June 3, 2014

Jennifer Lopez wondering if the whole fake gay boyfriend thing was worth it

If you keep in touch with Blind Gossip, you've already known about J.Lo's "boytoy" serving as nothing more than a gay eunuch for an aging woman who's already been through three divorces. In reality, she's getting bonked by her bodyguard. See here and here.

Today the news is coming out in the mainstream media that the queer is involved with some tranny. Try keeping a lid on your fake relationship now. Her publicists will have to work overtime to spin this as one of those things that a modern woman just couldn't see coming, how awful it is for a man to cheat, and so on.

With someone whose time has passed and has already gotten divorced three times, you can understand her wish to maintain a semblance of desirability by officially dating someone, while not wanting to get close enough to get burned again. But, grow up and become a spinster.

By refusing to age gracefully, the modern career gal who takes on a gay eunuch faces the inevitable moment when his filthy faggotry will come to light. They aren't exactly known for their discretion in sexual behavior. ("Hey, random dude who I just followed into a public bathroom, can I suck your cock?")

Even if your publicist does successfully spin the story as the poor trusting woman caught unawares by the crafty queer, the public is still going to view you as a pitiful, clueless dupe — not a shrewd modern woman who's still got it goin' on.

I can't wait until this happens with Anne Hathaway's fake gay husband. Couldn't happen to a nicer person...


  1. Thanks for the tip on Blind Gossip; I now go to the website all the time.

    I always held Hollywood people in higher esteem than ordinary folk, but that site has opened up my eyes to how depraved, narcisstic, and most importantly GAY a lot of the actors are.

    Any day now the sham marriage that is Beyonce and Jay Z will crumble. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban will mysteriously break up and people will speculate why, even though the guy's a clear fairy. And how George Clooney and his new fiance may not even make it down the altar, probably because he's busy cavorting at the Ritz in NYC with some male dancers.

    The one that gets me most upset is the Bryan Singer investigation, in which underage actors who were looking to make it in Hollywood were abused by Singer and his ilk. I wouldn't be surprised if Kevin Spacey and John Travolta show up as two of the predators, and Colin Ferrell as one of their victims. I'm pretty certain that Cory Haim also fell victim to these a-holes and he couldn't ever get over it, hence leading down the path to hard drugs. Cory Feldman writes extensively about the sexual abuse of Cory Haim in his autobiography.


  2. In Mr. Smart's pincushion of trannies, by far the least passable is Lopez.


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