March 11, 2016

Anarcho-tyranny = Eight years of Trump, martial law and Reconquista of Chicago

Leading up to the major primary elections this Tuesday, Trump is touring a number of large and diverse cities -- Fayetteville yesterday, St. Louis and Chicago today, and Cleveland tomorrow. Trump is no fool, so I'm sure he knew what was likely to happen, and that it would all but secure his victory on Tuesday, in the primary overall, and in the general in November.

While there were small conflicts in Fayetteville and St. Louis, the protesters at the Chicago rally grew so hostile and violent -- shoving, punching, mobbing, and storming the stage -- that it was canceled for the night, and the Trump crowd was dispersed along with the animals. Tonight was so different because reports say perhaps hundreds of protesters were allowed into the main arena, apart from the thousands protesting outside.

The fact that so many obvious trouble-makers were allowed into the main arena proves that the Chicago government and the Chicago PD was turning a blind eye to the potential danger beforehand. Corruption in Democrat-controlled Chicago -- I know, hard to believe.

When a major city is revealed to be in such a state of anarchy and fragility -- when the rights of free speech and free assembly of a huge crowd is canceled because of confrontational protesters and no police response -- you can guarantee that everyone who learns of the news will demand a harsh law-and-order program to contain and prevent such chaos in the future.

These dumb punks thought that they'd disrupt Trump's campaign by disrupting a rally, but they have only dug their own grave. Seeing lawlessness unfold on live TV is going to turn out even more people to vote for Trump in the primaries, and in the general election against the soft, pillow-brained Democrat. Look at the violent clashes, also in Chicago, during the 1968 Democratic Convention -- that got them eight years of Nixon, suckers.

You'd think at least someone in the media would have a clue, but they're desperately trying to spin this as the beginning of the end for the Trump movement. We can understand the moron-level protesters not being able to forecast what response their riotous stunts will provoke in the general public, but the talking heads at least have three-digit IQs. Yet they have been so insulated from real life that they think normal Americans are going to sympathize with a mob that unfairly shuts down a political rally. The journalists may be wimps, but the general public is not, and they are going to respond very harshly.

Once Trump is elected President -- guaranteed by tonight's shameful anarchy -- he will declare martial law in Chicago, flush out the garbage responsible for the anarchy (they can move to a state that voted for Cruz), organize a replacement of the local political machine, and resettle the city with normal Americans. Trump cannot even stand when a lone protester interrupts him during a punchline -- imagine how much he's going to remember a mob of them shutting down an entire rally. He's already warned the other side that he cannot forgive a betrayal of trust, and follows the rule of "an eye for an eye".

When is the other side going to appreciate that they're no longer dealing with a half-black Jimmy Carter?

As angry as you may be feeling, breathe a sigh of relief that this agitation will ensure a two-term reign of Trump, and will create a public mood that will be far more tolerant of law-and-order programs to restore stability.


  1. Long Live Trump. #Trump2016

  2. Very good take about Chicago. This turns out to be *highly* organized by Move On and others...
    From everything I've read from CounterPunch about how much power lefty oligarchs have in Dem politics, and how "unity-obsessed" they are (the #UniteBlue on twitter and all the bots coming out congratulating Dems for their civil debates after one of their debates)...
    this looks lk a top-to-bottom effort to turn this into an identity politics election w/ the KKKrazy glue holding them together.

    Our mission: focus like a laser on Nationalist economics. And remind the serious populists in Bernie coalition of how Black Lives Matter destroyed Bernie Sanders candidacy: rallies bigger than Trump's came to an end, heart was lost.

    I'm listening to Trump right now and he already brought up the Bernie BLM storming and focuses on economics. He's got great instincts.

  3. Return everything to either Bernie/BLM or economic populism...
    Lib/Cruz/whoever says Trump wanted this shut down,
    A: But Trump is 2nd person this has happened to, 1st was Sanders by BLM who screamed in his face (powerful visuals)
    Lib: But it's Free Speech!
    A: Yeah, no easy answers, I mean, BLM storming, screaming at Bernie ended his candidacy.

    Lib: They shut that bigot down!
    A: Economic populism has had best week in decades, oligarchs gotta shut it down. (their identity issues are so illegitimate we ignore them.)

