March 11, 2016

Cruz shows off prepper icon during debate

In case his pandering to apocalyptic lifestyle and persona strivers were not ham-fisted enough, during tonight's debate Cruz conspicuously displayed one of those gay prepper rope bracelets:

Cruz appeals to the LARP-y, braindead cult followers who will see that and pump their fist about how he gets the out-West survivalist lifestyle.

"Dude, I bet he's totally wearing a Zombie Exterminator t-shirt underneath that suit! Finally, a candidate who isn't afraid to embody our prepper values."

No matter what, Ted can't help looking like a poser (but then he's a professional politician).


  1. OT: but this story will probably blow up shortly

  2. My favorite Cruz Crew dorks are the Molon Labe Threeper Larpers with their dumb tattoos and beards. Listen to lots of entry-level metal, post pictures of their ARs on Instagram. Brag about their squat and deadlift numbers to distract from pathetic lack of upper-body strength

    Not really much difference between them and hipsters. All lifestyle strivers.

    1. You're all lifestyle strivers to some extent, whether or not you care to admit it, and it's just as rampant among backward Easterners as it is among others.

  3. Meanwhile, Hillary completely blew a culture war pander by praising the Reagans on AIDS. Trump is going to whip the floor with her.

  4. One of "our" guys, Nate Silver, needs to lay off the wacky tobaccy. He says Cruz has won in a "diverse" set of areas. The most hardened elites and nerds just don't get it, and I don't think they ever will.

    Cruz is is popular in areas with:
    - Shallow yuppie types (now that Rubio is D.O.A. and Kasich too Rust belt).
    - Paranoid and fatalistic libertarian/survivalist types
    - Pious and moralistic rubes who'd rather lecture and hunker down than be more constructive and empathetic.

    These people can be found everywhere, but some areas are worse than others. And they're not all west of the Mississippi, either. For example, the schemers/dreamers in the Grand Rapids area of Michigan. We also discovered that Maine is too full of grumpy weirdos to get Trump's cut the crap wholesome optimism.

    We shouldn't get too hung up on strict geography. After all, Trump has done well in the sun/sin states that admire Big Men. Hawaii, Nevada, and most likely Florida in a few days. Maybe people in these areas aren't pious and uptight enough for Cruz's bible thumping and scolding to play well. Also, perhaps the fast living states like Trump's street smarts and people skills. Whereas the ascetics in the plains and mountains think Trump is too "city". Too loud and loquacious.

    Nice to see that Ben Carson values his integrity and has a conscience. He's endorsed Trump. God knows that the establishment tried to coerce him or bribe him into submission. Looks like they failed. Same with Christie, too.

  5. Cruz is definitely a persona striver. Problem is, he's constructed a facade that was supposed to be fool-proof for election in a perpetual climate of culture war.

    His persona is about apocalyptic moralizing. But that's got nothing to do with getting good jobs again in America. In the twilight of the culture war era, his sermons are flying right past legions of disgruntled people tired of smug and divisive charlatans lining their pockets as nothing is done to salvage what this country is supposed to represent.

    His schtick is far too downbeat and misanthropic. "Elect me, I'll tear everything up so nobody can track your ammo purchases". Move along Teddy, your kind hasn't done squat over the last 30 years.

  6. "Meanwhile, Hillary completely blew a culture war pander by praising the Reagans on AIDS. Trump is going to whip the floor with her."

    Reagan has been over glorified since he's the icon of the 80's, which is the last decade when most Americans felt good about things. The further we get from the 80's, the easier it is too gloss over the many inadequacies of his run. Like the encroachment of neo-cons, who eventually took over in the 90's. Or starting the current national debt embarrassment. Or the '86 amnesty, which inflicted even greater punishment on areas already straining from too much diversity. As Sailer has pointed out, California in the 70's had impressive and popular public schools. What happened? Elites looking the other way (from '65-'85) and then practically ordering an invasion in the later 80's.

    Another mistake was indeed the AIDS crisis. Reagan (and federal/local authorities in general) did botch the study and response. Not because of a lack of interest or sympathy; but because of not grasping fast enough that more needed to be done. We should've been finding, quarantining, and arresting fags/drug addicts to deal with AIDS. Instead, we went the libertarian route of politely asking for self-policing. Things got so out of hand that even San Fr. finally outlawed bath houses in the later 80's. Well into the epidemic (it was being spread as early as the mid 70's, but many people did not become fully symptomatic until the 80's).

    It's possible that Reagan got too cozy with a lot of fags in the movie biz. (and maybe in politics) thus making him, if anything, too magnanimous towards fags who were badly abusing each other after the sexual liberation of the late 60's.

    On the other hand, Nixon was frightened by the gay agenda. There's a reason Pat Buchanan got along with him. I think Reagan was a sanguine G.I. who remained naive about how decadent some of America was by the later 70's.

  7. Trump canceled his Chicago rally and the protesters are boasting about it.


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