April 29, 2016

Reminder: Anti-Trump rioters are Hillary plants, not Sanders supporters

After Trump's yuge rally in Orange County, CA, protesters outside the venue started trashing a police car, and acting badly enough that 20 arrests were made. Similar to the protests and quasi riots outside of the canceled rally in Chicago.

These crowds carry signs saying "Bernie," they chant "Bernie," and are all Millennial age. And yet unlike actual Sanders supporters, hardly any of them are white, and their slurs are about people being racist and sexist, when the Bernie bros don't care about identity politics whatsoever, but rather populist economic matters (minimum wage, student loans, free health care, etc.). Identity politics and culture war stuff is Crooked Hillary's schtick.

If the black agitators in Chicago or the Mexican agitators in California were truly fans of Bernie, then he would be cleaning up in states with large non-white populations. It stands to reason that these agitators are, if anything, supporters of Crooked Hillary.

Mostly, though, they're just paid protesters, as Roger Stone has said, and as Trump has begun to make clear as well. They're part of MoveOn.org, Black Lives Matter, and other groups funded by George Soros, mediated by David Brock, and in general working on behalf of Crooked Hillary and the globalists.

Another of their goals is to sow discord between the Trump and Sanders voters, who overlap on populist economic policies and non-globalist foreign policy (albeit with Bernie being less nationalist, and merely non-globalist). We shouldn't fall for that, since we'll be courting them in the fall, especially in certain states that we need to change from blue to red, like Michigan (which Bernie won, and not because the whole state is blue-haired SJWs with $100K in student loan debt).

Instead, online or in real life, whenever they show these paid protesters with Sanders signs, we should ask the others in the audience, "Oh please, if they're Bernie bros, then where are all the white people at?" It not only unmasks the protests as false flag operations from Crooked Hillary, it also reminds the Sanders voters how their primary season would be going if there weren't so much diversity in America.


  1. They're at it again in California, to no substantial effect. They're getting in the way and annoying people, and committing minor vandalism with the occasional wounding of someone. But not provoking any Trump supporters into being particularly violent which is of course the goal.

    The octopus is getting really desperate. Even if a Trumpite shot or severely beat someone at a rally, the vast majority of people leaning towards Trump wouldn't be dissuaded from voting Trump.

    To Trump's credit, his rhetoric is so un-PC and his success so powerful that we've seen a shift in the discourse, the mood, the landscape. The media and some of the elites appear to be making tentative attempts to at least understand the phenomena rather than reflexively spewing incredulity and horror.

    Seemingly outrageous tactics and proclamations (build a big wall, Mexicans are criminals, stop Muslims, rough that protester up, multi-national corporations are traitors) mounted and were never apologized for. Thus what once was taboo is now relatively common and normal. People EXPECT some level of drama surrounding Trump at all times, so if some snotty protester gets a beat down, well, it comes with the territory.

    Now that Trump has gained respect, loyalty, and power, he now has the authority and credibility to convince people that we're undergoing a seismic shift in our goals and standards. And that shift entails growing pains that will be misunderstood or embellished by complacent, selfish, and corrupt people who don't want to get with the program. But enough people are ready for change that it's ok for Trump or his followers to get a bit rowdy and passionate especially in the face of sycophants, stubborn robber barons, clueless cultural zealots, and wayward kids.

  2. Throwing rocks and trying to flip cars = "forcefully declaring opposition"


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