  4. I don't see this having an identity politics angle within the Republican primary -- that would have to do with apocalyptic evangelicals.

    Every Republican and R-leaning Independent is going to see this chaos unfolding, conclude how lawless the environment is in major cities, that such chaos could ever unfold, and want to storm the ballot box to vote Trump.

    It would introduce an identity politics angle to the general election, but when people see how disruptive, violent, and free-speech-suppressing the agitators are, there will be no argument on their side. Everyone will conclude that they get what they deserve, and identity politics is just a whining con job.

    It will turn out yuge numbers of whites, while blacks and Hispanics will continue to stay home, without one of their own to vote for. Only if their side appeared the unfairly treated one, would they turn out in droves -- if there were another Rodney King tape, or something.

    But they're not going to turn out in record numbers to support Black Lives Matter agitators.

  5. And moving beyond identity politics doesn't mean focusing only on economics, but also on the nature of government. Law and order is the most basic thing that government is supposed to do, just like securing the borders and deporting illegals.

    If this issue persists into the general, it will be about a strong government to prevent anarchy, not about white people getting back at black thugs (although that could be secondary for some voters).

  6. I was trying to write about the Democrat's strategy for coalescing their own and how we can counteract it. Move On thought this was a winner their stunt tonight and I believe this was about bringing Sanders people back into the fold (they endorsed him, but he can't win so they've moved on).
    We believe it was a dud, but that doesn't mean we can't make it even worse for them by making it fail at its own purpose of rallying all the Dems together ;)

    Demoralize or more rarely, convert, the Bernie Sanders supporters (though, ironically, I believe Hillary-supporting working class the most gettable, but we can do lots of things at once :) )

    Nothing, NOTHING, I've found demoralizes the Bernie supporter more than the fact Black Lives Matter stormed that stage and were all-out thugs to him. It demoralized me though I'm just an admirer! I've noticed Trump brings this up often, we gotta follow his lead on this one. He brought it up again tonight with Hannity!

  7. "nature of government," law and order. Yes, Trump talks about this more than economics, I think, or its close.

  8. Hillary supports have been playing the race and gender cards against Sanders, for many Sanders supporters this is the first time those cards have been used against them; some of them seem to be rethinking the whole identity politics thing.

    Cruz threw Trump under the bus tonight; does he think any Republican is going to blame Trump for this?

  9. "But they're not going to turn out in record numbers to support Black Lives Matter agitators."

    So true. they're a fetish for white liberal media guys, but I don't know a single black person, not just NOT into this, but not into black nationalism. At all. It was different in the early 90s. During Rodney King, here in Florida, my aunt was driving on the interstate when a strange car filled with black people pulled up beside her and the front passenger guy made a "gun" out of his hand and simulated pulling the trigger at her. Different times.

  10. I muted Cruz as usual, figured he'd say something weasely as usual.

    This is a great polarizer -- not only does it build up support for Trump (sympathy for victim of free speech suppression), it undercuts it from his rivals (who will slander him as responsible, fooling nobody). That includes rivals in the primary, in the general, in the media, anywhere.

    It also begins to neuter the GOP Establishment from trying to rob him of the nomination somehow or other. Trump has just created a powerful narrative about the dirty tricks that his rivals will resort to in order to silence the democratic process.

    If the head cucks try to re-write the Convention rules, or openly advocate strategic voting, they play right into that same narrative. Voters will link the Republican leaders with the violent agitators from Black Lives Matter. "They're all out to get him and his supporters -- all of them!"

    If the Establishment is at all concerned about its "brand value," they'll want to avoid being lumped by the voters themselves into the same bin as violent agitators who cancel a peaceful political rally.

    All Trump would have to do to fire a warning shot is to start making a few off-the-cuff, under-his-breath comparisons to the GOP elite shenanigans and his treatment by the BLM mob.

  11. BTW, just to get a little personal, my brother told me earlier this evening before the Chicago cancellation that his brother-in-law, Brian, is going to that Trump rally in Cleveland. I told him how awesome I thought it was though I was worried about Chicago "later" because it seemed something big and violent was coming. Now, I'm even more worried for him. He'll definitely still go unless canceled, but I admit I am nervous for him.

