching girls.

    Seems to have more to do with how much pastoralism and horticulture have shaped their personalities. Those societies are more warlike and reward high risk-taking. Sedentary agriculture, or hunting and gathering, do not.

    The socially awkward Europeans are from the Great European Plain (Nords and Slavs), where large-scale agriculture has been more common than in the hilly and mountainous parts of Europe (Celts and Meds).

    Even in the Mediterranean, there's an East-West gradient that I have no explanation for. Spaniards (Catalans, etc.) and Portuguese are more introverted than the Italians and Greeks. And from the Moroccans I've known, they're more low-key than the Egyptians and Palestinians.

  16. Gays are also heavily overrepresented in news media companies as well as in Hollywood. They are also disproportionately in positions of power in those organizations. Great example: Nick Denton, who ran Gawker like Hedda Hoppper on steroids with an SJW kick. But Barry Diller is also a much bigger gay powerhouse.

    Michael Ovitz's statement from 20 years ago about a "gay mafia" in power in Hollywood is even more true today.

    Gays are also overrepresented in academia as well.

    The result is that gays, like Eskimos, punch far above their weight in terms of social, intellectual, and political power. They are the upstream of many cultural movements and set up rationalizations for later leftist actions. Gay marriage, for example, was a deliberate, plotted, gay-academia-led movement from the late 1980s that first rationalized gay marriage, and then put it to gay Hollywood and news media types to create sympathetic portraits of homos. The "Will & Grace" effect was a very long-reaching conspiracy to change the American mindset on faggotry.

    Now that some gays are seeing that the Left will allow Islam to treat them as human targets and not stop it, however, they may turn that propaganda power against Islam and the Leftists who don't protect them anymore. It may be more of a long term thing than a short term, but still, a few well-written articles by gays asserting that Islam MUST BE STOPPED, and a few Hollywood portrayals of Islam as negative before the election could be very powerful indeed for Trump.

  17. Turns out Reince (Reinhold) Priebus is kinda German. His German dad took him to Wisconsin when the kid was 7. Looks like the GOP, in it's rush to appeal to New Americans, tossed it's anchor into the Lutheran belt. Don't want to intimidate blacks and beaners, ya know. Fags, Jews, and Nordic pansies oh my.

  18. "I don't see temperature making too much of a difference on confidence approaching girls. Tropical Asians are socially and sexually awkward, while the French, Irish, and Australians are (in)famous for their lack of inhibitions about approaching girls."

    Haven't all the Anglo diaspora countries been swallowed whole by PC? Britain itself is fubard, while non-anglophone Western countries have also been infected to varying degrees. And it's a safe bet that plenty of Irish and Italian Millennials don't have the same nerve that their Boomer parents had. I don't think it's going out on a limb too far to say that Swedish Boomers in the 70's were more amorous than Greek Millennials in the 2000's.

  19. Why even bother? Unless White America adopts the Butler Plan all Trump's election would do is to buy 8 years.

    Come Home. Come Northwest.

  20. It's not 2013 anymore, and nobody's home is in the Pac NW -- one of the last regions to be settled.

    Apocalyptic loner transplant wannabe survivalists, LARP-ing as members of a glorious ancient race -- a secular version of the Mormons, who naturally enough you'll be living cheek by jowl with.

  21. Here's the article I was thinking of https://www.vice.com/en_uk/read/greek-kamaki-summer-tourism-sex-old-time-puas-876 Note that he says Greek girls now are as receptive as the tourists, yet I've heard that they still try with the latter from what I've heard from girls who've been there.

  22. I think you might have a bit of co-evolution of sexual mores and rule bound personalities, where the nations with more rule bound personalities - Germans? - generally tend to have a bit more of a relaxed attitude to sexuality generally. Otherwise they would get more anxious about it. So it balances out. Those rule bound Northern Europeans tend to have high sociosexuality, sexually open, low levels of sex rules. East Asians might be a slightly different case as they may be more monogamy adapted (lower sociosexuality), but I still think there is a kind of sexual tolerance thing going on there.

    I think the whole thing of men needing drink in Northern Europe to approach girls is a bit overrated. I don't know if the lager louts from Britain who go to Spain have a tough time approaching girls when they're not drunk exactly. They just seem to like drinking a lot.

    Re: common European couplings, as M for one ethnicity and F for another, the General Social Survey has Ethnic and Spouse Ethnic entries, so you can crosstabulate these to see if any coupling is more or less frequent than expected, and use that data to explore intra-White ethnic marriage patterns.

    It didn't seem like the combinations M = Italian and F = Northern European were more common than the converse. Of course, there's a high frequency of Ethnic and Spouse Ethnic matching, less so for more isolated White ethnicities (e.g. Germans are gonna have a high frequency of spouse ethnic matching because the Germans tend live where there are lots of Germans, Scottish Americans less so). Looks like there's some degree of pairing up of Nords with Nords and Southern Europeans with Southern Europeans as well, is my impression.

    Still, marriage follows different rules than simple chat ups. Figures for Numwomen (number of female sex partners) show some differences for the different groups in average, and you can see some difference between more / less monogamous groups, which are kind of expected.


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