October 15, 2013

Live footage from the good old days...

Belinda Carlisle sings "Wouldn't It Be Nice" with the Beach Boys at Waikiki Beach in 1986 for their 25th anniversary concert. Back when male-female duets were way more common and more spirited than today. The Kelly green color of her dress is lively, neither dull nor raunchy. How hard was that to figure out and pull off? Everyone looks so unpretentious, like they just grabbed whatever struck their eye when it was time to get dressed, not being micro-sculpted and polished by a committee of stylists for some OCD audience that wouldn't be able to enjoy good music if the performers didn't look perfectly in-character. And before their brains became warped by 24-hour phone-staring, there are plenty of nice natural smiles on the girls in the audience.


  1. Was that prerecorded an lip-sync'd? The stumble at 29 s. sure makes it look like Belinda's part was a recording.

  2. I like "Stumblin in."



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