  12. Also, if anything bad happens at his Cleveland rally this weekend, Trump can blame it on Kasich, however politely he phrases it, to score a victory in a tight Ohio race this Tuesday:

    "Y'know, I like Kasich, good guy. But I sorta maybe kind of expected him to keep a little more law and order than the Democrat machine that controls Chicago. You guys saw that, right? Honestly, I expected better from the Governor when we came to Cleveland. I'm not saying he did anything on purpose, but y'know I call him The Absentee Governor. Maybe he was gone from the state for so long that law and order back home just, kind of, y'know fell by the wayside."

  13. The actions and reactions from the other side reveal a profound lack of long-term planning. Any idiot can tell that a stunt like this will secure Trump the nomination, then the Presidency, and then a wider berth for his programs, all of which they're against.

    They simply have no desire to win -- no strategic thinking. They merely want to "fight the good fight" here and now, which has always been the undoing of the Left.

    Ditto for the media -- they can't see how much they're amplifying Trump's appeal by running a handful of violent clips on a loop, which shut down a peaceful rally. They're just latching onto the latest thing.

    And likewise for his political rivals, who are doing the same thing as the media.

    They are behaving like addicts, pouncing on catnip that's just been dropped in front of them, unable to even question whether or not they're walking into a trap. They are that short-sighted and hysterical.

    It allows Trump, who is far-sighted and cool-headed, to lure them into any trap he sets for them. A true master of strategy.

  14. I read that Trump cancelled a Cincinnati rally too after this but that he may reschedule. Hopefully he goes to Cincinatti and also somewhere in Chicago suburbs or atleast not a University, North Side somewhere maybe? What do you think Agnostic?

  15. The media is too dumb to see that by framing this as "whose side are you on?", come Tuesday the voters will not be thinking of Trump vs. Cruz / Kasich / Rubio, but rather Trump vs. Those Fucking Scum.

    And the also-ran candidates are too dumb to see that by saying anything other than a quick pro forma statement of support for Trump, then quickly pivoting to their lame stump speech, they align themselves with Those Fucking Scum. (Which all three have done.)

    We were already going to clean up, but now with the solidarity / sympathy vote, it's going to be a slaughter.

  16. Trump says Cincinnati rally is ON.

  17. At some point, post election I think, we are going to have to go after the masterminds behind this, like the MoveOn leadership, the BLM money men, all the way up to Soros himself.

  18. Right, and thankfully our leader has already made it clear, to them and to us, that he never forgets betrayal, and believes in "an eye for an eye".

    At the Dayton rally just now, he called out by name and said it was a professionally organized disruption, not random thugs spontaneously showing up. Once the public becomes more aware of how highly orchestrated the disruptions are, they'll be fine with whatever it takes to stop them.

    1. My husband helped his buddy move yesterday and found he and his wife had moved to Trump after being on fence. Not enthusiastically, but there nonetheless.
      The voiced sticking point before had been Trump skipping that debate. What pushed them over was the orchestration of the Chicago disruption. Didn't much talk at all about the disruption itself. He's a prepper-type, but perhaps too Sicialian to be enthusiastic for Cruz. But the conspiratorial commies really bothered him.

  19. Agnostic, your last couple political posts have been great, which I much prefer to the gay bashing and celebrity closet tranny speculation.

    Can you do a post on the Carson endorsement or a possible Trump-Carson ticket? This is something I saw coming and am very excited about. Perhaps ironically, I think Carson would be more useful for bringing evangelicals (likely already Republicans) out to vote in the general election, than converting black voters over from the Dems, but either channel of influence would be great.

  20. Who the fuck doesn't like gay bashing? Especially when sandwiched between synthpop posts.

  21. Carson won't be his running mate -- not the best replacement for Trump, if something happened to him, and no political experience in Washington, which are the two things Trump has said make the difference.

    Trump is already getting evangelicals in the primaries, and they'll vote him over Hillary any day in the general. But Carson did have an appeal to the older, female, wishy-washy evangelicals, so his stumping for Trump could do a lot to energize them.

  22. advancedatheist3/13/16, 10:33 AM

    Can we have the overdue conversation now about revoking George Soros's American citizenship, confiscating his wealth and deporting him as an undesirable alien?

  23. Checking out the commenters on Second City Cop, I see that yes indeed - the "protestors" (really, thugs and terrorists) basically just made anyone who was on the fence go to Trump. It's beautiful.


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